How to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.?

How to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.? Topic: How to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.?
October 20, 2019 / By Azazel
Question: Everytime i try to start a diet and exercise plan i always end up stopping after about a day. Any way to maintain one. I cant throw out all the junk food because im 15 and my parents will get pissed if i randomly throw out foods. Any advidce? THanks!
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Wenonah Wenonah | 3 days ago
Before you start any exercise plan and diet program, I would contact your primary care doctor and have your doctor examine you first to see if you really need to lose weight. This is just to be on the safe side and then your parents won't be upset if you get your doctor's approval.
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Wenonah Originally Answered: Can only eating white meats(chicken,turkey) help reduce weight/maintain a healthy diet?
Hi, I am always impressed that there is oftentimes some good advice and good links from people helping others through Yahoo_Answers. After reading your question I saw you were interested in optimizing your nutrition [(-:] so even though I may not be able to answer your question exactly as you may have wanted it answered, I thought I would take the time to pass on some pointers I have learned the hard way from my own bad 'uninformed' choices, so you could learn about good advice and bad advice about good nutritional choices. After having many bad health problems from listening to people who knew very little about the consequences of choosing LOW nutritional statistics, I really-really encourage you to learn from good nutritionists what to eat for a life time. [See below] My best to you and to your future health, A1 Source(s): I have learned what I now know after my own lengthy research efforts to improve my health - after ‘FINALLY’ listening to unbiased researching nutritionists. I have shared extensively concerning the most critical nutritional statistics that are common to us all at: <> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap_lYDPwvxx8oDPWF1qoSd_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091005174358AAgZawf <> Also, after all my previous health problems due to following a-lot of bad advice, I can now understand the frustrations of other health researchers in the following quote within “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell pg 1: >>==> “Even though information and opinions are plentiful, very few people truly know what they should be doing to improve their health.” “This isn’t because the research hasn’t been done. It has. But the real science has been buried beneath a clutter of irrelevant or even harmful information – junk science, fad diets and food industry propaganda.” “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell pg 1

Sharise Sharise
Losing weight takes consuming fewer energy than you burn. Keeping a balanced vitamin, that suggests a healthful vitamin that may not damage your frame or make you slow, irritable and unwell .. almost always takes a few activity. Women have got to devour a minimum of 1200 energy or so an afternoon to get all the vitamins and minerals they want and meals for vigour. If you upload activity into the combination, you'll devour extra healthful meals or even splurge every now and then on indulgent meals you revel in.
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Orna Orna
Keep a diet exercise journal. I lost 70 pounds this year by keeping a daily blog and I'd add occasional pictures to show my progress. With some blog software (www.blogger.com) you can even upload your entry from a text message. Stay with it and when you feel results you'll be amazed how great you feel. Good Luck
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Malina Malina
Stuff yourself like a pig with green vegetables. It's cheap, healthy and has little calories. Just don't use oily salad dressings or that will defeat the whole point.
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Kimberlee Kimberlee
When you prioritize your health, the steps to follow through are easy. Make it a priority and focus on an attainable goal. Step by step.
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Kimberlee Originally Answered: Healthy diet and exercise plan please?
135 is definitely in a healthy weight range, and if you have an average build structure, your magic target should be 127 to 131, especially with exercise that strengthens muscles. Binge eating is typically caused by skipping meals. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Ideal weight as a reliable number set, foods based on DASH diet for heart health, and lookup tables and eating tips. You can also review the glycemic index information, proven accurate independently at Duke University and in Australia.: http://www.lipid.org/education/courses/c... Calories burned by exercise is here: http://www.nutristrategy.com/caloriesbur... And at your weight, there should be minimal excess water, so close to 3,500 calories per pound. With an exercise plan and goal of weight loss, estimate 1400 to 1600 calories per day in a variety of food. My guess is that the weight has fluctuated, and you think back to when you were shorter, but now that you are 5'6" tall, your weight should be higher to accommodate. Skim milk is healthy. Egg whites are healthy. Chicken noodle soup as a prepared can or packet is much too high in sodium. Fish and white meat chicken are high quality proteins. Which exercise you do is not as important as the time it is done for. Anything that is growing muscle and bone raises your weight target.

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