How to cure constipation for a toddler?

How to cure constipation for a toddler? Topic: How to cure constipation for a toddler?
October 20, 2019 / By Ben-Oni
Question: I have a 15 month old and she is always constipated. I have tried giving her juice, laxatives, changing her diet. Nothing seems to work. She is always constipated and I mean always. What should I do? The doctors keep telling me the same thing, just give her fruit juices and change her diet. I've done all that though. It doesn't seem to bug her but she isn't going poop very much. Anyone have any old time remedies or something??? I've also tried Kayro Syrup and it isn't working??? She eats alot of fruit(her favorite is apples)She usually eats bannana's, apples, and granola for breckfast or something to that nature. She can't eat yogart she is allergic to it. She usually doesn't drink alot of milk- She doesn't really like it. She drinks Juicey Juice about a container a day. She drinks some water especially at bed time. She doesnt eat alot of breads because she doesn't like them. She loves eating gr beans so she usually has them alot. She eats all kinds of veggies. i can't really explain her entire diet. But i can explain what she had yesterday to give you an example: Breakfest- 1/2 Banana , Oatmeal 1/3cup with apples, and 10oz Apple Juice Lunch- non-spicey enchilada's()about 1/2 no bread), green beans about 1/4 cup, and 10oz Strawberry kiwi juice- Snack- goldfish crackers 1/4cup, 4oz low-fat milk, apple slices 3.- Dinner, Grilled chicken(about 1/4 piece breast), carrots 1/2 cup, mashed potatoes 1/4cup 10oz Juice. That is usually a normal day.
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Abidan Abidan | 3 days ago
with my son we had to start giving him alot of water and juices such as apple, pear, and prune we have to avoid giving him alot of dairy (usually only 16 oz milk max a day) We also gave him flintstone complete vitamins and alot of fresh fruits and veges. We avoided too much cheese since it causes constipation, we give him a diet full of fiber. We also would give him pedisure mixed with him milk in the AM, just half a thing od pedisure and top the rest off with milk, that really helped to soften up the poo. If you have troubles with giving your child water-- try popsicles alot of kids with constipation usually are dehydrated or eating too little fiber and too much dairy good luck **EDIT** you should try to give her more water, her diet sounds just fine, and so does her appetite. Some kids are just more prone to constipation, my son was and still is since birth. Pedisure helps us alot and fresh fruits and veges help alot too. but remember too much of a good thing can be bad as well. Also why is she allergic to yogurt?? If it is the lactose that can cause constipation as well, even with low fat milk. My son cant drink anything other than 2% because whole milk makes his sick, it is sooo weird!
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Abidan Originally Answered: Toddler constipation, help please, tried many remedies?
I would just give my kids raisins (chocolate covered for the picky eater in the family.) and lots of water. Are you pushing toilet training too soon? That can cause anxiety and nervous constipation. If so, then stop toilet training for awhile. Try again when he feels better.

Siena Siena
Treatment for child constipation can include the use of foods high in fiber. However, this won't affect the toxins that may have built up already. To help the child eliminate these toxins, the only treatment is a colon cleanse. If your child is old enough and does not have any significant food allergies ask your physician whether you can try a child colon cleanse. The dosage of the colon cleanse will need to be adjusted for your child's weight, but it will help to start your child on a life-long habit that can impact his or her health in a positive manner. One way is to treat child constipation and begin to support the health of the colon is by implementing a colon cleanse with a product like NewColonSweep. Try New Colon Sweep today and discover how natural, safe, gentle and effective chronic constipation relief can be.
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Philippina Philippina
Contrary to what Evita said above, bananas can be very constipating for babies and adults and unfortunately a lot of people feed their babies bananas never suspecting this. if you are feeding your toddler bananas cut them back or eliminate altogether and see if that helps. make sure your little one is getting enough liquids. Constipation is a sign of inadequate hydration. Also, don't give your child coke. You don't want to do this. There are more natural remedies out there that don't contain the caffeine, sugar and disproportionate phosphorus to calcium ratio. Those in the know know that coke is bad for the bones and teeth and you don't want to contribute to your child's bone loss and tooth decay.
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Marta Marta
Ask your pediatrician about Miralax (mine recommended this). It's the only thing that worked for me. Miralax is a powder that you mix with juice or water (you can buy at any store...I buy mine at Target). It softens the stool making it easier to have a bowl movement. My son was always in such pain when he'd have a bowl movement and this worked wonders. I tried everything else and some of it worked for awhile, but then we were back to where we started. Good luck!
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Lainey Lainey
This old time remedy works. My parents and family did it. Take a q-tip and dip it in some vaseline. Then very gently stick it in her bottom. Just rub it around. Not to much though. Works everytime. It won't hurt her.
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Lainey Originally Answered: Toddler with constipation and eczema?
Both constipation and eczema can definitely be related to a dairy allergy (rashes and constipation are both very relevant to a milk allergy). If this is true, you will need to start checking labels. A ton of items have dairy in them. Check to make sure the product doesn't include milk, cheese, non-fat milk or whey. It will take awhile to get to know what items are safe. But the results will be well worth it. You can start adjusting him to Soy Milk by putting Vanilla Soymilk on his cereal in the morning. You can also bake and cook with soymilk without changing the flavor of the meal.

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