primrose oil talblets---cervix softener.?

primrose oil talblets---cervix softener.? Topic: primrose oil talblets---cervix softener.?
October 15, 2019 / By Aulay
Question: if you poke little holes all over 2 tablets and shove them up inside you as far as you can and then take one by mouth and do this 3 times a day, does this really soften your cervix... the thing is i am overdue, and schedule to be induced the day after tomorrow, they said that they are going to put a gel on my cervix and let it stay there overnight and then in the morning they are going to take it off and start me on the pitocin or whatever its called. well i was thinking that if i do this primrose oil thing that they can just start me on the pitocin as soon as possible instead of having the gel and waiting another night...
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Victoria Victoria | 6 days ago
I think you could try it and see if it does anything...I would warn you on the gel..it's called cytotec and if you have had a previous c-sec dont let them give it to you..It's famous for uterine rupture!
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Victoria Originally Answered: At what point would you start using Evening Primrose Oil to help soften your cervix?
I think starting it around 36-37 weeks should be fine. Try "Yogi's Mother to be Tea". It has...can't remember which herb...but it's an herbal remedy for softening the cervix. Personally, I think the best way to avoid a c-section is in your birthing options. First of all, don't be induced unless you absolutely have to. (Baby's health or 2 weeks past due date.) Obviously, if your body isn't having the baby, it's not quite ready. Second of all, don't get an epidural...and if you absolutely want one, wait as long as you can...definitely 4cm. Being induced & epidurals have a high correlation to unplanned c-sections. Since it's your 2nd kid, I think your body will warm up quicker than you think. It's possible not to be effaced, dilated, etc & have a baby that night. Just trust your body. Hope this helps!

Shana Shana
Yes! Primrose oil is an excellent cervix softener. I start taking 3 - 3 times a day as soon as I hit 36 weeks. I haven't heard of putting it inside but I doubt it can hurt. Another thing to try is Clary Sage oil scent. (Found in a heathfood store) You put a few drops of olive oil (Or any kind) and then a few drops of the clary sage on your belly. Just smelling it gives you contractions. Sadly it's kinda expensive (Around 12 dollars). I was going to be induced with my second child - took that at the recommendation of my midwife and my daughter ended up being born the day before my induction! Not to mention it sped up the labor to the point that my daughter was born in 3 hours! The first of which I didn't even know I was in labor! All without drug intervention. Best of luck!
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Oona Oona
Evening primrose oil helps you make the same hormone in the gel (prostaglandins), but it's not as direct or as strong. Having sex can have a more direct effect, I believe it's 3 ejaculations on average equals the strength of a dose of cervidil or cytotech, and doesn't have the possibly dangerous side effects. Sex and EPO are perfectly safe so do try, and a vaginal exam will tell the doctor if they have effaced and softened you, making the gel unneeded, or not.
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Magdalene Magdalene
Have sex today. The stuff that's in semen is the same as the gel they will use and if you can you want to avoid pictocin, because the chances of c-sec go way up with it. Primrose insertion and by mouth should help too, it did for me. There's a link included with a few more ideas that might help. Good luck!
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Magdalene Originally Answered: How can i get my cervix to dialate?
The best way to bring on labor is to do it naturally. Your cervix will dialate on its own when the baby gets into position to come down. Go to a safe place and just walk walk walk. Walk slow, but walk. Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. Then get up and walk again. If you get in the natural positions to help the baby align to come out, labor will start sooner and more natural.

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