What are good healthy things to eat?

What are good healthy things to eat? Topic: What are good healthy things to eat?
June 27, 2019 / By Bambie
Question: What are some good healthy things to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Also some snack options would be good. I'm 13 and I really want to eat healthier but the problem is my family's pantry is full of junk. I have stomach issues so I really can't eat the stuff we have without getting sick. My doctor said that I need to eat either gluten free or dairy free. So if you recommend any dairy free or gluten free foods that'd be great. Thanks! PS... I really do not like meat..
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Xylina Xylina | 2 days ago
Some nice, easy gluten and dairy free things to eat at home. Beans are gluten free - I'd get the dried beans, soak, and see if they can be cooked that way. Use pure spices and not spice mixtures. Eat with rice, or have your mom buy a bag of corn masa - it's usually in the baking section with flour, or in the Mexican foods section. You can make homemade corn tortillas with this very easily, also good with beans and roasted/fried veggies. GF pastas. Lots of rice dishes with veggies cooked with just chopped garlic, GF soy sauce, and nothing else is good - asparagus, bok choy, some good stuff. plain nuts and seeds are GF. popcorn that you pop yourself - gluten free - this can be done in the microwave, even if you don't have a popcorn popper. you can look up how on the web. You can have it with oil and salt if you are trying dairy free. pecans with a little honey or apples with a little honey chex cereal - almost all of them are gluten free, if not all. It will say on the package. good with almond or soy milk if you are dairy free - some of these are gluten free, too. However, re: going gluten or dairy free. If you try one and that doesn't work, I would honestly then move on to trying BOTH. Then if that works, drop the first one tried and see how that goes. The reason is this: many people with gluten intolerance have damage in the intestines in the area that makes lactase to digest lactose. So many of us are gluten AND lactose intolerant at first. We can often have dairy again once we have healed, after a few months. So making sure some of your trial includes both of these is a good idea. :-)
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Xylina Originally Answered: What are some good things to eat in the morning to wake up, thats healthy?
Eat food with protein. Protein will raise your blood sugar evenly.. and it helps raise your metabolism. Caffeine/energy/sugary drinks seem like they would help wake you up, but you'll eventually crash and feel wicked tired, so try to avoid those. Try eating a yogurt, eggs, cheese, maybe peanut butter on a banana.
Xylina Originally Answered: What are some good things to eat in the morning to wake up, thats healthy?
a tumbler of water first issue. some form of total grain, I made some bircher form muesli the different day. And an apple. includes greater awakeners than 2 coffees. pass a golden scrumptious. Then a banana. you will fly with the aid of till finally lunch!!

Shaylyn Shaylyn
I'm doing the same thing. Breakfast Food: Banana (once or twice a week) Or some Fiber One cereal. Preferably not chocolate. Breakfast Drink: Orange Juice (Calcium lowers belly fat!) or 1 cup of milk, or maybe even a Stonyfield Super Smoothie. Lunch Food: A nice good salad would be recommended. Preferably a veggie salad (no fruits) or a Turkey sandwich. Nice and lean. Lunch Drink: You can handle water, im sure, but if you want, maybe an artificial fruit drink won't hurt. Dinner Food: (I'm sorry but you need meat) Lean Chicken, fat cut off, some corn, or turkey breast. Dinner Drink: Sorry, back to basic water! REMEMBER: Low on cheese and Carbs! (Bread, Rice, etc...)
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Patricia Patricia
Breakfast: attempt to have a great number of nutrition and fibers and culmination. consume Cheerios, Raison Bran, complete, or something of that form. Oatmeal is likewise stable. And as quickly as a week, in case you like warm breakfasts, you will have like a 2 egg omelet with a team of greens with a small slice of bread. Dinner: attempt to go a million/2-vegatarian. consume small parts of meats basically thrice a week. consume a great number of greens and stay far off from the bread and potatoes. additionally, you're able to desire to consume a minimum of four-6 cases using fact eating 3 vast foodstuff isn't stable for you. attempt making your foodstuff smaller and function 2 snacks like culmination or perhaps those one hundred calorie packs.
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Patricia Originally Answered: What are some good things to eat?
You need to make sure you eat pulses at least three times a week and fruits and vegetables everyday. Have a fruit for breakfast and a vegetable/pulses for lunch and dinner. Make sure you include all vegetables,pulses,lentils and beans(kidney beans,chickpeas,black eyed peas,green peas and many more) Don't eat mock meat and soybean as mock meat contains sodium and soybean is bad for health( http://rheumatic.org/soy.htm ). Mock meat is also soy based so too much soy can be bad for health. Actually even a little soy is bad for health. What's wrong with soy? Soy beans are naturally toxic to humans, but they're harmless when they go through a fermentation process, which is how we get tofu. But soy is being used in more and more things these days. Just look through your cabinet. You'll be surprised. Anyway, most companies aren't putting their soy beans through this process because it takes too much time, and time = money. Instead, they put it through a chemical process, but this rarely gets rid of the soy's toxicity completely. Symptoms of a high soy diet are thyroid problems, breast cancer, and other complications. People get these symptoms because the soy they eat isn't fermented. Mock meat can never be part of a staple diet(food what you eat everyday). You can may be have it once or twice a month. Its a luxury and not a need. You need to consume naturally occurring fruits,vegetables,pulses,nuts and grains. Make something like rice and bread your staple diet. You can have rice with vegetables for lunch and bread(I have Indian bread usually) with pulses for dinner(or you can do it whichever way you like though that's the way I do it). You can have fruits for breakfast besides something else. You will get all vitamins and minerals from fruits,vegetables,pulses and nuts. Also,don't fall for the myth that says vegans/vegetarians need to take multivitamin supplements. Vegans/vegetarians don't need to take supplements as they get all their nutrients from fruits,vegetables and pulses. Supplements are supposed to be taken by people with deficiencies so do not take them unless they have been prescribed to you by a doctor. Here are some recipes: http://www.vegiehead.com/index.html http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/category/... http://www.indianfoodforever.com/indian-breakfast/ http://www.easy-indian-food.com/indian-breakfast-recipes.html http://www.indianfoodrecipes.net/vegetarian-indian-recipes/index.html http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/category/snacks/

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