What diet pills have worked for you as far as supressing appetite?

What diet pills have worked for you as far as supressing appetite? Topic: What diet pills have worked for you as far as supressing appetite?
October 20, 2019 / By Benton
Question: I have never tried any. I want to lose 10 -15 lbs. I dont need something to burn fat really, but just supress my appetite so i will eat much much smaller portions and not snack so much. Any that have truly worked to take away hunger, please make suggestions! Thank you!!
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Best Answers: What diet pills have worked for you as far as supressing appetite?

Abijah Abijah | 7 days ago
For me acomplia has been the best. phentermine also showed good results, but i started to get addicted and it had way too nasty side effects. happy not to have any sides with acomplia so far. I am losing a pound or few every week. It is very popular in UK, Germany and many other countries worldwide. Not so much in the us yet. This is good site for Acomplia info if anyone's interested http://www.acomplia-rimonabant-online.net
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Abijah Originally Answered: what diet pills have worked?
Pills always have unwanted side effects. Do you want to try weight loss without side effects? You can find all you need to know about lose weight effectively at the blog on my profile. Also, there is information about a simple and efficient program to lose weight, and if we combine the blog's tips with this program, you can get amazing results. If you have any question, just email me ethbbv@yahoo...

Silvia Silvia
Hoodia Gordonii is a good supressant. This cactus-like plant contains substances that may exert dramatic control over hunger, appetite, and thirst.
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Phillis Phillis
Products containing hoodia, an African cactus type of plant. People nibble on a bit of that plant, and their appetite is gone for a day. You can find it at WalMart, etc..., but here is the website for Certified Hoodia. http://www.naturalhealthhoodia.com/landi...
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Maryann Maryann
Phentermine worked great for me, but I can't get it off the internet anymore. They want a doctor's prescription and will actually contact the doctor to verify. They used to sell it online with remote "doctors" giving prescriptions based on a questionnaire. No more.
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Lalla Lalla
Drink a full glass of water before you eat or take a fiber pill about an hour before you are going to eat.
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Jennie Jennie
Clenbuterol is the best when doing exercises to loose weight and pupress appetite.I lost 18lb with just skipping and the pill.Gives you incredible energy and burns the fat twice as fast http://www.ioffer.com/selling/pillmaster You can email me at memeber33_33@yahoo.com or skyper me at mememe2323 if you want more info
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Jennie Originally Answered: what diet pills have actually worked?
Hi Eva, Please find below an answer I gave to a similar question that I know is useful, effective and deserves to be repeated. I think you will find this very helpful. The answer is so simple few people do it. Every fitness magazine rewrites the same "advice" over and over disguising it as a "new discovery" or "top 10" list. Every fitness magazine also contradicts itself during different fad cycles. Some fads are: low / no carbs (we are currently in but slowly coming out of this one now), low /no fat, all fruit, high protein, ect.) Here's how you reach your goal and sorry for being so uncomplicated. Eat less calories per week. From a scale weight stand point, it does not matter where these calories come from. Eat as you are right now (assuming you are enjoying what you eat). A relatively painless way to cut the calories you need to per week is doing one or more 24 hour FASTS a week. This is a common health practice (some due to religion) in most of the world except North America. Pick one day per week and stop eating at 6pm (sleep will consume a lot of those 24 hours without you knowing it) until 6pm the next day. Then eat as you normally would. Depending on your daily caloric intake, for me this shaves aprox. 3000 calories from my week which equals about a pound of fat loss. If you are looking to keep you energy levels up and enhance the effects of the fasts, I would also recommend a great all natural herbal supplement with hoodia in it. This is the one I personally use: http://www.hiderefer.com/qz11g0gH.htm With this combination I have lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks including 3.5 inches off my waist. My energy and mental focus are at all time highs and I am never hungry. You will succeed.

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