gaining weight?

gaining weight? Topic: gaining weight?
October 23, 2019 / By Baptist
Question: i am about 5'5 and 115-118 pounds.. ppl always tell me im skinny, not freaksihly skinny, but yeah that i dont have chunk on me, and i dont... i have small boobs too, a/b cup, and a small booty, but its all proportionate to my body... i want to gain some weight however, and see what i look like, ppl tel lme when ur growing like i am, my body is actualy changing, i can tell lately cause ive grown like an inch and i feel aches/pains sometimes, growing pains, that if i gained a little weight id look more womanly ... i want to gain about 15 pounds, prob not 20, but anywhere in between... i started to eat alot more today.. do u think this is healthy? and also i fear that i might gain lots of weight only in my stomach area, but not anywhere else... thighs/legs, booty/breasts etc.. ppl tell me that no one looks like that, when u gain weight it goes generally everywhere, maybe more pudge in ur stomach but yea... i just think id look better maybe w/ some more meat on me... haha.. "skinny girls are hot" thanks lmao but apparently lots of guys dont think so since i am told.. well i gues mostly by girls/myself and what i see... guys prefer some chunk and more curves over anything, i dont have too much of that... but yeah, i guess i dont want to go overboard.. im thinkin 10 pounds or mayybe 15 just to see, but yea ive never been at all overweight, always very skinny.. and i guess i just want some change in my body, i think maybe ill focus more on muscle building ( ihave been working out more lately actualy) and usualy i watch what i eat 2 much, like sometimes i wont eat for hours at school etc, i guess ill just eat more than i do now but not too much, and increase intake of protein especialy caues ive heard thats good....?
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Yannic Yannic | 3 days ago
Your weight is perfectly healthy! Yes, you are thin, but as long as you feel good, eat healthy and exercise, I would not worry about your weight. If you want to gain weight, build muscle through exercise, not by eating a lot of food! People aren't supposed to have "chunks" or "pudge" in the stomach area - that is the least healthy place for men AND women to carry weight - it has a negative affect on heart health.
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Yannic Originally Answered: Need help gaining weight?
The answer is pretty obvious; you're going to need to eat. 6 small meals a day is ideal. Although, if you have a high metabolism, it will just burn all the fat you gain from eating. This is why you must also WORK OUT. I'm not talking about cardio, I'm talking about strength training. Bench pressing, curls, skullcrushers, etc. With lots of resistance. That's what helped me gain about 30 pounds from January to now (June), and I'm still going. Tips: I didn't start drinking protein shakes until I was 2 months in to my weight training. This helped me out by increasing my average weight gain to about 1 pound MORE every month.

Shayne Shayne
in case you wan't to benefit weight, and build muscle. you do no longer wan't to easily over consume with junk meals. this might surely makeyou fatter, and undesirable. yet once you wan't to benefit muscle you will could drink some extreme protein drink's, shakes, meals. Peanut Butter & Jelly i think of may be a stable start up. The Peanut Butter will provide you Protein, mutually as the Jelly has lot's of extreme Fructose, and Sugars, to assist placed of the burden. you may wan't to ascertain out some much less costly CVS Pharmacy over-the-counter styles of organic herb pills to assist help the muscle groups. i'm no longer able to think of of any names of those varieties, yet i be responsive to they exist, i've got heard of human beings taking them, and had stable outcomes while taken many times.
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Patsy Patsy
ur gonna just get fat not thick (yes deres a difference) people with a thin build tend to gain most of the weight in the stomach once they start to gain weight thicker people gain most of the weight in the thigh and butt area
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Margo Margo
Try eating those meal bars to gain weight but don't replace a meal with them instead, eat on after lunch and dinner. This would probly be pretty healthy, my cousin did it because she was to skiny, and it worked for her.
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Margo Originally Answered: What is better for gaining weight?
For every extra 3500 calories you consume (over what your body needs) you will gain one pound. (The reverse goes for losing weight.) Your body needs a certain number of calories that's based on what you weight, plus more calories according to how active you are. So the 1300 calories would help you gain more weight. What you do with that extra weight is up to you, whether it be lifting, or sitting on the couch. If you are going to be taking in a lot of protein (more than 1 gram per pound of body-weight), make sure to take supplements to help break it down. No reason to cause kidney stones.

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