Successful diet plans?

Successful diet plans? Topic: Successful diet plans?
October 19, 2019 / By Benett
Question: I am 18 years old and I weigh 126 pounds. I want to get rid of my flabby stomach and start eating healthier and on top of that, exercise. Any good diet plans and tips? I am a girl! And I'm 5'5 :)
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Abbot Abbot | 4 days ago
In order to sucessfully help you, I'd need to know your gender / height. If you want to start eating healthier, just eat healthier! Fruits, vegetales, 60calorie puddings, salads and low fat dressings. Low calorie breads. Spray butter has 0 calories, but regular butter has almost 60 per tablespoon ;) Skinny Cow ice cream gives all of the flavor in a low calorie, pre-portioned snack Popchips are a healthy potatoe chip that gives you salty crunch while providing good taste Fruits are your best friend - eat them as sweets. They're actually delicious after you eat enough! Stay away from refined carbohydrates (such as 100 calorie packs, which give you calories without the energy, resulting in a crash) Don't be afraid to give into temptation every now and then. You don't sound overweight, it just sounds like you need to work on toning that tummy for summer! (or abs.. it'd help to know your gender) Cut out anything besides water and one glass of milk per day, I did, and trust me, you lose weight instantly from water alone. Strength training and weight resistance work targeting your abs will help tone you. Finding a friend that enjoys the gym will also help you in the long run - go for daily jogs together
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Abbot Originally Answered: What's a successful weight-loss diet for a vegetarian?
Hey im a vegetarian too! Ive been like this for like nearly a month now, i used to get really bloated after i ate meat so i gave it up and ive never felt better than i do now! I wouldnt suggest like a diet, just keep a balance of Veges and fresh fruit. Yoghurt helps with digestion and also i only eat bread once a week since there are LOTS of carbs in them. (cause bloating for me) I cut out yeast made things too like vegemite, marmite, bread, etc. Drink PLENTY of water because that will help with hunger pangs coz your body is not always hungry! Be creative with like seafood salads! Fruit salads (fruit mixed with lettuce - very delicious!) I still eat fish and chicken actually so im happy with just that:) I think salads are very filling personally, crackers are good too! Mixed nuts and dried fruit are a nice snack too! :) hope that helped! - if u want more help just ask :)

Shirlee Shirlee
there is this really amazing website that i am using that is almost like a Facebook but for people who want to loose weight. its free to sign up and it has EVERYTHING on it. You enter in your goal weight and how much you want to loose a week and then it creates a diet plan for you as well as an exercising plan. It also has a bunch of blogs and forums where you can type in what your feeling so that people can help you out, give you advice or just say hi. There is also an online tracker they give you where your progress is shown, the more you loose the more your online tracker moves to your goal. i definitely recommend this for you. Myfitnesspal.com you can also look at the youtube video that talks about the sight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kom1Uoyzf… good luck!
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Petra Petra
For no people on earth is it more true than the Japanese, when you say, "you are what you eat". The Japanese are, by all accounts, the people with the least obesity problem, the highest longevity rate, and best health record. What are they eating? The importance of rice Rice is the main carbohydrate food in Japan, consumed with every meal. However, the real basis of the Japanese diet is not rice but fish, consumed at more than 70 kilos per person per year--which means 190 grams daily. This combination of rice and fish, as their staple food is far superior to the American meat and potato, the European little of this, little of that diets, and light years ahead of the Russian pork, potato and mayonnaise daily fare. Let's see what else they eat. Miso and other soy products! Miso is a fermented soy product, and a soup is made from it that is light tasting and easy to digest. One gets all the benefits of soy from it. Also, the famous soy sauce. Japanese people, on the average consume about 200 grams of soy products daily. So why are they so thin and so healthy? There are a few very good reasons. One is their sparingly consumption of sugar. Low in sugar Japanese consume only 20 kilos of sugar per year (compared to the American 71 kilos per year). Another is the Japanese consumption of cereals (which obviously includes rice) to be 105 kilos per year (compared to the American 68 kilos per year). The human body appears to be doing much better with natural cereals and less sugar than fried potatoes and 'sugar in everything you eat' diets. The Japanese have far less incidence of heart disease and cancer than Americans. As they eat as much meat as the Americans do (or more), and smoke more, the theory is refined sugar and stress are the two biggest contributors to destroying one's health. Portion size Another important factor in the Japanese diet is portion size. The portions are small. This means they savor their food; eat slowly and enjoy it. No scarfing down hamburgers and fries here, and king size cola drinks. Eating with chop sticks help, as you eat more slowly, take smaller bites and are able to appreciate what you are eating. This aids in digestion, and that is a proven fact. There are two more factors which must be mentioned that make the Japanese diet so successful. The first is breakfast. The typical Japanese breakfast can (and usually includes) green tea, steamed rice, miso soup with tofu, spring onions and omelet and both raw and grilled fish. This gives your body all it needs to start your day well. You will feel better, and such food does not add weight to your body at all. In fact, it stimulates the metabolism mechanism. You will not gain weight, and if overweight, will lose weight. Variety Never be bored The second factor is variety. A typical American will have about 30 varieties of food per week. A typical European (especially southern European) will have about 45. The typical Japanese will have about 100 varieties of food per week, and will include lots of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and a variety of meats. There is one over-riding element here as well; the Japanese cook their foods lightly and thus are never feeling stuffed and stuffy after eating. As you can see the diet is great and its healthy and is perfect for those wanting to lose weight and avoid illness. For exercise, my recommendation is a stationary bike.
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Marlene Marlene
Have you ever used Dr.Oz Garcinia Cambogia? Start going this place : http://tinyurl.com/bettervirus25 . This could without a doubt work for people!
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Marlene Originally Answered: help diet plans~?
unhealthy diet will only make you fatter!!! you can only lose 1-2lbs a week if you want to be thin for a long time. if you are on a crush diet try these: 1) dont eat carbs 2) drink lots of water. (not cold) 3) eat less fat less sugar and more protein 4) excercise a lot. if you are so desperate try: 5) liposuction therapy if you'e a psychotic try 6) NPO. nothing per orem. take IV fluids only for 3 months! harharhar! goodluck. i wish you will only pick the good for your health items.

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