Stupid girl next to me came to class with swine flu.what can I do now?

Stupid girl next to me came to class with swine flu.what can I do now? Topic: Stupid girl next to me came to class with swine flu.what can I do now?
October 23, 2019 / By Bartlet
Question: Some idiot in my class tonite came with her swine flu and was coughing and sneezing next to me the whole class. When i got home I took a hot shower, took some vitamin C, and lysoled all my stuff, but is it pretty much helpless at this point? Is there anything I can do? thanks for the "tell a parent" advice, but I'm 25 and in Law school. i don't think my mommy can really help at this point.
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Best Answers: Stupid girl next to me came to class with swine flu.what can I do now?

Zavannah Zavannah | 3 days ago
Talk to a teacher or adult at your school. This is serious. Wash you hands ALOT. Take a shower 1 or 2 times a day. Ask for your seat to get moved. Or don't go to school. Tell a parent. Someone will understand. Say it was from anonymous if you tell a teacher.
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Zavannah Originally Answered: If you already have swine flu should you get the vaccine?
Once you get sick with swine flu, generally you should be immune to it. However, since many people are becoming infected and gaining immunity it is likely that the virus will shift slightly like most other seasonal flu strains and the immunity that you gained will be lost. So if you do contract swine flu and recover, it is recommended that you get the vaccine anyway to prevent the chance of reinfection. No the vaccine prevents the flu it does not treat it. Tamiflu is the recommended treatment for most flu patients.

Shelia Shelia
Drink plenty of fluids, get a good nights rest, and keep up with good hygiene. Make sure to have breakfast and eat a lot of fruit. Try to stay away from her next time or mention to her that she needs to stay home if she has H1N1.
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Pauline Pauline
How inconsiderate! Vitamin D. Lots of fluid, plenty of rest, and wait it out. I've also heard Selenium helps. Good luck!
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Marigold Marigold
Take Oil of Oregano. You can find them in most Health Food stores and protect you from viruses. Put a few drops under your tongue everyday and breath it in so it can get really into your body, I promise you'll be safe. It helped me! Please try it.
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Kourtney Kourtney
I heard rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can help, just take vitamins and cold stuff you should be fine unless she was literally sneezing on you
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Kourtney Originally Answered: How long to get well after Swine Flu?
I work in the ER at a county hospital and we've had an influx of swine flu patients coming in. I've found that it depends on the person, their age and if they have any other illnesses that relate to the heart or lungs like asthma or chronic sinusitis. I have really bad asthma, but thankfully I didn't wind up in the hospital. I did try to stick it out and used some herbal remedies that did help in the short-term, but finally after a week with no relief, I gave up and went to the doctor and they gave me tamiflu which is a miracle drug. After being on the anti-viral it took me about two weeks before I was back to normal, though I returned to work only a week after. Personally, I'd rather have mono again than the swine flu. It knocks you out like Mike Tyson You will probably start to feel better within this next week, otherwise go see the doctor and they can probably prescribe something to help. If you are still experiencing flu symptoms, go and get some tamiflu. Your child on the other hand will probably have to continue on his course of breathing treatments for a few more weeks, it sounds like it's a nebulizer which I had to use for a month, but again my asthma was really bad. Get a lot of rest, and I know you won't feel like it, but stir in some ginger into some orange juice and drink up it'll taste awful, and you might want to stir in some honey for your kid (It sounds disgusting I know but it does taste better), it helps give your immune system a kick and soothes the muscles in your stomach. Get as much rest as possible, drink a lot of water and make sure you have gatorade on hand to restore your electrolytes because that is key in your recovery. You wouldn't believe how much better my flu patients feel after they've had a bag of saline through an IV drip in the ER. Hope this helped and if you have any more questions feel free to message me.Get well soon.

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