How to ease my toddler's constipation?

How to ease my toddler's constipation? Topic: How to ease my toddler's constipation?
June 27, 2019 / By Austin
Question: My son is 23 months old and last night and 2 days ago he had some bad constipation. Last night he was straining bad, i mean to where he would say his stomach hurts and would only want to lay down. Then he'd bounce back up, but it was saddening watching him like that. What can i give him to ease it? Water? Orange juice? Cranberry juice? What?
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Viola Viola | 8 days ago
If the constipation has lasted for a while, it is likely that any kind of fibrous food or juice will help him at this point and you will have to use medicines. I believe Fleet makes a suppository for children that is a liquid form in a pre-lubricated tube. It's probably not going to be his favorite thing to do but you don't want to end up in the hospital because of impacted stool either. Start changing his diet once he does go and add more fruits, veggies, and definitely liquid. Keep a drink near him at all times. Seriously. A lot of times the constipation comes from simply not drinking enough. Remind him to chew thoroughly and if he isn't grasping that, start chopping his food smaller. Seems trivial but you don't want your son to be in pain either.
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Viola Originally Answered: What can I do to ease and cure my 21month old daughters really horrible constipation?
give her some of these: Foods That Help Lubricate Your Intestines: •Apples •Bananas •Pears •Peaches •Apricots •Walnuts •Almonds •Prunes •Beans •Carrots •Spinach •Pine Nuts •Okra •Beets •Flaxseed Oil •Cauliflower •Alfalfa sprouts •Raw Honey •Sesame seed/oil •Whole fresh milk •Seaweed Foods That Help Keep You Regular: •Figs •Peas •Plums •Prunes •Papaya •Cabbage •Coconut •Sweet Potato •Brown Rice •Asparagus •Black Sesame Seed •Bran From Oats & Wheat Foods That Help Relieve Constipation: •Broccoli •Tomato •Turnip •Garlic •Onions •Cabbage •Mung Beans •Radishes •Aduki Beans •Brussels Sprouts •Shiitake Mushrooms •Sunflower Seeds

Shanene Shanene
When my son was around that age he started having issues with constipation and my doctor recommended Fletchers laxative for kids. It works within hours and is safe for kids to use. It has a root beer kind of smell to it and if they don't like the taste you can always put it in a cup of juice. You can buy it at any drug store and it should be down the aisle with all the laxatives, I think it's about $6.00 a bottle but definitely worth it. Just to let you know, if he is constipated try not to give him too many bananas that will only make it worse.
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Opal Opal
Sometimes if he is "plugged up" bad enough all the fruit i the world won't help the already solid stuff already formed that he can't get out. This happens to my 19 month old sometimes and I use a child-sized glycerin suppository. They are small and cheap and work as soon as 30 minutes from when inserted. I think a box of 24 is only a couple of dollars.
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Magnolia Magnolia
If it is truly constipation, try Myralax, you can find it at any store.. White bottle, pinkish cap. There is a line in the cap for the dosage for an adult, give him half or just under half, we used this on our son at around a year, the doctor gave us the ok...it works really well,
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Kestrel Kestrel
Lots of water. You can give him raisins, prunes, apples, popcorn, prune juice. All these things will help him poop naturally. Any fruit has lots of fiber in it. I would have him eat an apple every day.
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Jael Jael
Fruit is good, either orange juice or apple. Also you could try massaging his stomach whilst he is laid on his back, it can help the bowel movements. make sure he stays hydrated with plenty of water.
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Jael Originally Answered: Help with toddler constipation!?
Give her a daily dose of Benefiber for Children (1/2 teaspoon two times a day) Give her a daily strip of Pedia-Lax for Kids. Lots of liquids and lots of fruits and veggies daily

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