Joint Pain in dogs?

Joint Pain in dogs? Topic: Joint Pain in dogs?
October 20, 2019 / By Baily
Question: I have a large German Shepard. She has stiff and sore joints. I read that you can give them Glucosamine for it. I have joint pain. I take Glucosamine Chondroitin for it (500mg/400mg). Is this something I could give to my dog?
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Winter Winter | 4 days ago
I'm sure you could grind up an aspirin and put it in your dog's food...that might help. You could also put your dog on a diet.
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Winter Originally Answered: how to help dogs with joint pain?
I have 5 dogs...3 are getting older.... For the last few years I have given them a Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM "Joint Complex" made by Swiss Herbal - available over the counter at the drug store. I cannot believe that you are having such a hard time finding it. I use the human version...it's still all natural so you don't have to find a "dog specific" one. My beagle (who is turning 13) was also having some arthritic pains. When it seemed bad, I used the 81 mg Aspirin that people use to thin their blood. Both these treatments were okay'ed by my vet before I started. After a few month of the Glu/Cho/MSM, she no longer needed the Aspirin at all. I wish you luck! If you want dosage details, e-mail me with the breed/weight of your dog and I'll try to help. Up here in Canada a bottle of the "Joint Complex" sells for about $20 and you get 120 pills.

Shauna Shauna
Absolutely!! My dog was diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia at a young age and I have been treating him on and off since, when his joint discomfort gets bad. You can give him the same stuff you get at a grocery store for your dog, but you will have to consult with your vet on the amount. However, there are pills or treats that have the Glucosamine in it that is specialized for pets,so I would recommend that more. You can also talk with your vet and get a prescription for Rymadil for you pet, it is great! I give this to my dog only when the pain gets really bad, it is a pain killer for dogs associated with joint pain. And then I give my pet a daily dose of Glucosamine in a pet treat form called Synovi-G3. You can also buy a few different brands of dog food that have the glucosamine in it! If you can't make it to your vet right away, call them and see if you can give her a baby aspirin, I believe aspirin is one of the only safe human pain killers you can give a pet! Also, one way to help is to keep your pets weight down. The more weight they have pressing on their joints, the worse it will get!! Overall, I would just go see your vet. They will give you the best plan to follow to ease your dogs pain based on the severity of it!! Good luck!!
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Pamelia Pamelia
There are many dog nutrition supplements available that contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin. They're available at all pet supply stores and catalogs. They will help your dog feel more comfortable. Also, next time you're at the vet, have him check your dog's hips and patellas to make sure she doesn't have anything more serious. Good luck.
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Marcie Marcie
Go to Wall Mart in the pet isle you will find these treats made by Olroy they are shaped like hearts, they have glucosamine and condroitin in them, been giving them to my now 14 year old lab for about three years now and there is a noticeable difference, he gets 4 a day and the beagle just for good measure gets one too! They look forward to getting their treats after their first trip outside with mommy
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Kirsti Kirsti
WARNING--people are giving you advice to give your dog aspirin. Most dogs can only handle a very limited quantity otherwise it kills them. Do not make a habit of giving your dog aspirin w/o discuss dosage with your vet. We are a pet store and we sell the supplements you need as would most every other pet store.
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Kirsti Originally Answered: Im only 23 and my joint pain is unbearable! Help? I've tried joint juice.?
Ha! I had this too. The joint juice has sulfides in it. If your are allergic to sulfides, you will get joint swelling, and joint pain. Sulfides appear in the following: red wine dried apricots red food dyes and cough syrups We discovered my sulfide allergy after I got a prescription of MOBIC, a big gun anti-inflammatory. The pain was amazing, because it has sulfur compounds in it. Sulfur also appears in the OTC Alleve. Special note: You can develop a sulfur allergy, esp it you have been treated several times for UIT's

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