best Acai berry weight loss products?

best Acai berry weight loss products? Topic: best Acai berry weight loss products?
June 17, 2019 / By Bambi
Question: I have been reading alot of the other questions asked on here and I would like to know what the best, or still good and low cost Acai berry weight loss product is. I would also like to know what would be good to cleanse with this product. I've seen people say that if you take Acai you should also use a cleanse, so help me community I'm ready to lose the weight. Ive gained 100 lbs from my time of pregnancy to now. thats almost 2 years of me being SUPER overweight. I'm also open to good exercise workouts, although it is hard for me, so baby steps please!!
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Xylia Xylia | 1 day ago
As far as I can tell, there are no proven weight loss benefits from the acai berry, juice, or capsules. It does seem to be a great supplement (I take it, but don't sell the stuff!) and is full of anti oxidents, which help prevent damage to your body. But that's what you should take it for, not weight loss or fat burning. The acai berry itself is an amazing thing - has a lot of anti oxidents etc and is really good for you. But there's nothing really to suggest in scientific terms that it helps with weight loss. And there are a lot of scams out there, be careful where you buy it from! I take it, and I think I feel healthier and better. But it's not some type of magic formula, sorry. You can buy it in different forms - juice, capsules, etc. Or as a powder which you can add to other juices or smoothies. You can buy it online, but be careful. Lots of sites selling it have a "free offer" thing, but to get it you have to sign up to a programme which sends you the stuff every month and bills you huge sums of money. Personally, I wouldn't buy from a website which is a company I've never heard of, there are too many scam artists in the business. If you are looking on-line, personally I'd go for a company which sells more than just one thing, and has a range of supplements or juices, they are more likely to be in it for the long term and not ripping you off. You can also buy it in local health food shops, do a search for ones near you. I've bought it from Amazon, and from Holland and Barrett, which is a UK health food shop.
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Xylia Originally Answered: Acai berry products.?
They do not work. Please do not waste your money. The $1 shipping fee can end up $100, many people have had to cancel their credit cards to stop money being debited. There are more antioxidants and nutrients in blueberries, black grapes and black cherry juices. antioxidants are beneficial but do not aid weight loss. There are no magical berries from the Brazilian rainforest that cure obesity. Claims are unproven, evidence is anecdotal. Oprah Winfrey, Mehmet Oz, and Rachael Ray have all publicly disassociated themselves from the açai sites that make unauthorized use their names. The diet 'bloggers' are just a mirage, their weight loss is courtesy of Photoshop Iff you don't believe me just type in acai and scam/

Shayla Shayla
I think they're all gimmicks. A couple of years ago it was the pomegranate that was the new miracle fruit. I think that the diet industry finds something exotic seeming and makes claims (some of which might be based of fact) and try and sell it. Just look at one of your answers, it claims that the acai product they used miraculously helped them lose weight, as do the other ads. I lost my baby weight simply by eating what I want, when I want. I eat after seven, even after ten some evenings. I don't care about calories or carbs. I eat what I like and don't deny myself of anything. Sixteen months after the birth of my daughter, I weigh about 15 pounds less than what I did when she was conceived. I also breastfeed, which might contribute, but I figure those extra 500 calories burned go straight to her, even with all of the baby and table food she eats. However, I do eat whole, real foods. I try to avoid enriched flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and anything that looks fake. This isn't a diet for me. I became vegan as part of my faith. I began eating whole, real foods because God created me whole and real and I was looking into and reading what is and isn't in conventional foods and I didn't want to eat anymore of that. The health benefits of not eating animals and animal products is just a nice bonus. I thought the health benefits of eating whole, real foods would be good and it is. ETA: When we were at Whole Foods last week I did see some frozen acai berries with the other frozen fruit, but it really didn't register to look at it. I was trying to keep our daughter occupied and it was late and I was focused on getting what we needed (strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and blueberries) to look at it. Besides, I think all fruit is equally great and healthy. Yes, the darker ones might have more good stuff in it, but in the course of a day, I likely will have an apple, a banana and some of the aforementioned frozen fruit (I eat it before bed while I'm nursing my daughter) in addition to several veggies during the day.
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Patience Patience
Those are marketing gimmicks, don't waste your money on them. (trust me you'll be sorry when you order) To lose that much weight, you need to put in a little effort, and that means improving your diet and trying to get some exercise. When you eat 5-6 smaller meals a day that are healthy (lean meats, fruits, veggies) then you will get back to your normal weight. 70% of your Weight loss (or weight gain) will be because of what you eat. If you need more detailed information on what i'm talking about check out this book: http://www.dietspy.com/simple-weight-los...
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Margery Margery
monavie...it is a juice drink you can buy...you take a shot glass of it every morning...it has TONS of antioxidants in it...the main fruit is acai berry...the most i have seen in any product...however it is expensive...i drink it....it comes as a wine bottle ...4 bottles per case...cost about 200 a case...but like i said...it is loaded in it...i dont use it for the weight loss affect..i use it for the nutritional benefits and antioxidants.
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Kitti Kitti
I've lost 5 kilos in my first week. It's my 10th day and I have included salad with some protein (eg. egg/ lean chicken) as you suggested. After 4 years of trying, the fat is finally coming off. It truly feels like magic! Get started today!
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Kitti Originally Answered: Is there any diet pills out there that help you LOSE WEIGHT FAST! Ive heard that Acai Berry products are good?
I understand that you want to turn to weight loss pills to lose weight. Now that Ephedra is gone, this is almost never the best solution. I will tell you of two supplements that I recommend to help with weight loss, but you also have to eat healthy and exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Here are the two products: 1) Extreme Acai, which you can pick up a free trial at the source link below. 2) Biotest Hot-Rox Extreme, which you can purchase at the source link below. Once you get these two products, you should follow some of the other links on http://www.projectswole.com to find a sensible diet and a moderate exercise plan. Try to eat fewer carbs at night, and fewer calories over all if you think you can't lose weight. Give it 1 month and you should be able to lose 15-20 lbs easy. Why Use Acai Berry? As far as the acai berry assisting with fat loss, acai can be a great weight loss aid. The berry’s natural concoction of essential fatty acids, fiber, phytosterols and amino acids work together to help your body burn fat more efficiently, process food more quickly and shed the unwanted pounds that you’d like to lose. The fatty acids and amino acids aid in both muscle development and proper digestion, both of which are essential to fat loss. The fiber helps your body to move food out of your system quicker and also to help you feel full, as do fatty acids. Phytosterols help fortify your digestive tract, moving waste materials out and absorbing nutrients more efficiently. I wouldn't say that acai berries or Biotest Hot-Rox Extreme are the magic weight loss pill, but I would say that acai could be an important ingredient in your vitamin / supplement / weight loss arsenal, and Hot-Rox will definitely curb your appetite and give you extra energy. I use, love, and recommend them both.

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