I have heard mixed things about red leaf raspberry tea can you clarify for me?

I have heard mixed things about red leaf raspberry tea can you clarify for me? Topic: I have heard mixed things about red leaf raspberry tea can you clarify for me?
June 18, 2019 / By Azaniah
Question: I was told by one person that it brings on labor but I don't know how but then I was told by another person that it was actually really good for you to drink while pregnant. Again I don't know the reason. Does anyone know the truth? I am 35 weeks tomorrow so I obviously don't want to go into labor just yet....maybe in 2 weeks.
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Wenda Wenda | 9 days ago
"Red raspberry leaf tea helps the uterus contract more effectively. It also helps to enrich mother's milk. Drink no more than 1 cup per day until the last four months of pregnancy. Then drink 1 quart daily." It sounds like it just helps your uterus contract the way it should. I hope this helps.
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Wenda Originally Answered: Have you taken Raspberry leaf tea? If so.?
Hi, I drank it with my first baby from about 34 weeks. My midwife actually told me to start drinking it then (I hadnt heard of it) He was two days overdue but I had a really quick manageable labour (My waters broke at 4.30pm and he was delivered at 9.05pm). I don't know whether the raspberry tea had anything to do with that but I am not chancing fate so I have been drinking it from about 32 weeks with baby no.2. Started with 2 cups a day, now drinking 3. (I'm 37 weeks now). Strangly though this time when I asked my midwife about it (a different one from first time around), she actually said "We are not supposed to recommend you take anything like that anymore". Although she admitted she had done with her own children - confusing or what!!. It didnt do me any harm first time around so I am continuing to drink it.

Shantelle Shantelle
Me too! But hey, I tried it anyways. I've been drinking it for about 2 weeks now (I'm 38 wks / 3 days). About a week and half ago- 2 weeks I went to the e.r. for a toxemia scare and the machine was reading that I was already having small but frequent contractions. Now, who knows if the raspberry tea leaf caused it but I do get them all the time. I also heard that it helps strengthen the muscles for when you do have the baby so it's easier on you and the baby (which is mainly why I decided to start drinking it). I've been drinking it for 2 weeks now. Sometimes 4 cups a day...sometimes 1 and I still haven't gone into labor yet. But last week when I went to the doctors they told me she could come any day now. Hope this helps and good luck!
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Orla Orla
The confusing scoop I always heard about raspberry tea is that it is supposed to be wonderful early in pregnancy to strengthen the uterus but after about the 4 month, you are not supposed to drink it because it will bring on contractions. I have actually seen a warning printed on the label of the tea in my natural health food store. Who knows if it is true or not, but I avoided it later in pregnancy anyway.
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Makkedah Makkedah
It doesn't bring on labor, but it can help you when you start having labor as some people do find it helps with the pain, shortens the second stage of labor, and lessens the need for forcep delivery. It also helps tone and strengthen the uterus which can also aid your recovery. It is also recommended if you are wanting to try a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) as it strengthens the uterus after being cut.
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Kiki Kiki
rasberry tea leaf is aparently suppose to help bring on contractions. its good while breastfeeing to cause it kinda contracts your uterus down to normal size. do i believe it like any other myth...no.
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Kiki Originally Answered: Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture?
I use Thomas Red Raspberry Leaves Syrup which I am assuming would be a weaker solution than a tincture. The directions on my bottle say 1 to 2 teaspoons per 20 pounds daily. I breed small Yorkies. I first learned about it because my daugther is a midwife and uses it in humans. In over 20 years I have never had a C-section and only 1 puppy that died shortly after birth. I have never had it cause premature labor. I have heard that if you use it before pregnancy or during the first week it could cause failure of attachment to the uterine wall since it strengthens these muscles. I begin using it about 3 or 4 weeks before delivery. Edit: I will also add I have never had any problems with milk production and my females recover very quickly and do not have any coat loss. Labors are 2 hours or less from the first contraction to the last (3 puppies) and my females are also 4 pounds. My bottle doesn't show any mg. information. I did some research and only found one entry for using the tincture that included a dosage, but doesn't state how many mg. it contains. Here is the info. I found, from a pet site selling the extract sounds like 1 drop would be more than sufficient and may even be too strong. Red Raspberry Extract 2 oz.(Reference #722G) Used as a basic herbal formula for all female organs - Strengthens the uterine walls & entire female reproductive system. Tones before & after whelping - Will increase milk production and flow - Assists labor, generally making labor pains milder, delivery easier & will help lessen after pains. Should be used throughout the entire gestation period and into the whelping period. Normal dosage 3 drops per 50 lbs of body weight once daily.

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