How to help dogs get along?

How to help dogs get along? Topic: How to help dogs get along?
June 18, 2019 / By Bentley
Question: We have to temporarily re-home our dogs. My grandma and grandpa have offer to take them. The only thing is that their dogs are twice he size of my dogs. 2 of the dogs are male and one female. My dogs are both girls. How can I help my dogs get along with these dogs when they meet tomorrow?
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Abihu Abihu | 6 days ago
Have your grandparents bring their dogs and meet you at a park near their house, or somewhere neutral like that where the dogs can meet on leashes in a place they don't feel protective about. Let them play, have a snack, drink water together. Then put them all into the grandparents car and ride home with them, letting the grandparents take all the dogs into the new home together, still on leashes, until you can see they're getting along. You bring in their special bed or pillows, help them feel more at home. Give all the dogs lots of snacks so that they don't feel the need to be protective of their dinner bowls.
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Iams is a fine dog food. The company couldn't possibly pay all the vets to recommend it. Good dog food companies and Iams is one - put millions into studying a healthy dog food diet. It has to taste good, meet the health standards, and keep the dogs healthy or they wouldn't sell much dog food. So why not listen to them? If they didn't meet the healthy standards for dogs, dog nutritionists would be all over their backs - just like they are for Ol Roy! I've fed my 4 Pomeranians, a Tundra Husky, and a Australian Shepard Iams for years and they are very healthy. Previously, I've had more dogs that I can count on Iams all of whom lived long past their expected life spans. I would say that love and Iams had a lot to do with that. And most of our dogs are rescue dogs who had a bad start in life. The Australian Shepard came to us so skinny you could see every single bone, tendon, muscle, curves in bones - and the vet held little hope that he would make it thru. But with de-worming and Iams he started gaining weight and is now a happy, healthy, loving dog. Many of these new diets do not have any vet approval nor do solid nutritional studies done by veterinary schools or sources show them to be proper diets for dogs. Look them up on the internet!

Silver Silver
First introduce them with a barrier in between them such as a fence. Let them each get a good sniff of each other. Also, one thing my trainer has told me is to always let the dogs sniff the butts of each other. When we introduced little guys to our bigger ones, she would hold the little dogs and let the big ones sniff their butts. Weird..but it is how dogs get to know each other. Also if there is any growling going on, muzzle the dog. This was also told to us by the trainer. We did this once with our dog who was very jealous and kept attacking the others, after that he behaved well.
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Phillipa Phillipa
I somewhat have had the two small and medium size canine (as many as 5 at one time) and that they have got all gotten alongside rather nicely. i imagine which you will discover that they are going to set up their very very own pecking order, so as to communicate, with the 1st canine interior of the domicile being the alpha. ideal now I somewhat have a daschound and a minature poodle, a French mastaf, and a medium size blended breed mutt. The poodle is about 12 years past, blind and deaf, yet in any diverse case in reliable well-being. And he policies the roost. all the others defer to him at the water and food bowls, yet they additionally protect him at a similar time as he's outdoors. All doggies will play with any diverse, and each so often it turns into "tough and tumble" yet as soon as you coach your canine what is appropriate play i do no longer imagine you ought to concern about one hurting the diverse. i imagine it may desire to be a competent concept if you gave your canine obedience guidance mutually at the comparable time. often conversing, canine are the greater intellegent of the domesticated animals and that they are surely dedicated to their human beings in the event that they are taken care of nicely.
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Mary Mary
you have to put them in a room together alone without any supervision and they will learn to get along
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I have 4 dogs and I feed them all Nutro. I like the all natural food and I love the fact that it has glucosamine in it. Glucosamine is good for their joints - helps with dogs that have arthritis.

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