Healthiest chinese takeaway option?

Healthiest chinese takeaway option? Topic: Healthiest chinese takeaway option?
October 19, 2019 / By August
Question: Is chicken chow mein one of the healthier things you could order at the chinese? Any ideas for the lower fat options? Thanks
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Vickie Vickie | 4 days ago
Fried rice is not healthy. Egg rolls are not healthy because they are fried. Any fried foods there are not healthy. Choose white rice, broccoli, etc.....
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Vickie Originally Answered: What would be the healthiest/best breakfast option out of all of these?
Any of these choices would be wise ones. The eggs and peanut butter are loaded in protein which is a good jump-start for the day that really boost your metabolism. The oatmeal is also a good metabolism booster, plus it keeps you full for a long period of time. Just simply change it up between a variety of these things to keep yourself from getting sick of one set thing every morning. Looks like you're on the right track :)
Vickie Originally Answered: What would be the healthiest/best breakfast option out of all of these?
A few tips: Skip the egg beaters and use normal eggs. Dietary cholesterol is nothing to be afraid of. Use full-fat cream cheese; the fat is satiating. Skip the light yogurt; it's full of processed sugar. Eat a Clif bar only when you need a quick jolt of energy to help you get through a long workout; that's what they're intended for, and the only time when you should eat something so sugary. Generally, all of these options are perfectly fine for breakfast. I can't tell you which one is going to make you feel full for the longest amount of time; that's something you will have to figure out on your own. You would definitely do well to add some fruit or vegetables to your breakfast - maybe some diced veggies in the eggs, or real fruit stirred into the yogurt.

Shaelyn Shaelyn
Only healthy Chinese food is in China. When they transfer their food to another culture they modify it in unhealthy ways to appeal to new people.
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Onndrea Onndrea
I'm, not sure that sounds low fat but i think crispy duck is because its just like these thin sheets that you can wrap duck in plus its reeaaly nice.
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Onndrea Originally Answered: What is the "healthiest" junk food option?
Diets don't work in the long run. They are temporary, and once the weight is off, most people revert back to their usual eating patterns and regain the weight. Forget about dieting. Make a permanent change to your eating habits, and you will lose weight and keep it off. Healthy eating is about portion control and moderation. You CAN have sweets and savoury treats, but in moderation. Nuts are a great snack. They contain fiber, protein and the healthy unsaturated fats. Why not snack on a handful of nuts and dried apricots? Instead of icecream you can try frozen low fat yoghurt. Buy it ready made from the store, or make your own. For sweeteners, instead of sugar, use stevia, which is a natural plant product.

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