How to stay toned and healthy while pregnant?

How to stay toned and healthy while pregnant? Topic: How to stay toned and healthy while pregnant?
October 15, 2019 / By Barrett
Question: Well im 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant and i've gained 15 pounds already. I was 125 lbs pre-pregnancy and now im 140. A lot of my weight has seemed to go to my thighs and arms and i would like to tone them up while still being safe during the pregnancy. Any suggestions on safe excercises i could do to tone the legs and arms???
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Yolonda Yolonda | 8 days ago
My best friend is pregnant, she is almost 20 weeks and she gained about 10 pounds, so it is normal to gain 15 Ibs on 22 weeks. Me and her go on long walks. You can walk every day for 30 min to stay healthy. I don't know if you could do 5 Ibs weights for your arms, best to ask your Gyni, but walking is defiantly good, Me and her do 4 mile walk, 3 times a week. so that is 12 mile walk, she take 1 break in between our walk but i understand she is prego and gets tired. But walking is plus factor for you, plus it is good for baby and help delivery, Sex during pregnancy helps burning calories as well. Swimming is plus***** Drink plenty of water.
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Yolonda Originally Answered: How To Stay Healthy & Fit While Pregnant?
There are two parts to it staying fit during pregnancy. 1) Eating healthy 2) exercise Eating healthy means having whole grains, beans, lean meat, milk/yogurt, salads and fruits. Occasional sweets and desserts. If you are like me you are going to crave them a lot and may need to control the craving. You can continue any exercise that you were engaged in pre-pregnancy. Stop or slow down if it tires you out. Walking and stationary bikes are good choices, I used to walk a lot but I find that I get out of breath very quickly and have to slow down. Water training and prenatal yoga are great too. I do not have access to a pool but I do prenatal yoga 2-3 times a week using a DVD. I also go for classes once every week or two. I have gained 18 lbs but most of it is in my belly and breasts which is okay by me and my doctor. Good luck for your pregnancy!
Yolonda Originally Answered: How To Stay Healthy & Fit While Pregnant?
I suggest sticking to a high nutrient diet (meaning don't bother counting calories but only eat foods that are high in nutrition, avoiding white flour, white sugar, etc.). Lots of lean meats, fruits, veggies, cereal, etc. Swimming is the best exercise for pregnant women because it is low impact, relaxing, and takes the stress off of your joints. It works out every muscle and is just very calming. If swimming is not an option for you, walking is good too, and I suggests lots of stretching which will keep your muscles limber and aid with childbirth. Now that being said, much of pregnancy weight gain is caused by hormones, and cannot be controlled. I had a nutritionist watch everything that I ate when I was pregnant with my first child, and I gained a good 50 pounds anyway. I didn't lose any of it until I quit nursing. The same went for my second and third child. No matter what diet I followed or how much exercise I did, I gained that much anyway. So don't sweat it either way. Just eat healthy so that your baby will be healthy, and focus on keeping yourself limber and toned to help with the delivery. And good luck to you! ;)

Sheenagh Sheenagh
being prego is a good way to motivate yourself to stay healthy, because its the time you least feel like exercising...the rule of thumb is, whatever you did before pregnancy, you can continue doing during it. You can lift, move, even run if you start slowly, and increase gradually. Your baby is protected by what is like a huge memory foam sac, and floats arount inside it....its like if you have an army guy in a water balloon, you can shake it all around, and he'll just bob around slightly. Although, things like horseback riding or bull riding aren't the brightest ideas. lol.
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Pauleen Pauleen
I've heard Yogas good for pregnant women :) Heres a link on more stuff http://www.webmd.com/baby/baby-beginnings-6/exercise-during-pregnancy
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Pauleen Originally Answered: Is it safe to stay on my diet while pregnant?
I feel your pain as a dieter - but 1200 is just not going to be healthy for the baby. Most nutritionists would recommend 2000 calories for someone who is overweight and pregnant. If you're not overweight you would be told to aim for about 2300-2700. I think you'd be safe at about 1800-2100 per day. But stick to balanced, healthy nutrition. Don't go nuts on the diet products like the spray butter. The baby needs fat for brain development, protein for organ development, and you both need carbs for energy. You don't want to undereat because then the body starts to burn up fat stores and muscle stores. This produces ketones which is a toxic environment for the baby. That's why even someone very overweight is told not to diet while pregnant. You have to maintain a good source of calories every day, all day, to avoid going into ketosis. You will gain weight - that's a part of pregnancy. Also, if you've been dieting before pregnancy sometimes your body can overreact to getting real food and you put on weight quickly. But keep in mind that pregnancy weight is pretty easy to lose, and I say that as someone who has struggled with my weight in the past. Especially if you breast feed! Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories and really helps shrink you down again. You've already lost weight and you know how to do it. You'll be just fine. Congratulations on both the pregnancy and your weight loss!

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