worried about weight gain in pregnancy!?

worried about weight gain in pregnancy!? Topic: worried about weight gain in pregnancy!?
October 20, 2019 / By Bastian
Question: hi everyone.. Ive just weighed myself and got a shock..im currently 22weeks pregnant and just wondering how much weight i should have put on so far.. im 5ft 6inch and weighed about 9stone 12 pounds pre pregnancy.. How much should i have gained so far, just so i can estimate if im on track and not putting too much on.. Many Thanks xx
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Zilla Zilla | 1 day ago
Do not worry about weight gain. Everybody is different. Just listen to your body. Eat when you want to eat. Eat healthy. Some gain 10 pounds, same 50 pounds. Some put on the weight in the middle, some at the very end of your pregnancy. As long as your OB don't have any concerns, you're fine. Do not concentrate on it. Enjoy your pregnancy and good luck!
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Zilla Originally Answered: Should I be worried about my weight gain?
26lbs is not high or low ... but remember, in the last 6 or so weeks, you will be gaining a pound a week, so you will probably be looking at close to a 35-40 lb weight gain ... a little up there, but not too bad!! you will walk out of the hospital, with baby and be 10-20 pounds lighter, automatically.... leaving you with around 15 to 25 pounds extra ... with exercise after baby is born, it should be mostly off within 6 months, if you commit yourself .... anyway ..... give your boyfriend the choice, either you continue eating healthy like you are, gain a few more pounds, and have a healthy little babe, or you could always lose an instant 150-200lbs! hahah (HIM) no im kidding ..... when you get the munchies, eat grapes and celery.. mostly water, so go nuts!! or even chew on ice chips for a few minutes before snacking and it will help satisfy when you want to nibble lol

Sheri Sheri
Being an American, I have no concept whatsoever how much a stone is, but I know that if you were considered a normal healthy weight prior to becoming pregnant, then you should gain 25-35 lbs. throughout your pregnancy, less if you were severely overweight & more if you were severely underweight. At 22 weeks, you are more than 1/2 way through, so I guess if you have gained 1/2 of the recommended amount you are doing OK. Also, what is your doc saying? I fell into the overweight prior to pregnancy category, and was told to only gain 10 lbs throughout my pregnancy, and at 35 weeks, I've managed to only gain 8 so far, and my doc makes a point of telling me that I'm doing well. I'm sure she would also tell me if she thought I was over doing it.
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Peggy Peggy
I am 26 weeks 3 days prego and have gained 19-20 lbs so far. You should gain a total of around 35 lbs during your pregnancy, depending on if you were under weight or over weight before hand, whether you are carrying multiples..., my first pregnancy I gained a total of 38 lbs, and had the baby at 10 days over due. This time I seem to be right on track....
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Maris Maris
145 -150 and 5'7" is actually a pretty healthy weight even if you aren't pregnant.... But anyway, I gained most of my weight very early on and then it pretty much stopped. I haven't had my baby yet, so I'm really hoping that I can lose it easily. don't let it get you down! my older (36 year old) sister only gained 15 pounds the whole time, and lost 27 pounds in about 2 weeks. we're all different, and i'm sure you'll be fine!
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Kristi Kristi
How much is 9 stone? But weight gain should not be an issue if it isn't an issue with your doctor. People gain weight really differently. As long as you are eating properly and your baby is the right size for 22 weeks, then don't worry about it until after you are done being pregnant!
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Kristi Originally Answered: Where will I gain weight first during pregnancy?
i didnt actually gain weight till i was about 26 or 27 wks but before that i notice my hips. the spread an i gained a little in that area first actually my boobs came first then my hips

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