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Question: i noticed a sore part of my left boob earlier and i am really scared and nervous, it hurts to rub in that area and i felt a tiny lump... i am only 17 though so i don't know what it could be
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Zelma Zelma | 6 days ago
The best diagnosis & cure lies with a General Surgeon.A FNA biopsy can reveal if it is benign or malignant. 1. Breast Cancer* Signs & Symptoms in Brief----------------- Lumps, Slight hardening, Nipple discharge, Change in the shape of your nipples, Change in the texture of the skin over your breasts, Knots in your arm pits. Skin dimpling or puckering Nipples that turn inward, Nipple discharge, Redness or scaling of your nipple or breast skin. 2. Risk of breast cancer under the age of 15 is statistically ZERO. Risk from 15 - 20 years is 1 in 1.3 million. All your symptoms cited--------------connected to either menses or puberty or part & parcel of growing breasts which shall go off slowly but steadily. They mimic breast cancer symptoms only. 90% of breast cysts are benign (non cancerous). 90% of the remaining 90% are encapsulated (protected from spreading by your immune system's safeguard systems). That means the remainder (only 1%) requires aggressive treatment. Because yours has "resided", It's (no doubt) resides in the category of Sebaceous Cyst, which means that a hair follicle has accumulating lipoproteins (fat products) - same as a cyst on your neck or back (annoying but benign). Many don't know that the breasts have very fine hairs on them ( We Do). This scare reduced your chances of aggressive breast cancer, because you WILL do your monthly self exams & annual mammograms. MAJOR ADDITION: Because this "lump" began when you 14 y/o I have no doubt that this is simply a hair follicle which invaginated a fat cell and began to accumulate lipoproteins (it's a fatty cyst - not cancer). At of your age, there's almost no way your growth cycle could have left a cancer capsule unruptured without major symptoms much earlier. 3. Knots in the armpit[s] and a stone like tumour in the bresty[s] can be malignant. Soft & rubber like tumour moveable is not cancerous. A general surgeon can extract it by surgical interference. Any cancer is curable, if diagnosed early. Acupressure techniques ensure instant diagnosis of any cancer, subject to confirmation by US/MRI/CT/PET Scans and Biopsy after one year. 4. Breast Cancer- Instant Diagnosis With the aid of acupressure techniques, breast cancer can be diagnosed right @ your door steps. Details follow---------------- To start with, this free facility is made available exclusively for the poor and middle class with ‘no insurance cover’. • The first beneficiaries are visitors of the most enlightened and philanthropic blog----‘Yahoo Answers”. • Yahoo Answers blog is so popular that, when my grand children feel extremely happy, they shout ‘Yahoo, Yahoo’.Just like Shammi Kapoor used to shout in old Hindi film-“Janglee”. Any Cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, etc., —Common Symptoms: Sudden loss of weight/stamina, anemia, unbearable pains in any organ despite medication, neuralgia, FATIGUE-getting extremely tired for a little or no work, loss of appetite, unhealed wound in any part of the body for years together, chronic constipation, chronic hemorrhages, hemoptysis, etc. Cancer may affect from any organ to any organ[s]/system[s]. Dr.Vora designed the diagnostic procedures, with the aid of acupressure techniques, so simple that even the poorest of the poor in remote villages/hamlets, all the youngsters [the future of this mother “EARTH”] with little knowledge & serious efforts, can know instantaneously @ no costs all over the globe. However, Acupressure Diagnosis is subject to confirmation by Allopathic Investigative Procedures [X-ray/US/CT/MRI/PET Scans, Biopsy, etc.,], which most of the poor and the lower & the upper middle class cannot afford. “The language is very simple to understand. No confusion at all. U may study the details, discuss with Ur family members and friends and understand the concept of ‘Acupressure’ and confirm for Urself, if U or anybody else has cancer/hiv and the affected organs. “ 5. The 'breast' acupressure remote control point is located in the middle of Ur palm on the dorsal side---where U can see Ur nails. U may refer the acupressure map published and kept in the link stated hereunder. Dorsal side of Palms & soles to diagnose & treat ailments of eyes, spine, breast cancer, etc., : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a... If this link does not work, you may visit www.saioam.in for instant, online and free diagnosis of breast cancer and download the acupressure map and check for yourself or with the help of some body. o If U press hard the right palm @ the specified place with Ur left thumb----if it pains and that means Ur right breast is affected. Similarly, the left palm--for the left breast. With the aid of acupressure techniques, U can find out breast cancer symptoms one year before it is detected by mammography. If Point Nos. 11-16 gonads & Lymph}, are highly tender, it means, U have breast cancer. If U press the specified points daily---U can as well postpone the onset of tumor too. At Lucknow, when we conducted free diagnosis camps in 1998-2002, we had a feed back from many poor women confirming status quo ante of breast cancer-with the aid of acupressure techniques. Tender Breast lumps/Fibroadenomas/ Breast Cancer Detoxkin & 1 Cap twice a day after meals. Neruri XT & 1 Cap twice a day after meals. Triphala Tab & 4 Tab in the night before going to sleep. Nutrilege Woman & 1 cap twice a day after meals Livertone+ & 1 cap twice a day after meals Detoxme & 1 cap -do- -do- 4. Nitya Paste-medicated with non-poisonous, vegetarian herbs. Utility: By virtue of its [35] herbs, it acts as a antihistamine for all sorts of allergies by external & internal use. Medicated paste as tooth paste to prevent mouth odors, gums infection, cures tooth-ache, hemorrhages. If mixed with a few drops of honey and applied on face, it acts as a face pack. Black heads, pimples, psoriasis, any skin problem gets resolved. If a pinch of paste is taken internally with a cup of hot water, it acts as antacid, cures all the skin issues from inside also. If applied externally with honey, it acts as instant pain killer for joint pains, headaches, boils, scabies, psoriasis, pustules, abscesses, non-malignant cysts/tumors, etc. • • • Patented Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Supplements manufactured in India and USA, approved by USFDA, KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, ISO ETC., and made available at Stores in your vicinity in 40 countries all over the globe. No Side Effects. 5. Note: I submitted a small request to Yahoo management to render software support to upload acupressure maps and thereby help me to indulge in instant diagnosis of any cancer + identification of affected organ[s]---subject to conformation by Allopathic investigative procedures like US/CT/MRI/MRE/PET scans or biopsy. The diagnosis can be made available to Yahoo visitors in tune with the most enlightened rules of Yahoo Answers community. 6. o Bra*Without, for sure. Even if you have large breasts. They don't actually "need support" until you've gotten them used to wearing a bra. Like other parts of your body, your breasts actually have ligaments, tendons and muscles. They atrophy if not in use (when they have constant "support") and that's why it can be sore when you take off your bra. Once you get used to sleeping without one, they won't be sore any more. Wearing a bra 24/7 has actually been noted to increase chances of breast cancer and fibrocystic disease?. It's actually healthy to let your breasts move around a little and be free during part of the day you're awake, too... it really helps with lymphatic circulation, and can keep your breasts healthy. Originally, bras weren't necessary to people, even with very large mammaries. Then eventually, everyone was told they had to wear one to keep from sagging or whatever. Now, most breasts need a bra, but it's like any other body part. If you put your arm in a sling for 6 months, it would be weak and feel like it needed a sling. Bras don't keep breasts from "sagging" and if your breasts are in a bra all of the time, they may even sag more in the end. I'm not going to tell you to ditch a bra completely (unless you want to... that's all a personal choice) but I'd definitely recommend not wearing one at night, and even at other times when you feel comfortable taking it off.
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I had a breast reduction, from a 38DDD to a 36C about 2 years ago. I had it done because i was literally developing a humpback because i wasn't able to stand up straight. I found a good doctor who assured me that this surgery wouldn't affect my chances of breastfeeding. this surgery has changed my life...no more baggy shirts, bikinis are an option (finally!!), and i don't feel like people are constantly looking at my boobs. i finally feel proportionate. my advice: check out a bunch of doctors. i made sure they were all board certified, had pictures and testimonies of their work, and checked the Better Business Bureau on them. I found a doctor who didn't encourage me to get surgery because he wanted money...mine encouraged me to get it done because of my health. good luck!

Shelomith Shelomith
It's more likely a cyst. They are very common and often painful. You can have your doctor check it and if they order up a mammogram or ultrasound, they can check it. At your age, breast cancer is unlikely.
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Pearl Pearl
Just get it checked at Dr's. I had this once too, but it turned out to be ok. Check the other breast as well because sometimes both can be sore and "lumpy" if around certain time of the month. all the best, I pray it goes away
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Marilou Marilou
Unlikely to be breast csncer. The risk at your age is 1 in 1.3 million and it rarely causes pain in the early stages. This sounds hormonal. I am guessing youe period is due within a week.
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Krista Krista
A Big Fat NO..at 17 years old you are apt to have tea with the queen Sounds like a typical hormonal cyst. See your Doctor...
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Krista Originally Answered: Breastfeeding ( low breast milk )?
Well kudos to you for wanting to do what's best for your baby, though I encourage you to breastfeed for a minimum of 6 months. I'm also concerned that you bottlefed right after giving birth, as while your milk had not come in yet, you were producing colostrum, which is essential for baby's immune system; they don't need formula if you are producing colostrum. Causes of cessation of lactation include: Anger Grief Lack of feeling of love or relatedness toward the baby. Excessive dieting and physical exercise and resulting fatigue. Eating too much of dry foods - without fat or oils. Excessive sexual intercourse. Too much use of Purification processes of Ayurvedic panchakarma. Becoming pregnant again after a short time or repregnancy. Treatment for loss of milk production can include: Use cereals like rice. Meat or meat soup is also good. Cow's milk and curd are to be taken in diet. You can also take any of the following Ayurvedic herbs to help: Virana Shali Shashtika Ikshuvalika Darbha Kusha Kasha Gundra Or Bhadramustaka Itakata Katrina root In addition: Breast feeding mother should avoid excessive exercise. Fatigue - both physical and mental should be avoided. Anger and grief are the states of mind that might interfere with the process of lactation.

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