What is up w/ all the ads for colon cleansing. What is the best colon cleaning product on the market today ?

What is up w/ all the ads for colon cleansing. What is the best colon cleaning product on the market today ? Topic: What is up w/ all the ads for colon cleansing. What is the best colon cleaning product on the market today ?
June 27, 2019 / By Berkeley
Question: ...you've seen the ads .... some claim we may have 5 - 22 pounds of gunk in out intestines and others claim we may have hook worms........... what do you know about this....is it shock advertising or the truth ?
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Best Answers: What is up w/ all the ads for colon cleansing. What is the best colon cleaning product on the market today ?

Abimael Abimael | 8 days ago
What a load of sh*t all this colon cleansing stuff is.....Literally. Our bodies are very efficient and finely tuned pieces of equipment and are capable of cleansing themselves. Nobody should be shoving things up their a*se (or anyone else's for that matter!!!)
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Abimael Originally Answered: What is the best & safe colon cleaner on the market today.?
Detoxifying Multi-Fiber Blend Ultra Flush Internal Cleanser Multi-Fiber Internal Cleansing Formula With Vegetable-Source Bio-Nutrients Supports Natural Detoxification WHY DETOXIFY? Healthy Internal Cleansing Flushes Out Harmful Toxins, Works To Boost Metabolism, Increases Energy Levels, Optimizes Nutrient Utilization and Helps Improve Weight-Management Efficiency Harmful toxins in our air, water and food can slow down your metabolism, resulting in increased storage of body fat and low energy levels. With beneficial multi-fiber internal cleansing action, Ultra Flush supports healthy detoxification, assisting your body's ability to flush out harmful toxins and become more naturally energized. Ultra Flush is the natural, nutritive, detoxifying formula designed to internally cleanse your body, boost your metabolism, improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals and help eliminate extra pounds in the process. Fight Off Bloat-Causing Yeast and Flush Out Harmful Toxins… Overexposure to toxins from the daily diet and environmental factors can cause Candida yeast overgrowth in your body. Candida is most abundant and problematic in the intestines and can infiltrate your entire body. Bloat-causing Candida yeast develops if your immune system isn't working properly, and these yeast colonies may be creating a harmful build-up throughout your body. Ultra Flush helps normalize your levels, helps restore optimal functioning as it works to remove the harmful toxins that cause uncomfortable bloating, intestinal gas and inflammation. Dietary Fiber Is Useful In Weight Management… One of the major ingredients is the beneficial dietary fiber Psyllium, which is known to help control sugar cravings and the hunger pangs that contribute to overeating, unstable blood sugar and fatigue. Now you can feel fuller faster, boost youthful vitality, energy and satisfy hunger without sweets or overeating. Epidemiologic evidence suggests dietary fiber intake aids reduction of body weight, body fat and body mass index. Increasing consumption of Psyllium, a soluble-type dietary fiber, generally decreases food intake and ultimately enhances weight-loss. For successful long-term weight-management, it is important to maintain proper daily dietary fiber intake. Include ULTRA FLUSH as an integral component of your weight-management program and you’ll be delighted with the overall results! Boost Your Metabolic Efficiency The nutritive, food-based ingredients in Ultra Flush help boost your metabolic efficiency and help burn fat without caffeine or “stimulant" jitters. These metabolic boosters work synergistically to increase caloric expenditure while decreasing caloric intake. This dynamic shift in calorie utilization can be very beneficial for stimulating weight loss. Start Improving Dietary Results Now… Ultra Flush will help you feel and look your best because this exclusive natural blend of herbs, bio-nutritional food concentrates and soy protein supports the body's natural detoxification process. By neutralizing and eliminating toxins that have accumulated in the body, it also helps restore the vitality of the cells and tissue, optimum functioning of the vital organs, maintain healthy immune system and improve the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Simply mix Ultra-Flush Internal Cleanser Powder with cold water or natural vegetable juice for convenient detoxifying multi-fiber supplementation. Ingredients Ingredients: Finely-milled psyllium husk, soya lecithin, isolated soy protein, defatted safflower oil, parsley, swiss chard, spinach, kale, watercress, celery, carrot, kelp, dulse, papaya (w/papain), oat bran, ginger, deodorized garlic concentrates, maltodextrin. No caffeine, corn, gluten, milk (dairy) products, egg derivatives, sodium, starch, sugar, wheat or yeast; No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives added. $19.95

Sindy Sindy
If you eat 6-11 servings of fruit and veggies as well as whole grain foods, your system will clear up on its own. Stay away from laxatives as they make your bowels lazy and then you'll become dependent on them. Some cleanses are necessary to detoxify the body but they are done on an individual basis and the persons unique need at the time. The first thing I learned at school is to beware of people trying to sell you things that you don't need.
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Phoebe Phoebe
The best cleaner is lots of water and fiber. Gunk doesn't get trapped in your colon. The digestive tract, unless it is inflamed by influenza, ravaged by colitis, snaked with a tapeworm, etc., is a healthy, pink, perpetually renewed surface.
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Maryanna Maryanna
Eating right is the essential to fighting off acne. If you eat foods that are quite oily, which have extremely small nutritional value, and which are really processed or artificial, you are filling your entire body with fats, harmful toxins, and excess sugar.
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Lallie Lallie
last i heard, if you did clean everything out, you would die. your body needs bacteria to survive. did you know when you decompose it is the bacteria consuming you ? your body is just waiting for its chance to eat you. hope that doesnt cause too many nightmares. and, you have an army of dust mites in bed with you at night. crawling over you, eating dead skin.
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Lallie Originally Answered: Colon cleanse? What product is best? Is cleansing a good idea?
I went to gnc and got some stuff that works great its 2 dif pills and yes at first u get dir. but it gets all the built up junk of your colon and makes u regular.

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