Inner Corner of my right eye is INSANELY itchy!?

Inner Corner of my right eye is INSANELY itchy!? Topic: Inner Corner of my right eye is INSANELY itchy!?
October 20, 2019 / By Austen
Question: It just came on really randomly. Its not painful at all, its just that fleshy pink part in my inner corner of my eye near the bridge of my nose. I cant make it stop itching no matter HOW much i rub it. Its a little pink and very slightly swollen but its not alarming looking, and looks almost fine...but its driving me mad.It itches so much it almost itches to the bridge of my nose. HELP! Not sure if its allergies as my allergies have flaired up today, but ive never had this problem. I really wanna go to bed but i cant. I dont know how to make it stop :( Im just scared its gonna swell up and i'll go blind. My other eye seems to be slightly itchy to in the same spot, not sure if thats more psychological though then anything. This has never happend before.
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Vina Vina | 7 days ago
Blepharitis Symptoms * Eyelids have the following symptoms: o Crusty o Reddened o Swollen o Itching o Burning * Blinking causes a granular sensation (like sand or dust in the eye) * Loss of eyelashes may occur Treatments The primary treatment is careful daily cleansing of the edges of the eyelids, to remove the skin oils that the bacteria feed on. Your health care provider might recommend using baby shampoo or special cleansers. Antibiotic ointments may also be helpful in controlling bacteria on the lids. If seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea are causing the problem, seek treatment for those conditions.
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Vina Originally Answered: Very Itchy Cat?
I just wrote this for the dog section, but just substitute "dog" with "cat." Almost always these problems are diet-related. Allergies are really a sign of immunity problems. Most of the immune system is located in the GI tract, where nutrients are absorbed (seen the DanActive commercial?). When you screw up its workings with non-nutritive dog "food" you see all kinds of problems. What I mean, are the filler ingredients you see in most commercial dog foods. These include corn products, wheat products, soy products, peanut hulls, sugar, colors, flavors, salt, beet pulp... I could go on, but I won't. You see many of these non-food ingredients in well-known, vet-recommended prescription foods. Why are those ingredients in dog food: they're cheap. CHEAP=CRAP. My diet of preference, that rises far above any other is raw. Although domesticated for thousands of years, a dog's gut still works the same as the wolf. They have the acids, enzymes and flora that are designed to digest raw meat and bones. What they don't have are the enzymes to digest grains (wheat, corn, etc). A balanced raw diet will cure most, if not all of your dog's problems. I live in FL where we have a flea problem year round. In my house there are 7 cats and 3 dogs, non of which need treatment for fleas. They don't need any chemicals because they are so healthy, they repel fleas on their own. When I think how expensive raw diet is, I just think of how much I save on flea prevention and treatment. For info: http://www.auntjeni.com http://www.drpitcairn.com If you really have trouble with raw, here are some other suggestions. It's a cut and paste from another question that I answered some time ago: Sometimes a meat and rice recipe will work, but some of the problems that you're having will respond better to a high-quality grain-free diet. All kibble, which is cheaper than canned or raw, must have grain, potato, or tapioca in it to hold it together. Potato would be cheaper than tapioca, and potato is better than grain. HIgh-quality means that most of the ingredients are of HUMAN-GRADE quality. None of the recall products were human-grade. If it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for my dogs. The first ingredient should be a meat. It shouldn't be a meat by-product or a meal. Neither of these are human grade, nor can they be measured for there nutritional content. That's because the company cooks down a bunch of different animal parts that's different each time. Don't get anything with wheat, corn, soy (or soybean oil), BHA, BHT, ethoxoquin, artificial flavors and colors, salt, sugars (including sucrose and fructose). A lot of these poor-quality ingredients are cheap fillers, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. They offer a low source of nutrition, and weaken the immune system. That's what causes allergies. The only reason they're in the recipe is because they serve a purpose for the company, not to keep your dog healthy. I suggest you read dog food labels carefully. Look at foods like Evo (made by Innova), Timberwolf Wild & Natural or Ocean Blue, Barking At The Moon (made by Solid Gold). They're more expensive, but they would seriously cut down on the allergies, which would mean less trips to the vet. I also suggest adding a cold-water fish oil, like salmon, krill, anchovy or sardine. This will help a lot with the ear problem and the yeast. You could also add probiotics and dygestive enzymes. One product that has salmon oil, pre- and probiotcs, and digestive enzymes is Positive Health by Great Life. They also make an excellent food, but is expensive. Their website http://www.greatlife4pets.com EDIT: Hill's/Science Diet is the company that has done a lot of research. What do you think they've concluded... that their products are the best. There's no regulation for that either, other than meeting AAFCO's crappy standards. If Hill's makes such a superior product, why do we keep finding our pets with urinary issues, stones, obesity, cancer, allergies, etc, when fed their diets? Read the ingredients (they're posted on line at http://www.hillspet.com . It's all filler... where's the food? EDIT: I agree about Nature's Variety Instinct. I think it's one of the best canned foods available. Nature's Logic and Evanger's are very good, too.

Shanelle Shanelle
This Site Might Help You. RE: Inner Corner of my right eye is INSANELY itchy!!!!? It just came on really randomly. Its not painful at all, its just that fleshy pink part in my inner corner of my eye near the bridge of my nose. I cant make it stop itching no matter HOW much i rub it. Its a little pink and very slightly swollen but its not alarming looking, and looks almost...
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Oonagh Oonagh
You really need to read "Rosacea Free Forever" by Laura Taylor (also available in electronic format here: http://www.rosaceafreeforever.info ). It's about how to permanently cure your Rosacea naturally. I cured my Rosacea permanently in only 4 days after reading this. Stop paying paying each month good money on creams. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to do! They want to milk money from you each month.
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Maggie Maggie
I have this, I get it nearly everyday... the only days I don't are when I am not tired. My eyes itch due to being tired, try and get a 12 hour+ sleep and if it still itches seek medical advice.
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Maggie Originally Answered: Help to stop itchy skin?
go to www.dxn2u.com and buy gano-soap, its made from ganoderma lucidium mushroom extracts and natural essential vitamins for skin, its usefull for all skin types. use my reference ID - 144021195 to get upto 25% discount on your purchase or to become a member, good luck!

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