Religious mother doesn't want father taking cancer drugs?

Religious mother doesn't want father taking cancer drugs? Topic: Religious mother doesn't want father taking cancer drugs?
January 22, 2020 / By Ben
Question: My father has liver cancer and my mother doesn't want him taking these drugs. They say they are bad for your body and he should just pray to God. How do I reason with my mom?? I have given up.
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Aaron Aaron | 10 days ago
The drugs are indeed bad and she is right about that but just praying is not enough. There are numerous alternatives that can and should be used whether your dad chooses conventional treatment or not. Chanca Piedra is a rain forest herb that is great for the liver and that is used in some countries for treating cancer. IP6 WITH INOSITOL is also good for liver cancer as is BCM-95 Curcumin. I purchased Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol [14.6 ounce powder] today from webvitamins.com. They had the lowest price I could find. According to http://jn.nutrition.org/content/133/11/3... An enhanced antitumor activity without compromising the patient's quality of life was demonstrated in a pilot clinical trial involving six patients with advanced colorectal cancer (Dukes C and D) with multiple liver and lung metastasis (78). IP6 plus inositol was given as an adjuvant to chemotherapy according to Mayo protocol. One patient with liver metastasis refused chemotherapy after the first treatment, and she was treated only with IP6 plus inositol; her control ultrasound and abdominal computed tomography scan 14 mo after surgery showed a significantly reduced growth rate. A reduced tumor growth rate was noticed overall and in some cases a regression of lesions was noted. Additionally, when IP6 plus inositol was given in combination with chemotherapy, side effects of chemotherapy (drop in leukocyte and platelet counts, nausea, vomiting, alopecia) were diminished and patients were able to perform their daily activities (78). Further controlled randomized clinical trials are necessary to confirm these observations. Other alternative or complimentary treatments can be found at http://www.cancertutor.com Therapeutic doses will be required which I believe to be 2 to 3 grams [2000-3000mg] of Chanca Piedra twice a day, The IP6 powder has the therapeutic dose on the label which is 1 scoop twice a day away from food. BCM-95 Curcumin [the most potent form of curcumin currently available] would likely be 1 or 2 capsules with meals 2 or 3 times a day. disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or in the health care business. This should not be construed as medical advice. You should seek the aid of a health care professional.
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Sheryl Sheryl
Your father has the right to care or to refuse care. It is his decision, as long as he is competent to make one. Your father can request to sign an advance directive or power of attorney form, to appointment someone in his family who will be able to talk to his doctors directly and make decisions for him (for example: if he is in surgery or under the influence of strong medications). http://www.caringinfo.org/stateaddownloa... I would not be too hard on your mother. It sounds to me like she is trying to have faith and she doesn't want your Dad to suffer through the effects of these strong drugs, which may make him very tired, run down, and suffer more. However, only they know how far advanced in the cancer he really is and if going through this, whether this could be a cure or just long agony. It is for your Dad to decide first, and then your mother. If the cancer is only in the liver itself and has not spread to any other part of the body. If it is located in one part of the liver...the doctors can remove that part (known as a resection). Again, with the same conditions as above: if the cancer tumors are small but are throughout the liver...they can remove one part of the liver (let it regenerate new cells and become a whole liver again) and then remove the other part so it can do the same thing. However, if the cancer has come from another areas to the liver, or gone from the liver to another area...the the cancer is considered aggressive and it much harder to control...that is when radiation and chemo is "mostly" used. Because the cancer could spread to any area of the body. You may want to view these two articles from one of the top liver transplant centers: Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE), a technique that delivers chemotherapy to the primary tumor via a catheter threaded to the blood vessel that’s feeding it. http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/publ... http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/publ... Site on liver cancer: http://www.cancercenter.com/search.cfm?q=liver+cancer I hope this info has been of some help to you and your family. Each person has to deal with the disease in their own way. But, the final decision will be your Dads, unless he is unable to speak for himself. Best wishes
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Perdita Perdita
Then your mother better be prepared to lose her husband to cancer. She will be a widow. Maybe that's what she really wants and this is how she shows it because she is not showing any concern for her husbands life. Doesn't your father have a mind of his own and can make his own decisions? Yes, chemo can be hard on the body, but malignant cancer is certain death without treatment. Many religious people who prayed very hard to God died of cancer. Ask your mother how many people she knows that prayed to God to fix the problem that had malignant cancer is still around today happy and healthy. Bet she couldn't name a single one. That might give her a clue as to what will happen since her prayers are no more special than anyone else. Ignore your mother and focus on your father. Talk him into disregarding her nonsense and absolute death sentence and go on his own for treatment without her blessing. Sounds like she really doesn't want him around and doesn't love him. Since she doesn't care if he lives or dies, maybe you can remind her that if he does die, the income he brings into the house dies too. Maybe money will make her change her mind if nothing else will.
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Marla Marla
Why does her opinion matter? Does she have precedence over his wishes? If so, contract an attorney, asap.Don't let him be tortured because she's a jackass.
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