My kitty Tomy was just diagnosed with Chronic Renal Disease he is 13 yrs old, what to feed him?

My kitty Tomy was just diagnosed with Chronic Renal Disease he is 13 yrs old, what to feed him? Topic: My kitty Tomy was just diagnosed with Chronic Renal Disease he is 13 yrs old, what to feed him?
October 15, 2019 / By Ballinamore
Question: As I said in the question, my boy best companion of all time has CRD. I am so stressed and sad over this he is becoming very picky with his food and he lost so much weight. My question is what is the best cat food to feed him, I already know low protein and phosphorus but if he does not enjoy the veterinary food is there any other high quality food that would be ok to feed him such as Wellness or Merrick even though the min protein is 10 %? Thank you for your time :-) Also to clarify, he is still well enough to keep going and hoping to have him with me for a few more years. I have taken him to the vet and the vet advised medicated food or very low protein and phosphorus as well as his meds. I would appreciate advice from people who have cats love cats and have dealt with this situation. And no putting him down is not an option right now and is the last thing on my mind. Thank you smoozie :-)
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Wynne Wynne | 7 days ago
This website has great info FYI: http://www.felinecrf.org/ I would also suggest trying Hill's K/D. Generally I prefer Medi-Cal due to ingredients but as a veterinary staff member I have found that the K/D canned is the most likely to be accepted by a cat diagnosed with renal disease. I don't know what it is. I am guessing the consistency may have something to do with it because as you will see since you have tried the other kidney diets, the K/D has a very different look/feel. I would try not to feed dry if at all possible. Although it's very important to try and reduce the amount of protein and phos that your kitty ingests, it's more important that he eats a consistent amount every day to maintain his weight, immune system, and energy level and so a few other answers have been correct, you can try offering him a selection of canned foods (Wellness, Royal Canin, Natural Balance are good) as well as his "kidney food" to help keep his appetite up. Hopefully after you try the K/D you wont have to worry so much though :) 'm not sure which medications he is on but you could ask your vet about the phos binder called Epakitin that you add to every meal he has. This actually binds the phos so that your kitty doesn't metabolize it at all. You can add it to the non-kidney diets! Good luck and don't stress to much. There is only so much you can do right? Enjoy your time with Tomy and try your best to follow your vet's instructions :)
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Shawnda Shawnda
Canned food is the most important thing to feed a cat, especially if they have renal disease. There is no need to restrict protein. Feed a high quality grain free food like wellness or merrick. Other good options are blue wilderness, halo, natural balance, natures variety, taste of the wild, weruva, felidae etc. You may even want to add water to the canned just to make sure hes getting enough. More info here http://www.catinfo.org/#Kidney_Failure Do not get him any more vaccines. They can make his kidney disease progress faster. More info here http://www.catinfo.org/?link=vaccines#Ch...
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Pansy Pansy
My cat is 15 and has some kidney issues. He eats the KD diet dry food, and I buy him some really good quality canned food for twice a day when he eats a little of that. I buy Blue Buffalo, Instinct canned and Wellness Core grain free. He really enjoys these little treats and I read that holistic vets recommend this high quality food for these cats. My cat also receives fluids every 3 to 4 days. We administer them ourselves. He has rebounded quite well with this protocol.
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Maree Maree
There are good prescription diets made especially for cats with kidney disease and you might ask your veterinarian about putting your cat on a prescription diet. The KD diet mentioned by another answerer is a good prescription diet to use for cats with chronic renal disease and is available as canned food as well as dry. I personally I've had good results feeding dry Purina One Urinary Tract Health Formula to cats who've had UTIs and those cats so far haven't had any UTI recurrence. I've also feed Purina One Urinary Tract Health Formula to elderly cats with age related chronic renal disease and kidney failure. If I want the cat to take in more water, I soak the dry food in hot water because hot water soaks the food faster and more thoroughly than cold water does. By the time the food is thoroughly soaked, it will be still warm but not hot. I then feed it to the cat. If the cat won't eat, a common problem in cats when their kidney disease worsens, I try mixing some of the soaked food with canned food the cat really likes. As the cat declines, it usually becomes a situation of feeding the cat whatever canned cat food he or she likes, just to get the cat to eat something. I also usually add a little warm water to canned food and make it like a thick soup to make it easy for the cat to eat it and also to get more water into the cat If your cat develops mouth ulcers or has problems with nausea and vomiting, your vet can either give you medications to help your cat with these problems or advise you of safe OTC human medications and safe dosage of those medications to help these problems. At some point in time, you probably will have to administer subcutaneous Lactated Ringers fluid solution to your cat .to keep him comfortable and adequately hydrated, as a previous ansswerer mentioned having to do for their elderly cat with renal disease. Administering subcutaneous fluid to a cat is easy to do. Your vet can tell you which Lactated Ringers formula to use with your cat, how to check your cat for dehydration, how much fluid to administer at a time, and show you how to administer the fluids. You can either buy bags of Lactated Ringers fluids from your vet or from reputable online animal health suppliers such a Foster & Smith or Revival. I've had many cats over the years who have lived into their teens or longer and most of them eventually developed and died from age related chronic renal disease and kidney failure. Although I've not seen any statistics, it wouldn't surprise me at all for chronic renal disease and kidney failure to be the most common cause of death of elderly cats.
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Kirstine Kirstine
I know I am not a cat expert, but I think it's time to put tommy down. He's in pain and he needs relief. Call the vet and ask about food if you don't to.
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