Has anyone tried the Master Cleanse?

Has anyone tried the Master Cleanse? Topic: Has anyone tried the Master Cleanse?
October 15, 2019 / By Ballinderry
Question: I was in India last year and my digestive system has been out of wack ever since. I don't have a parasite or infection or anything. I am hoping that doing a cleanse will let my body get back on track. If you have ever done the Master Cleans and have any information I would appreciate it!
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Wynonna Wynonna | 8 days ago
I do the master cleanse a couple of times a year and have been doing so for quite some time now. I get great results! I feel better, more energy, but oddly calm too:) It cleanses your body on the inside just like you do by bathing on the outside. An average adult can have from 5 to 10lbs of fecal matter cemented to the inside of their colon! Don't know why someone said scam! Buy the "master cleanse" book or it could say "lemonade diet" I believe Peter Glickman is the author. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS CLEANSE WITHOUT FIRST PURCHASING AND READING THE BOOK(it is thin so just read it)!!!!! OR AT LEAST THOROUGHLY RESEARCHING IT FROM THE BOOK, ONLINE IF YOU CAN!!!!! If you choose to fast after about 3 days the desire to chew should go away and other ppls food will start to be tolerable instead of torture:) when u feel hungry DRINK DRINK DRINK the lemonade! YOU MUST have at least some sort of bowel movement AT LEAST ONCE A DAY! LOTS of WATER! and IF you do choose to fast be very careful coming off of the fast so as not to shock your digestive system!!! There is a specific way to come off and the book explains in detail about reintroducing your digestive system to digesting by taking in orange juice in a particular manner for the last few days you choose to be fasting... This lemonade concoction is 100% grade B maple syrup, REAL lemon or lime juice, cayenne pepper...to make 1 gallon use 13oz special maple syrup, 13oz of lemon or lime juice and a 1/2 tsp of the cayenne pepper...I hate DRINKING the cayenne so I buy the capsule form, CAYENNE FRUIT, from the vitamin section in wal-mart. I and I mean MYSELF takes what leaves my bottom cool instead of HOTTTTT! Like about 2 capsules 3 times a day. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FAST drinking this lemonade regularly is good for you...so says the book. However, if you are doing this as a true "master cleanse" then if I were you I would simply fast it is most effective that way. I've had my brother, husband and others do it and succeed! My brother was the BIGGEST skeptic and now he's the promoter of master cleanse among his friends! Try, enjoy your experience washing from the inside out!
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Wynonna Originally Answered: Lemon Cleanse aka The Master Cleanse.?
I'm in the middle of the MC right now! I'm on day 4, and it's going very smoothly! I am taking it day by day, no pressure. I have not decided how many days I will do. I figure I'll continue as long as I feel my body and mind detoxifying, and then I'll stop when I'm ready. One of the toxic habits I am trying to unlearn is being too focused on work! I want to make this about treating myself gently and listening to my body, and not about working at it and how many days I last, and the calories/pounds/body fat percentage and so forth. The first day was Wednesday, which is my day off. I had eaten very lightly the day before, and pretty lightly the day before that. I actually had the lemonade for dinner Tuesday night. So I eased in a bit, though I didn't go so far as to have nothing but juices and broths for three days like the book recommends. I hadn't really decided I would do it until Tuesday. So my ease-in process was not quite as long as the booklet recommends, but it seems to have been a gentle enough transition. I drank the tea before bed. I've been proceeding as the booklet recommends ever since. I'm glad I eased in on Tuesday, and I'm glad I started the MC on Wednesday, my day off! I was surprisingly tired the first day, taking two short naps during the day. (I was also just generally tired and overworked; I might have needed two naps regardless!) I did it once before, intending to do 10 days, but I only completed 5 that time because the side effects for me outweighed the benefits that time. I got really emotional the last time. This time, I feel calm and peaceful and strong. It's a completely different experience! I wasn't vegan the first time I did it, and I am vegan now. This may have been one of the factors that made it really different. I also was in a very different place energetically then, if that makes sense. As others have said, definitely think about your reasons for wanting to do a cleanse. It is not intended as a weight loss diet, though many people do lose weight when they do it. I work around food. I am a cook! At the restaurant on weekends, I don't have to taste as often as I do when I work on my own as a personal chef during the week. What I've been doing is when I need to adjust seasoning, I put a morsel on my tongue to taste for seasoning, then spit it out and rinse my mouth. It's almost like you might do at a wine tasting. I was worried about waste (I am a compulsive saver) but I have done a good job of keeping the morsels tiny and wasting extremely little. What's interesting is what tempts me most changes day by day. Wednesday, I had the day off so there were no significant temptations. I didn't have to look at or think about food all day! While I love cooking more than almost anything else, it is refreshing to take a break. On Thursday, chocolate was tempting for about a minute, but then the temptation subsided. After that, I craved lettuce. Friday, it was baba ghanouj. Today, only grapes and bananas have been tempting. So interesting! I didn't work out Wednesday or Thursday, other than walking a few miles, but I was back to the gym yesterday (Friday) and it was great! Everyone's experience on the MC is different, and every time you do it it is different too! In fact, every day can be different. I urge you to take it one day at a time. I hope you choose well for your own body, and listen to its wants and needs as you go along. :)
Wynonna Originally Answered: Lemon Cleanse aka The Master Cleanse.?
I've done the MC twice - once 10 days and once for 19 days. My recommendation for or against it depends on why the person wants to do it, which you didn't mention. If its just for weight loss, I don't recommend it. I think it should only be used for serious detoxification. It is necessary to follow the procedure to the letter. I can't emphasize that enough. Any little variation can make the cleanse much harder and compromise the results. Some websites claim to be giving instructions for the MC but don't have those instructions exactly right, and its critical that you follow the original instructions. I recommend getting Stanley Burroughs' (the original creator of the MC) booklet so you have the original instructions. In response to another poster, of course long periods without food can cause malnourishment. But it is not possible to become malnourished from 10 days of the MC, nor 20 days, or even a month. It is not advised to do the MC for much longer than that. People have done it for 40 days without negative effects. My first one was difficult because I was working around food, my second was easy because I wasn't around food at all. I actually wanted to go longer than 19 days, but I had to stop for an impromptu road trip. Be prepared for detox symptoms - they are what cause most people to quit or fail at the cleanse. Be sure to drink water in addition to your 6-12 lemonades per day. And ease off the cleanse slowly, following the instructions carefully for that as well. I'll be happy to answer any other specific questions you have.

Shawnee Shawnee
The original Master Cleanse incorporates a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup (grade B) and cayenne pepper that is consumed throughout the day and is a source of calories, vitamins and minerals, unlike fasting. The Master Cleanse is ideal for anyone who is not diabetic and can safely cleanse for at least three to seven days. The ideal duration of a cleanse is one to three weeks. As with any program of caloric restriction, I strongly recommend that you consult with your health care professional before going on any extended fast or cleanse.
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Paris Paris
Master Cleanse = Master Scam: http://www.everydayhealth.com/blog/zimney-health-and-medical-news-you-can-use/master-cleanse-diet-master-scam/ In fact all body cleanses are scams. They don't work.
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Paris Originally Answered: I want to go on the master cleanse?
Babydoll wrote a book. I wonder if even SHE read what she put down. If you're doing the Master Cleanse, you're going to starve your body by not eating food. The body is a miraculous machine that automatically cleans itself all the time. When you drink water and eat fiber, your body rids itself of wastes naturally. When you go on the Cleanse, you're going to be thinking about eating food all the time, and your mind is going to get sluggish, and you'll be weak. I bet school will suffer. The whole reason it works: People don't drink enough water in their day-to-day lives. If you drink more water and avoid fast food, you'll be a lot healthier for it. Try that first, before you kill your metabolism.

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