I need to gain weight in pregnancy?

I need to gain weight in pregnancy? Topic: I need to gain weight in pregnancy?
June 19, 2019 / By Barry
Question: Due to complications there is a good chance I will not make it to full term. I'm 28 weeks now and on bed rest until 32 weeks. My ob said it would be a resealable goal for me to hope to make it to 32 weeks. With that being said-I need to make sure that the time the baby is inside that she is getting the best foods and gaining as much weight as possible. I have a healthy diet-however I want to make sure the baby gains weight. Is there a specific diet or certain foods that will help? Like I said-I eat healthy already-the whole 5 meals a day mostly healthy snacks (every once in awhile I am bad and eat ice cream instead of yogurt) But I need the baby to gain more weight-and was wondering if there were certain foods that can help the baby gain as much weight as possible since I wont have the last month of pregnancy when babies gain most of their weight.
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Yvonne Yvonne | 10 days ago
My sister has had 8 kids. All of her kids were full term, so it is probably not the same situation. All of them were in the low 6 pound range except for one. She was 8 1/2 pounds. The only thing she did different with that pregnancy was she ate a lot of junk food on top of her regular healthy meals. I know, I know it is not a healthy way to gain weight, but it is what worked for her (even though she wasn't trying!) Just increase your calorie intake. Maybe you could drink a couple of those carnation instant breakfast shakes or something like that IN ADDITION to your 5 healthy meals per day. That would probably be a healthier approach instead of junk food. They have a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for you. This will all probably make you gain a lot more weight, but hopefully will make for a heavier baby too. Best of luck!!
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Yvonne Originally Answered: Will I gain weight during pregnancy?
I have a super fast metabolism. I started out with my first pregnancy at 100 pounds and went up to 150. After giving birth i went back to my original weight.

Shelagh Shelagh
Sugar is going to be what makes the baby gain the most weight. Not saying you should eat lots and lots but my doctor tells me to watch my sugar intake because I have a history of big babies.
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Pauletta Pauletta
Not specific, just healthy. Thats something you should know already, like fruits and veggies and a good balance of protein foods.
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Marie Marie
Eat lots of healthy fats found is oily fish, nuts (like walnuts, brazil, pecans, seeds(like flaxseeds), avacado.
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Marie Originally Answered: How do I gain weight (and keep it on) during my pregnancy?
Please don't worry yourself especially if the doctor says your baby IS healthy. I worried myself sick about not gaining weight when I was pregnant and I even went as far as critizing & blaming myself. If you have a high metabolism theres 0 you can do trust me. I ate EVERYTHING in sight while pregnant, drank protein shakes, took other vitamins etc.. and yet I only gained 14lbs the whole pregnancy and it was gone 2 days after my daughter was born. If you cant gain by eating well and taking proper vitamins then maybe your not supposed to. How much weight you gain can mean 0 about your childs birth weight &/or health. I know its hard to not worry but if your baby is healthy and your healthy why stress yourself? I was constantly dealing with people rudely commenting on my size (even in-laws), relax & enjoy your pregnancy it'll be ok. Good luck and I wish yall the best.

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