I think that Francisco Lopez keeps asking who won the super bowl because he knows that the refs cheated?

I think that Francisco Lopez keeps asking who won the super bowl because he knows that the refs cheated? Topic: I think that Francisco Lopez keeps asking who won the super bowl because he knows that the refs cheated?
October 19, 2019 / By Bezaleel
Question: what do you think? I mean why else would he keep asking that question? Hey Bill maybe I just answer questions good. Who that posted here could possibly be my other account? Alright 123, I will admit that you got ripped off, but so did the Vikings. The Tigers wouldn't have won the world series, however the vikings would have won the super bowl.
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Best Answers: I think that Francisco Lopez keeps asking who won the super bowl because he knows that the refs cheated?

Abot Abot | 9 days ago
i KNOW that u and him have problems. and that other dude on here with the name "guy on yahoo who has common sense"
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Abot Originally Answered: If your team lost in the Super Bowl and you were having a Super Bowl party would you kick them out?
I wouldn't kick everyone out or walk out of a super bowl party. Unfortunately(or fortunately), I stopped being a fanatic towards my favorite team as a young teen and from that point forward I became increasingly observant of the business side of athletics and figured the Cowboys wouldn't give me a dime if I gave them a dollar. Hence i simply retrenched and became a fan of the game. *Now if you are talking about my Alma Mater that is a different story. If antagonized after a big loss or insulted I may verbally assault people at the party before I walk out!

Sofia Sofia
your annoying just leave.no one cares about what your saying and I hope you know you are hated on here. I think you need a girl friend not that you can get one... hey you might be able to get a really ugly and fat one thats the best you can get. to keep you off of here you know... <------------------- Megan Fox hates you too which is really bad. she loves me.
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Polly Polly
Francisco Lopez has been asking that query for over a 300 and sixty 5 days now consistently and he has asked it nicely over 50 circumstances with counsel from now. If i do no longer see him ask it, i think of something is faulty with him. i think of that's superb to enable or no longer this is and forget approximately regarding the question if it bothers you lots. in my opinion, there are larger issues occurring in this international to rigidity approximately than a guy with short term memory loss. Thumbs as much as those that agree.
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Maud Maud
He thinks he is as funny as poptart man Terry C. In fact Francisco is not hispanic at all, yet American. As he continued to write theese dumb questions I realized that a star of idiocy was born.He was the perfect sidekick for Terry C. Francisco in fact lives with Terry in their mom's basement. Franciso actually uses these yahoo avatars to conceal his true identity. For protection he must wear superhero clothing to increase his self esteem. This is what the real Fransico Lopez looks like http://static.funnyjunk.com/pictures/Fat_Spiderman.jpg And what the hell. The Vikings lost, suck my (expletive)
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Lashay Lashay
No, I think that he, like you, has nothing better to do but ask the same damn questions all the time to try to get people's blood boiling. It's not even worth getting upset over a few trolls like yourself
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Jessalyn Jessalyn
I give up we've all tried to be nice to you I'm done Now, I feel bad for the REAL Vikings fans, not the trolling whiners.
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Florrie Florrie
Stop answering this troll and you take his fun away, then there is no motive to keep posting. He's obviously using multiple accounts to vote himself BA because his life is so sad he has to "cheat" at Y!A
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Damia Damia
http://blogs.suntimes.com/sportsprose/br... *sigh* I'm going to ask again. Do Minnesota fans really have any right to complain?
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Damia Originally Answered: Should I wait to go the next years Super Bowl in Dallas or Should I go to this years Super Bowl in Miami?
Dude, if I had the money I'd be going to this Super Bowl. No two teams have ever both started out 12-0. And you have probably the two best quarterbacks in the entire NFL playing each other. This will be one heck of a shootout and will be probably one of the most memorable Super Bowls of all time. Dallas's stadium would be nicer. But Miami has more to do to have fun than Dallas. With the quality of the game and with Miami having more to do, I'd go to in Miami. And honestly an outdoor game where there is no roof would be awesome as long as it doesn't rain like in 2006. With Miami's warm weather that would just make an awesome experience. This game is going to be one to remembered for generations. Probably two of the best quarterbacks we'll ever see will be playing each other in the Super Bowl. If you want to see the stadium, then just go watch a Dallas game later. To me, I'd much rather see an awesome game between probably the best match up in a long long time.

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