how much weight can i add to my 55 gallon aquarium?

how much weight can i add to my 55 gallon aquarium? Topic: how much weight can i add to my 55 gallon aquarium?
October 23, 2019 / By Azarael
Question: i want to add rocks to my 55 gallon aquarium, knowing that certain rocks can weigh quite a bit i don't want to overload my aquarium and have the tank fail. what is the most weight you should add to a 55 gallon aquarium?
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Wendi Wendi | 10 days ago
You would be amazed at how much weight a decent aquarium can hold. I have tanks that are pretty much full of rocks, and none of them have cracked or leaked. One good tip is to put something on the bottom, before you put rocks in, to sort of cushion the rocks so one point of a rock doesn't press down on the glass. Lately, I've been using "light diffuser grid," known to aquarists as "eggcrate." This is a sheet of plastic grid, forming roughly half-inch squares, sold in hardware stores as a sort of lens for long fluorescent ceiling lights. It usually comes in pieces that are four feet by two feet. It's easy to cut to the size of your tank with wire nippers, and you can combine pieces for really big tanks. Put that on the bottom of the tank, and put the rocks on the eggcrate. The most important thing about putting rocks in a tank is that the rocks should rest on the bottom of the tank (or the aforementioned eggcrate or its equivalent), not on gravel or sand, or anything else that can be moved. Fish will dig under rocks if they can, and if they clear away the substrate under a rock and cause it to fall, you can end up with a cracked (or shattered) tank, dead fish, and a flooded room.
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Shaquila Shaquila
Well they wouldnt make the tank not be able to handle the weight of water that is in it, so im sure if you wante to, you can fill the whole thing up with rocks. Being that the more rocks you put in, the more water you have to take out, you should be fine. Think of the saltwater reef tanks that people make with all of the caves. Im not a saltwater person, but rocks are heavy, and they really fill up the tank with all kinds of rock caves. So i can imagine as long as you dont go to overboard you will be fine. Just try to use thin rocks to build your caves, They will displace less water and look very very nice. Or if you use the round rocks stack them so they leave cave looking spaces between them. That also looks very nice and it leaves a place for your fish to hide and maybe even spawn. Just be careful when putting/taking rocks in and out of your tank that you dont hit the glass. Good luck!
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Orlagh Orlagh
I do not think it matters how much it weighs. I have seen tanks filled with rocks. Just remember they displace water. The more rocks the less water.
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