Weight loss diets for young people?

Weight loss diets for young people? Topic: Weight loss diets for young people?
June 19, 2019 / By Barney
Question: So I'm 15, and I weigh at like 150, I really wanna get thin, have smaller boob's, etc, but what kind of diets and work outs should I do? I'm looking to lose at least 10 pounds in 1-2 months. Please don't say I am too young for this, I just want to be healthy!
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Yieshah Yieshah | 6 days ago
10 pounds in 2 months is not realistic, or healthy. Cut out soda immediately, even the diet stuff. Eat more vegetables, salad for lunch 3 times a week, drink lots of water. Go jogging. First just around the block, then slowly work up to 3-5 miles 3 times a week. Determine how much sweet crap you eat, cut it in half immediately. Weigh yourself in the morning; naked, after you pee, but before eating anything. It will go up and down daily, don't worry about it. Write it down, and graph it after a couple weeks. Looking for long term trends here. Slow weight loss is healthy weight loss. If you have access to a pool, swimming is excellent exercise. :)
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Sheelagh Sheelagh
It's not a diet. Being fit and eating clean is a LIFESTYLE. You're going to have to go on a calorie deficit, have ONE CHEAT MEAL A WEEK, not days. You can try to strength train to shrink your chest. Sadly, cardio won't make your boobs smaller (or anything else really.) I recommend getting a gym membership. LOW CARB DIET WILL BE YOUR BESTFRIEND! Try to avoid pasta and dairy at all costs! Eat a lot of fiber to inscrease your bowel movements and eat protein, it'll help you get lean as you workout. Drink green tea to flush out your system as well, NO SWEETNERS ADDED. But don't forget you're 15 and not finished developing so i wouldn't go overboard.
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Patty Patty
Exercise. At 15 I'm sure there are plenty of school activities you can get involved in:swimming, track, soccer etc. Also teenagers tend to eat a lot of crap junk food and sugary treats. Scale back on those and add more fruits and veggies.Also getting a good night's rest is important at this age and good digestion.
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Mariah Mariah
eat healthier. Stay away completely from fast food, junk food and sweets. If you do that and even if you don't workout, you will still lose the weight as long as you maintain a strict diet.
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