Is a 1000 calorie diet ok for me?

Is a 1000 calorie diet ok for me? Topic: Is a 1000 calorie diet ok for me?
October 23, 2019 / By Balthazar
Question: I want to start a 1000 calorie diet im short 4"11 an Im not very active throughout the day so is 1000 ok will i lose weight on it as people say its abit too low but as im short can it be healthy for me?
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Xara Xara | 10 days ago
it depends on how much u weigh right now, if you are trying to lose you need to burn more calories than u consume, and it is very easy to burn 1000 calories in one day so you might need to check with doc on this one.
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Xara Originally Answered: My 1000 Calorie diet, what do you think?
Unfortunately your diet approach is absurd sorry I am being blunt here but I must concede to you it is quite naive to eat under 1200 calories because your literally depriving yourself of essential nutrients and over a prolonged period of time you'll become deficient of vital nutrients pertaining to blood. Also when making a bunch of compromises in your diet your going to suppress your appetite thus your metabolism may decline and your efforts shall be futile. I recommend you to stay within the ideal calorie consumption range of exceeding 1200 calories, what you need to strive for is slightly reducing your calorie consumption by 300-500 calories do not exceed that! Also you must realize that following the 1000 calorie diet can adversely affect your health in terms of energy, mood, sentiments around others etc. over prolonged use of that diet. Furthermore you should implement a healthy diet that consist of foods that are derived naturally(lean proteins, complex carbs,+ fatty acids.) Implementing a healthy diet is crucial and is the essence to your success so refrain from eating extravagantly, also inhibit yourself from eating foods such as delicacies, chocolates,jelly beans, sugary gunk, junk food, chips etc. that contribute to fat accumulation. The foods that I have mentioned you can compromise with vegetables, whole grain snacks, goldfish whole grain crackers, perhaps green tea, etc. Additionally to stimulate the weight loss eat frequent smaller portioned 4-6 meals every 2-3 hours to enhance and stabilize your metabolism! Drink plenty of water to expel wastes from the system more efficiently. In regards to your exercise try to engage in vigorous cardiovascular activities( intervals 30 seconds max 1 min moderate pace) 3-5 times a week to eliminate fat, prior to a strenuous workout eat whole grains, apples, nuts for sustenance and for ample energy for optimum performance. Incorporate rest periods 1-2 days off to recuperate and soothe the muscles, after the workout as well as forego stretch to expand muscle fibers. Ensure that your postworkout meal is comprised of proteins+carbs+fat to facilitate the muscle recuperation. I.E soy veggie burger, whole grain bread, nuts= eating sufficiently or use your discretion regarding that consult a doctor before embarking on this prodigious fitness journey! All the best :) please aim for losing 0.5lbs-2.0lbs per week by abiding by logic.
Xara Originally Answered: My 1000 Calorie diet, what do you think?
1000 calories is way too little. Bump it up to 1200 calories. I'm only eating around 1200 calories & I've lost 8 pounds.

Shaye Shaye
Im 5'1 and 101 pounds, but 1000 calories isnt enough, if you reduce the intake of calories that low it actually speeds your normal metabolism down so you could actually gain weight instead of lose for 4'11-5'0 Id stick between 1500-2000 a day minimal
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Pat Pat
For tips on how to lose weight at home without exercising u can refer to dis website http://detoxloseweight.blogspot.com/ and u ll find so many tips for weight lose n detox diets...try them n lose weight easily
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Pat Originally Answered: 1000 calorie diet? please answer !?
I would ask a doctor if exercising on such a low calorie diet would be harmful to yourself. How happy can you possibly be while restricting yourself so much anyway? The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to change habits, such as the amount of junk food, pizza and fast food types that you eat, reduce or eliminate carbonated beverages, etc. If you just drop your intake for two weeks and exercise you really won't see long-term results. Best of luck, and be happy with who you are no matter what.

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