I'm in a big dilemma (girls help please!)?

I'm in a big dilemma (girls help please!)? Topic: I'm in a big dilemma (girls help please!)?
June 18, 2019 / By Bethuel
Question: Hi. I like a 15 years old girl from my school (I'm 16 to 17) which I think only came this year. She is very beautiful and sweet (seems a good girl too), and I when I pass near her, I feel like a piece of iron near a magnet :D. Because I'm shy, I couldn't find an excuse to go and talk to her, so when I discovered she started being friends with a girl I used to speak with, I 'reconnected' with that girl via MSN about two days ago in hope to come closer to her (the girl I like). Now my dilemma is here: One way is to say hello and start speaking to my female friend, and after 2-3 times I hope she will introduce the girl I like to me. But, after speaking to one of my best friends, he said that it would be best if I went to her without any aid. I really seem to prefer that, but it's difficult, because I can't find a reason. What do you think is best? Also, suppose I finally approach her and we get to know each other. What happens the first time we speak? What do I say? In case we arrange for a date, where should I take her? Keep these in mind: I'm shy, she seems to be shy too, I only see her in school breaks and she is younger. Also, as these are my real feelings, should I tell her later about that iron-magnet thing? Thank you! Please propose anything you think that helps! Oh and a little detail about me. Most of the guys in my age view girls as entertainment, necessity or even worse, worthless creatures. I'm NOT like them. I have manners and would do everything for that girl.
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Able Able | 4 days ago
talk to her... .get to know her... ask her what class she has next.. and if its near your next class ask her if she minds if you walk with her... its a good thing that you havve manners... i would appriciate that.... take her on a group date first... so it doesnt get awkard at times... go bowling or the movies or ice skating u can tell her about that if u 2 become offically an item... hope i helped.// also go to my question:: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ankpbf9xqSapK4wVt585d7IazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090301160307AAiPqMI
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Able Originally Answered: Moral dilemma?
I am in the same situation as you....only I have migraine headaches and as you well know, there's no real "cure" for these.....on top of that, I have other conditions that I think sprout from the migraines, such as constipation, backaches..blah blah...I am on Hydrocodone as welll...have been for 4 yrs. now...I KNOW that I am addicted....but I have to go to work to make a living...I'm a single mom and I don't make a ton of money....already doctor bills are eating me up. I KNOW the result of taking these over and over....I go through about 20 pills every two weeks....but what do I do? It's sort of like you, your stuck between a rock and a hard place.....weed sometimes helps me...but I honestly don't really do it that much or on a regular basis ...so I'm not entirely sure how it would affect my migraines or if it would genuinely help...but I'm telling you right now...that if it DID help me immensley....I would smoke it to relieve the pain..and I'm 38 yrs old....so I'm not some teenager that just wants to be high or something like that. I understand where you are coming from totally....when ANY chronic pain is that bad...it almost reaches a point where it just doesn't matter any more...you just need to relieve it....sleeping a lot is also one of my faults because I too am always in some sort of pain...and it just feels better to fall asleep. I have no suggestions for you unfortunately, but I did want you to know that there ARE people out there with similar problems...it's a hateful life to live...canceling plans all the time, not being sure when you will be up to doing something, getting sleepy early in the day or evening....you name it. Your young though AND you seem very smart...I hope that you find a relief somehow very soon....right now....I would alleviate the pain the only way you know how...whether that be pills or weed....UNLESS....you are strong enough to battle the chronic pain...which you very well might be....get a good doc....who will talk to you....discuss things...though that may not be the answer totally..it may help a tad. I'm thinking of you!
Able Originally Answered: Moral dilemma?
While pain meds are addictive, I think that if you need them then there is not much you can do but take them...As far as weed, I smoked the stuff all through high school and college and just one day decided I didn't like the way it made me feel. I did the same with cigs....So I think addiction tendencies are some how determined by the indiv. There are other options available after surgery. Physical therapy as someone mentioned and there are places called pain management centers that offer tens units and various other treatment options. I would search around the internet for one. You never know what alternative method may work for you. I truly believe that if you are in true and constant pain that addiction should not be a concern..At some point though the meds will stop working due to long term exposure to them. That is why it is important to seek other treatment options and most importantly read about your condition and what others have tried. Good luck...

Skye Skye
Then you are one heck of a guy and you should honestly go talk to her. Honestly I would try to find things that you have in common (do you do the same sport, fav shows, music etc) and I would try to avoid using a person in between if you can. It usually makes things more complicated. Honestly just be friendly!! Do you know anything about her do some snooping. Show her you care..just dont come off to strongly. Try to build a friendship or you can always ask her to a school dance!! Thats probably a really good way to go. Take her to prom or something! Any girl would kill for that...esp the "good girls" Trust me i am one =] and if you do ask her do something cute...dont just come up to her because then its much harder to say no ;)
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Piper Piper
It's best you just talk to her without any help from your other friend plus you never know if your friend will actually introduce you or what she will say about you
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Piper Originally Answered: In a dilemma and alot of discomfort?
There are 2 things you can do for immediate relief. First one is a Fleets enema. These are very safe and usually made with either saline or mineral oil. You insert the tiny lubricated tip of the bottle of fluid into the rectum and squeeze all the contents in. Hold the fluid inside for a few minutes then expel into the toilet and that should also pass your bowel movement as well. Secondly, if you dont want to try that you can use a rectal suppository for constipation. Something gentle like Dulcolax. I had to use those occasionally when I was pregnant to relieve severe constipation and it worked. I am not sure what country yo are in but you should be able to find these items at the drug store. Also each morning at breakfast you can try drinking a glass of warm prune juice and sometimes that will help you to get regular in time.

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