How can I get my malamute into weight pulling?

How can I get my malamute into weight pulling? Topic: How can I get my malamute into weight pulling?
June 19, 2019 / By Bartley
Question: He is about 4 years old and we have had him for about 6 months. I think he would really enjoy pulling, but I don't know how to get him started, if he's not too old. Any suggestions? Thanks:) He's 4 years old, not 4 months. And yes, Malamutes LOVE to pull things. It's why they were bred. :)
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Zelia Zelia | 4 days ago
Weight pulls are a great activity for these dogs! And 4 years is definitely not too young...any dog over 2 years old will be done growing and therefore past the age where damaging growing bones is a concern. He is also not "too old" either...at 4 years he is in the prime of life and should have several years of pulling ahead of him. The best first step is basic obedience. A "runaway" dog pulling a load (even a light load) is extremely dangerous not only to himself but to anyone in the area. He doesn't have to be performance-level obedient, but he should listen reasonably well and follow the basic sit, down, stay, and come commands most of the time. The next step is to purchase a harness and train him to accept the harness and to accept something being dragged behind him. For most dogs, I would strongly recommend a harness with a Y-type front as this will distribute the weight better and allow more range of motion in the shoulders than a harness with a strap that goes straight accross the chest. Your harness will also NEED a spreader bar in the back (behind the dog's rear legs) to prevent the harness from squeezing his rear end when he's pulling a load. When introducing the harness, make it a really positive thing so that he gets excited to see the harness. If he's food motivated, yummy treats go a long way towards this. Once he is thrilled to see the harness come out, you can start dragging light weight objects (many people start with empty gallon milk jugs...which you can then add increasing amounts of water or sand to build him up). Again, make this a really positive thing. He might be nervous about the things trailing along behind him at first, but keep walking and you need to stay calm and confident (and keep handing out those rewards). And you NEED to do this step on leash...if he spooks at the milk jugs (or whatever you decide to use) and takes off you need to be able to physically stop him and free him from the milk jugs. If he takes off with the milk jugs attached and he is off-leash, the faster he runs the faster the scary "monster" chasing him will run and you could very well end up with a dog that will never be comfortable with something behind them. Some good websites for harnesses: Black Ice http://www.blackicedogsledding.com/black... Nordkyn Outfitters (I have purchased from them and am very happy with their service) http://www.nordkyn.com/ Ikon Outfitters http://www.ikonoutfitters.com Dog Works, Inc http://www.dogworks.com/AboutDogWorks.html International Weight Pull Association website http://www.iwpa.net/ Yahoo! Groups also has several mailing lists dedicated to weight pull (search for "dog weight pull" and you will get 55 results) and these would be a great place to talk with other people interested in this sport and get training tips and feedback on equipment...not to mention finding out about competitions or hooking up with someone local for training help.
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Shell Shell
I don't really know anything about it but i'm guessing thtahe will need a special type of harness and start of with light weights over short distances, then light weights over long distances, then medium over short distances... Try to find a society near you. Is it a recognised dog sport? If so, the Kennel Club (or equivalent) will have details of clubs, ask them for a list of those closest to you. Hope this helps, and good luck with your new hobby!
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Payton Payton
Too young :) He shouldn't be pulling any real weight until he's 18 months. (Want to allow the joints to mature) you can of course get him used to wearing a harness and pulling LIGHT weights now. Best way to get involved is to actually go to a weight pull! Here's a link with a lot of good info and equipment for sale. http://www.pulldoggies.com/ You may also want to contact your local chapter of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America - they may hold meets or even have a mentor program.
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Marilena Marilena
No thought I quite have an all white husky and my vet mentioned in the wintry climate whilst she is older to get a harness and ave her pull me around the backyard. she says she'll have relaxing and do away with a lot of pent up skill. even in spite of the incontrovertible fact that she remains too youthful and we are waiting for her to enhance and style properly in the experience that your thinking approximately getting a canine the Husky is so relaxing and loving and has a lot of skill
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Kris Kris
I don't know, but I would like to see a picture of your mal. I think that the malamute is the best kind of dog. They "talk"!
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