I've heard taking zinc can help eliminate any type of b.o., but does this remedy work for men only?

I've heard taking zinc can help eliminate any type of b.o., but does this remedy work for men only? Topic: I've heard taking zinc can help eliminate any type of b.o., but does this remedy work for men only?
October 15, 2019 / By Baz
Question: I want to take something that will help with odors that are possibly caused by internal issues since I've already tried everything externally possible to get totally rid of b.o. Externally being, different soaps - anti-bacterial like Dial which is my usual soap, or just regular soaps. I've tried several deodorants, powders, etc so I don't think the problem is external. I believe it's an internal problem such as digestive issue or something that's causing this persistent odor. So does anyone know if the zinc will work for both men and women in helping to eliminate body odor that's caused by some internal problem?
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Best Answers: I've heard taking zinc can help eliminate any type of b.o., but does this remedy work for men only?

Zinnia Zinnia | 3 days ago
The remedy I'm about to suggest works on both males & females, so at least give it a shot. Go to health food store & buy a supplement called "Liquid Chlorophyll". It cleanses your body by detoxifying the blood. It removes foot odor, body odor and/or foot odor. It has a pleasant taste (sweet), & very healing, as well as nutritious to the body...helping clear up acne, as well as other conditions.
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Zinnia Originally Answered: Are there any remedy laxative which work? without taking pills?
Laxitives are not the way to go,they can damage your body and overuse can even kill you. Go to the Doctor and get a real diet, or you can even go on the internet and find some low fat diets. Take walks everyday and the weight will come off, just do it slowly at first then keep going further and further. Exersize is the key but, you have to find one you like and you don't mind doing, swimming,tennis,aerobics and they play great music too, or anything else that you like.

Sherill Sherill
well you should go to www.dr-schulze.com and order a total body cleanse and do it and start eating more organic foods, stop using deodorants/antiperspirants and instead use body crystal (www.thecrystal.com) and you should notice a HUGE impact on your body odor. You're body should not stink if you put the right things in it and on it. Don't put anything on your skin that you couldn't eat is my rule of thumb. Chemicals are what make you have body odor so try to use them less. Also to remove toxins that cause odor you can use an infared sauna (not the wet one). Take a whole food supplement (www.synergy.co) Drink lots of pure water, excercise, cleanse your body, and use less chemicals.
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Pene Pene
Zinc for body odour.NO! but why? For everyone who's been popping vitamins to keep them healthy and strong, Reader's Digest recently published 'The Vitamin Hoax - What Not to Take' in their November 2007 issue. "Zinc: High doses can interfere with how the body metabolizes copper and iron, may weaken the immune system and may also reduce levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Studies are mixed about its effect on the common cold. Zinc supplements can also interact with certain drugs, including some antibiotics, blood pressure medications and ... " I'm thankful to my fren a doctor who told me about The Vitamin Hoax &10 vitamins NOT to Take, For myself and all, who have been popping pills like Vitamin A and E everyday without first consulting a doctor and only following a beauty columnist's advice on how to make your skin glow, the article claims studies show that: Taking antioxidant vitamins increases a person's risk of dying by 16%. High doses of Vitamin E taken over 10 years slightly elevated cancer risk in smokers. Clearly, the jury's still out on what vitamin supplements can and cannot really do, so again, rather than just turning to supplements as a remedy it seems that eating a healthy balanced diet, losing extra weight, exercising moderately, getting sleep and reducing stress are our best options against disease and premature death. *** *** *** Why not try the nature ! Ever heard of 'Hydro Therapy' ? Try this ... 'Water Therapy' Before brushing your teeth, in mornings when you get up just gulp down plain fresh water as much as you can once or in intervals make sure to drink 1.5 litres. Remember not to take any liquid or solid foods for atlest 40 mins / 1 hr Initially it sounds impossible, b.coz initially you urinate several times, Within 3 days slowly your body gets habituated to the habit. and see the whole water getting absorbed into the body to cleanse it resulting only a small volume left for urination. JUST IMAGINE the role water plays once the body starts getting used to the habit, cleansing naturally every pore of the skin and keeping you naturally away from dangerous diseases, toxins, even simple problems like body odours, glowing skin, etc., And also make a habit to spend your days drinking normal average water as need based. Preferably in large volumes. Early morning water intake flushes all the waste harmful particles from the intestines, The above procedure detoxifies the body and preventing a large number of diseases in the years to come known and unknown to medical science presently. On ur interest I shall forward more info & weblinks via secure Y Q&A for ur further study and info.
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Marise Marise
Body odour that has an unpleasant smell is caused by toxicity. Juicing will eliminate toxins, but it takes time. I don't use deoderants, as my system is close to being toxic free. I spray white vinegar under my arms. It balances the ph, kills bacteria ( which is where the odour comes from). The vinegar odour flys away after a few minutes.
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Kristie Kristie
I definitely agree with Sawyer..you can get similar results also with wheat grass, barley grass, or alfalfa, another thing that will probably help is colon cleansing...an animal based diet can also cause this. A colon cleanse I recommend highly is found at www.herbdoc.com. http://www.herbdoc.com/abptoc.asp Take both the intestinal cleanse one and intestinal cleanse two for about a month of so. Then repeat every season. A vegan diet also could help.
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Kristie Originally Answered: Have you ever used any type of home remedy?
I use a lot of different things that are natural...and I do see an upsurgance of old ways, but they are slicker and easier to use. I use tea tree oil for first aid. I use psyllium husks for regularity. I use baking soda for all kinds of things. I clean with vinegar. I have a few oils (lavender, eucalyptus) for inhaling blends. I use aloe for sunburn.

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