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Where to go!? Topic: Where to go!?
October 20, 2019 / By Benoni
Question: what's the perfect place to go on a NON- date with my gay guy friend?? I was thinking movies, but that's so blah...what do you think??
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Abiel Abiel | 4 days ago
dont go movies because it doesn't give you a chance to talk or anything. But you may need something to keep you occupied otherwise you may run out of things to talk about. Why dont you try doing something like bowling??? at least there is something to keep you occupied and at the same time you can talk.
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Sienna Sienna
If your straight and he's gay why would it be considered a date in the first place? For it to be a non-date wouldnt it have to be considered a date by someone in the beginning?
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Philis Philis
Why does this question get asked so often? Gay guy friends enjoy going everywhere that straight guy friends do. Stop labeling and just be friends and go wherever you go with your friends.
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Martina Martina
how about a coffee bar? not necessarily Starbucks, but someplace like that. You can sit, chat about whatever strikes your fancy and have fun at the same time. one of my gaty friends and I make it a point to do that once a month. its a great way to relax too.
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Lakeisha Lakeisha
Have you got a games arcade where you live? Like timezone or something? that can be great fun! Or bowling? Something active would be good for friends.
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