Healthy food. that tastes nice? 10 points best answer :)?

Healthy food. that tastes nice? 10 points best answer :)? Topic: Healthy food. that tastes nice? 10 points best answer :)?
October 23, 2019 / By Azal
Question: Well basically i'm starting a diet.. but i'm really struggling because i love treating myself :P which of corse is really not helping the diet, so i was wondering if anyone know any healthy foods which also taste like really good, so like chocolate (tasty) but healthy so i can eat it and still loose weight, well thankyou in advance for help and 10 points for best answers :):)
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Wanda Wanda | 8 days ago
I love chocolate too!! I am also on a diet though, so now I eat South Beach Diet Crispy Meal Bars in chocolate. They taste very very good. and are made to substitute a small meal. I usually eat one for lunch with a little fruit.
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Wanda Originally Answered: Why do people think healthy food tastes bad?
Because they've never had healthy food that tastes good. Even a cookie can be made healthy. Healthy does not have to taste like cardboard. I've never made anything healthy that tasted bad. And yes, if you're used to eating ****, anything else will seem bad (ironically). [Edit] And to the person who said fat gives food flavor: Yes, fat adds flavor. But there are many healthy fats- avocado, coconut, flax, sesame, olive oil. All of these are incredibly good for you and you should incorporate them into your dishes more often. Unfortunately, many people only use canola, olive, and vegetable oils because they are cheaper.

Shantel Shantel
No chocolate sweetie.... But I am also on a diet ( Well starting one tomorrow but have been on tons in my 15 years of life) You have to be really strict no junk food, You have to exercise I learned this from my last diet attempt because I lost 37 pounds but then stopped losing it and i learned that you gotta exercise to lose weight it's not just eating healthy! But anyways from my last attempt at losing weight I gave up and gained almost all of the weight back! i still have 14 pounds kept off from when I first started :) But anyways you have to watch how many calories you eat. No more then 1200. at least for me! but tonight I am making this really good casserole and it is delishous but it also healthy.... its called Macaroni & Cheese Casserole. You just have to watch how much you eat.. Like only a medium sized piece with some veggies on the side and that's all you get for dinner and maybe some rice. But here is the recipe for my casserole. You will need: Lean Ground Hamburger Meat. Elbow Macaroni. Stuff to make Cream sauce ( They will usually have the recipe on the back of the Elbow Macaroni box.) A whole packet of you're favorite kind of cheese. What you need to do: 1. Cook the elbow Macaroni, The strain it put it to the side. 2. Cook the hamburger meat ( You can do this while cooking the macaroni also strain the meat) 3. Make you're cream sauce. 4. Get a pan to cook the casserole in 5. Put the meat in the bottom of the pan, Then the macaroni, Then the cream sauce, Then put the whole package of Cheese on the top 6. put it in the oven and let it cook for about 35 minutes or until you think it's done. There you go... Chelly.
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Orianne Orianne
i hear the same thing here around work, but what does you only live once mean when it comes to eatign unhealthy. Ok well the majority of those who eat unhealthy foods tend to be obese. My common response to this mentality, as i am a bodybuilding so therefore i eat incredibly clean, is that how can eating unhealthy justify the "you only live once" saying. Being obese does nothing for you except allow you to eat food that may taste better but at the end of the say you're still full with what to gain? Is sex better when you're fat? NO.. can you play sports with your kids when you're fat? NOT LIKELY.. can you go relax on a beach and feel good about how you look? PROBABLY NOT.. are you a bad influence for your kids? YES.. will you die earlier? YES.. can you take a nice jog with your dog or cycle the moutnains in italy? hell no.. do you get tired walking upstairs to your bed? YES... Seriously in my opinion eating unhealthy does nothing for you except feed your temporary apetite with no benefit whatsoever. Those people in my opinion are simply too weak and ignorant to know what it truly means to live life and live life to its fullest because we do in fact only live once, so why make this short time on earth any shorter and less enjoyable. Food is jut a means of fuel, in fact you wil feel much healthier with a healthier diet instead of being malnourished on crappy nutrient lacking foods... The most successful people in the world are most likely fit and are active in running, cycling, weight training, or even just eat healthy, cooincidence? you tell me! Most lawyers, doctors, successful business men, athletes, etc. People with a brain are generally healthy... look at the obese occupations, tradesmen (not the company owner), bus drivers, janitors, office clerks, etc. somethign about higher positions and healthy awareness... hmmmm. For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDJsO
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Makenzie Makenzie
You can't have your cake and eat it too, unless it's a rice cake. Actually, you have to determine what you think tastes best, but try fruits for the sweet taste and veggies in other cases. An occasional but of sugar cane won't hurt and could salve that sweet tooth.
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Kiersten Kiersten
Sweet Potato Fries - slice sweet potatoes in strips. Toss with organic coconut oil, garlic, and ginger. Bake at 400 for 30-45 minutes, turning once. Delicious healthy snack or side!
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Kiersten Originally Answered: Should we feed Crisps and Chips and Junk food to young children? 10 points 4 best answer! ?
We put on weight due to our eating habits. The main cause of being overweight is due to the consumption of junk food and food rich in calories, fats and carbohydrates. Instead what we should do is eat wholesome, natural foods in five or so small meals a day. The main cause of obesity is junk foods and crisps and chips. It is better to avoid them and much better if we stop feeding them to young ones. They becomes easily addicted to them and later it is heard to change it. Precaution is better than prevention. Crisps and chips consumption in large quantity is not only bad but dangerous to health. They increases weight and overweight leads to myriad health problems. you will be in loss both way - first you will spend money to enjoy them and later to protect your health from the trouble that arises from eating them. Visit the following websites for more information. http://www.bariatricsurgery.tv/ http://www.obesityweightlosssurgery.com/ Thanks

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