How often supposed to poop?

How often supposed to poop? Topic: How often supposed to poop?
October 20, 2019 / By Azaziah
Question: I eat very little but a wide variety of HEALTHY foods so I get some of everyhting you need... but I go 1 or 2x a week. Always a little constipated even with much water and fiberous foods. Long time problem.. I'm worried.
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Whitney Whitney | 4 days ago
1) Forget the non-sense replies with dramatic scenarios. 2) Defecating every day, every second day or every third day is absolutely normal. There is nothing to worry about. Less than two times a week is too rare, though. 3) The frequence mostly depends on the volume you eat, but there is an individual component, too. 4) The amount of drinking does NOT matter for how soft the feces are. However, drinking much is recommend for general health and kidney function anyway! 5) The softness of the feces is mainly influenced by the content of fibers. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and other food rich in fibers (cereals, nuts, whole grains) your constipation problems will alleviate itself. Select food you really like and try to eat a little more than you you now. 6) I do not recommend to take any medicines or remedies against constipation if not urgent issues occur. Try to increase your fiber amount and wait. 7) If you are significantly under-weight, try to enjoy food. Select chocolates, nuts, crackers, fruits and all other food you really like and enjoy life! Be happy to not have to worry about weight. Being slim is anyway better than being over-weight.
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Sharla Sharla
hmm. .. i heard if it is once every three days it's fine,,,, but once every other day is good... and once every day is better. you should talk to your docter about this... once a week means there's a lot of build up in your intestines. look it up online about ways to correct this
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Ornat Ornat
Supposedly, a healthy person would be able to poop once a day, (I think it is surveyed that 60+% of the people in some country poops every morning) because food takes about less than half a day to go through the entire gastrointesinal tract, moreover, the food you eat heavily affects rate of digestion. You should seek a nutritionist (not a dietician) for this.
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Malinda Malinda
At least, 1 time a day, at most is 2 for a healthy person. Once or twice a week is a little low... Try to eat a lot of bananas. That helps your bowel movements. It anything else is wrong, you're going to have to go to a doctor. I'm sure they can tell you what is happening with your digestive system or if there's anything you need in your diet.
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Kimberleigh Kimberleigh
You are supposed to poop 1x a day to be a "healthy" person. But, if you are staying constipated it probably is because you are eating too little and you don't have enough food in your system to be able to digest and release from your body. And if you eat a lot of cheeses or milk products then that will cause you to stay constipated. But, my mom told me that if you don't eat very much then how are you supposed to poop very much. I wouldn't be too worried about it.
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