Any suggestions for healthy lunch box meals for kids school lunch?

Any suggestions for healthy lunch box meals for kids school lunch? Topic: Any suggestions for healthy lunch box meals for kids school lunch?
June 17, 2019 / By Bevan
Question: Remember it has to fit in a regular size lunch box and be kept cool with that blue ice square or it needs to not be cold....Thanks in advance!!
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Abner Abner | 6 days ago
my cousin is 7and loves v08 splash it is a fruit drink and its very very healthy put it into a water bottle or somthing and put it into the lunch box you can buy this in any proudce store like wal-mart or k-mart and belive me most kids l-o-v-e this!! i love it too.
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Abner Originally Answered: Healthy lunch ideas for school?
Lunch doesn’t have to be your typical sandwiches every single day of the week just because you need to eat something fast and/or healthy. There are plenty of other options out there that take the boring right out of your typical week day lunch. You can change things up every single day so you never tire of the same things. I hope some of my suggestions give you inspiration for some new lunch ideas. Let’s start with your typical sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Try making homemade dressings that you can put on them each day. They would be much healthier for you, and you could try different dressings each week for some great new flavor combinations. Grilling vegetables is great for any of these lunch ideas as well to freshen things up and increase the nutritional level. You could grill large batches of protein and keep them in the freezer as well to put into your lunch. Marinated chicken, pork, and fish all taste great in sandwiches or on top of salads. Homemade or store bought chicken or ham salad are great alternatives for your lunch as well. Finding side dishes for lunch can be kind of difficult. Yogurt, fresh fruit, pudding, and jello are just some of my favorites. You can buy low calorie/low sugar varieties if you are trying to watch what you eat. I also like fresh vegetables with homemade dips for my lunch. Chips or crackers with dip go great in lunches too. You could try dipping pretzel rods as well. Trail mix is something that contains a lot of nutritional value for lunch and satisfies your sweet and salty desires. Granola bars are really good too. Popcorn and goldfish crackers are two of my favorite snack type items to pack in my lunch as well. Even mixed nuts or dried fruit taste great. 100 calorie snack packs make perfect desserts at lunch too if you want a sweet treat without indulging too much. They come in a lot of different kinds as well, so there is something out there for everyone!

Skyler Skyler
What cuts of meat do you buy? Chicken thighs are cheaper than b/s breasts and more flavorful, same with chuck roast vs steak. I do buy whole breasts on sale 99/lb and either bone them myself for grilling or roast them whole. Cutting up a chuck roast for stew meat can save more than 50 cents per pound. Deli lunch meat is a killer for a budget. You're better off buying a whole ham and slicing it. Here's what I do: I buy almost all my meat at Sam's club. It's fresh and good quality and nearly always a lower price. I have a food saver (eBay) and when I get home I portion the meat and vacuum freeze it.The bags are cheaper on eBay and they can be washed and reused. I also buy my milk, cream and eggs at Sam's, all are cheaper than the grocery store. We drink dunkin donuts coffee and buying the large bag twice at sam's pays for the membership. Invest in a freezer. We have two 15 cubic foot chest freezers for two adults. It takes time to package and sort the food but I'm never forced to buy anything that's not on sale. I have turkeys at .85 a pound, whole breasts at .99, pork loin at .89 and veggies and sauce from my garden. I date everything and have an inventory so nothing stays too long. We also have several pantry cabinets in the basement with canned goods and some boxed items. I bought several food safe 5 gallon buckets with silicone seals and buy flour (plain and bread), sugar, and two kinds of rice in bulk-Sam's again. Our food bugdet is well under $100 a week, including paper and cleaning supplies and toiletries, but some weeks I can spend $300 and then next to nothing for a month because I only buy loss leaders at the grocery store and the rest on sale. Our freezer was $350 from Sears and it paid for itself in two shopping trips. Do you have a local farmer's market and ethnic markets? You can get awesome fruits and veggies and bulk grains and spices much cheaper than the grocery store. I hope this helps, you seem like you do a really great job for your family as it is.
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Pleasance Pleasance
I would say get a thermos. Soup is a nice big meal for a kid and doen't really need anything else. you can get thermoses online or at target.
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Matilda Matilda
Individual bags of trail mix Dried or Fresh (diced) fruit Make sandwiches w/ wheat bread instead of white.
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Matilda Originally Answered: In high school, what are some healthy choices I can eat during at lunch?
The only thing that sounds remotely healthy is the chicken or turkey sandwich, but that's only if you skip the mayo or dressing, and see if they have whole grain bread available (not likely). Bring your lunch instead. You mentioned you are trying to get a six pack, so eating foods that won't bloat you like all the processed stuff available at school is important too. Eat lots of veggies, chicken, turkey(real turkey not processed lunch meat) or tuna, whole grain breads or crackers (check the label- companies are sneaky!), a couple fruits a day, some dairy like hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, string cheese, or low fat yogurt, almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, etc. Good luck!

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