good diet for 13 year old teenage girl?

good diet for 13 year old teenage girl? Topic: good diet for 13 year old teenage girl?
June 18, 2019 / By Baalzebub
Question: Hello! i really want to loose wait because my dream is to be a cheerleader and to make it easier to jump and flip i have to loose weight! i am 13, 5'4, and i way 147pounds. I have an addiction to sandwitches if that helps:)! any healthy diet would be GREAT!!! thank you for your advice! and please no mean comments or *insert mean comment here joke's please!! thanks alot (>O<) o and i love jolly rancher's, arizona tea and i eat 3 sanwitches a day its bad and embaressing thanka for your help and advice
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Wilma Wilma | 9 days ago
The healthiest diet for your age, i'd say, is to become a vegetarian. But here are some tips. -Refrain from eating junk food, fatty foods, or foods high in calories. -Do NOT eat while watching television, on your phone, or on the computer. This will take your focus away from eating, therefore causing you to eat more without realizing it, all the while adding on extra calories. -Drink a cup of hot green tea after a meal at-least once a day. Do not add sugar, instead add honey or lemon. Green Tea is great for weight loss and boosts your metabolism, along with many other health benefits. -Stay away from fried foods. Try broiled or boiled foods instead. -Make extra small movements a day, i.e. tapping your feet, while inactive. Doing this burns calories using a minimum amount of energy that will eventually add up in the long run. -Take a morning jog every day, this will give you energy for the rest of the day and boost your metabolism. -NEVER skip breakfast! It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy to continue through out the day. -Do not skip meals. Instead, eat smaller meals. -Eat a large breakfast, medium-sized meal, and small dinner. -Try to snack on healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, dry cheerios, oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, etc. Do not turn to junk foods under any conditions. -Make sure when exercising, you do not do the same exercises for more than a week straight. This diminishes the effect. Try adding in new exercises, this will give your body a challenge, therefore making it work harder. -Make sure you're getting a good amount of protein each day (which is found in meat). If you are a vegetarian, try alternatives such as beans and nuts. -Eat until you are no longer hungry anymore. -Craving junk food? Tell yourself you will eat some of it in xx minutes. When xx minutes passes, continue to put off the cravings until they are no longer there. -Drink Ice water. This boosts your metabolism and makes you feel full. -Make sure you're getting a good amount of fiber in your diet: fiber keeps you regular. -When exercising, do not take large breaks. This decreases the effect of your workout. Try to aim for 30 second to 1 minute breaks. -Do not over-exercise yourself. -Do yoga at-least 3 times a week. -Stretch before working out. -Invest in an exercise ball. -Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Stay away from sugary juices and sodas: try waters, flavored waters, coconut milk/water, and 100% fruit juices. Good luck.
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Wilma Originally Answered: Whats a good meal/diet/exercise plan for a teenage girl?
I am seventeen and have gone through major phases of "diets". The best thing for you is not to count calories and restrict yourself, but to eat clean and exercise. Losing weight it 80% what you put into your body and 20% how you exercise. If you want to lose weight the healthy way and stay off, you have to make lifestyle changes. Look into getting a Fitblr. Create a tumblr account and add for-me-not-them and check it out. or just go to for-me-not-them.tumblr.com and look at it. It is motivational and healthy.

Sharon Sharon
Hmm... You should stay away from all junk food and any stuff that has unnecessary amounts of sugar and calories and stuff. Stay away from any kind of junk food. Only eat when you are actually hungry. Eat four small meals or even five a day. Do not skip meals. Drink lots of water. Milk contains fat, and juice has added sugar. No fried food, or microwave food. You should make sure you eat fruit vegetables and the right amount of meat. Meat has necessary protein. You should work out to lose weight. I find push ups hard so I usually use weights. I can lift them 10 times every 15 minutes and easily lift them over 150 times without feeling to tired. Crunches and squats are good too. If you do work out make sure to stretch before and after working out~ Stretching is very important. Working small amounts at repeating intervals will raise your metabolism and keep it raised up so it's easier to not put on weight. Also, even stuff like breakfast cereal has sugar in it. Make sure you have a good cereal with a good amount of vitamins and love sugar content. Make sure you stick to what your doing and get off track. Don't think, 'Oh, just one won't hurt.' That will distract you and you can be tempted to eat more than you need to. Make sure you keep to the same routine.
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Paige Paige
I am 14 and doing this diet with my mom and on this diet I loose about 8-9 pounds a week and thats pretty good. So if you want to do it you should do it untill you get to your goal weight and then about 5 pound over that..... You can only drink water, crystal light, and about one diet soda every 2 days. You can only eat Meat (no prosessed), Eggs, Cheese, Mayo, Pork Rins, But you DO NOT want any cards. This diet you starve your body from sugar so its running off fat but once you cheat for a day or somthing and go over your carb max and have sugar your body stalks up on the sugar and you will gain. If you have to have card the max is about 10 a day. Its really hard at first but after a while of this diet you hardly get hungrey anymore. But if you go off your diet for like one day you should expect to gain like 5 pounds back. With this diet you can eat as much of that food as you want just no carbs. It would also be good to maybe take a mile walk every other day would be good. Hope I can help and if you need any more info on this diet and you wanna do it just let me know ill be happy to share.
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Mandy Mandy
Don't starve yourself. Starving makes you want to eat more aas you get hungry. Eat wholemeal stuff. In the morning - eat oatmeal Lunch - eat something like sandwiches with more vegetables, and make sure the sandwiches dont have too much calories. Dinner - eat vegetables, and if you have rice, try not eating it, only eat vegetables. When eating out- Ask for more vegetables, less oil, less gravy. And it is important to excercise. Download the free cardio app on the iphone. Helps alot. Loose like 2.5kg on the second day. :)
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Kimmy Kimmy
ummm im a guy but i was told for sports to eat breakfast like a king (lots of carbs and fats) lunch like a prince ( carbs and protein) and supper like a pauper (almost no carbs and lots of proteins and nutrients) basicly the idea is you exercise alot throughout the day so you need carbs, so eat ur sandwiches if thats what you like ;) and then for supper dont eat carbs but eat all of your vegeis and some meat so your body can repair itself... it only works if your already exercising alot but i think you get the drift also stretch. and anyone can flip all it takes is 50% believing you can and 50% knowing how to use your body both of witch you can get from learning to do it on a trampoline, good luck
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Janetta Janetta
Reduce the carb consumption for dinner. Have 1 / 4 cup rice with greens, no meat. Additionally, drink four cups of inexperienced tea for the period of the day, esp in case you consider hungry in a while at night time.
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Essa Essa
swap out brown rice or quinoa yes even the new super food which both add up to about 220 calories per cup for cauliflower or roasted peppers that are only about 30 calories per cup
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Claramay Claramay
a handful of unsalted pumpkin seeds make for a healthy mid day snack theyre rich in magnesium which helps lower blood pressure
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Claramay Originally Answered: Good diet plans for a 13 year old girl?
You can do this easily if you just work hard. The media and the internet make dieting seem likes its complicated, when its really simple, just burn more calories than you consume. If you normally eat 2000 calories, eat 1500 a week. Every 3500 calories you lose, its a pound of fat. Also eat frequently to boost your metabolism, getting mostly protein. Tips: Lots of protein from meats or shakes. Carbs mostly in the day time, not too much at night No sugar whatsoever; not candy, not soda, not ice cream, this stuff is the worst for weight loss! Exercise frequently. Try to get in an hour a day of something, whether walking or running or lifting. Dont lose motivation. Whenever you start feeling weak, picture yourself and how you want to look, that image will motivate you again to stick with it. Good luck!

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