autoimmune thyroid disease .?

autoimmune thyroid disease .? Topic: autoimmune thyroid disease .?
June 27, 2019 / By Aubrey
Question: im am hypothyroid , and iv'e just been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease ,, what does this mean ?..... is it all combined or a different disease ,,im puzzled ..... hope someon can give me a good explanation ...thanks .....juls?
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Vi Vi | 10 days ago
Autoimmune means that your body's immune system is attacking itself, in your case the thyroid gland. It does this by recognizing certain protein strands and tagging it with antibodies. Then your body sends out it seek and destroy immune mediators to kill off the tagged protein structures. Usually this is how your body defends itself from viruses, bacteria, fungi, ect. There is a problem with your tagging system that has caused your body to attack itself. Your body is tagging your thyroid when it should not. This is usually diagnosed by testing for antibodies in blood work, as well as clinical symptoms. How does this happen? There is no one pin pointed cause. The most popular reason is because of some break down in your filtering system. You normally keep bad things out through things like your skin, gut lining etc. If there is a problem with your gut, things get through that shouldn't, your body recognizes it as foreign, tags it and destroys it. Sometimes the protein structures of the things that get through look like the protein structures that make up certain cells in your body. That is why you see some of the other post saying that this autoimmune disorder is related to other autoimmune disorders (diabetes, lupus, RA, etc). It is really a problem with your filter, not your thyroid (or at least primarily the problem). Treating the thyroid might help somewhat, but it will not address the problem (in my example, the gut lining (filter) being disrupted). I got more information on this and other thyroid problems on my blog.
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Vi Originally Answered: Could I have an autoimmune disease?
Your blood test values you report are impossible. I think you would be long since dead if your TSH was 435. You need to go back to the doctor who did these tests, get the correct results, and have that doctor explain the results to you.

Serina Serina
My endocrinologist said that I have an autoimmune disease. First I got hypothyroidism and then premature ovarian disease. By body attacked my thyroid and then my ovaires. A person could have all of the pituitary gland organs affected or just one. Differs from person to person. Next could be the adrenal glands, growth hormone, pancrease, and mammary production. Speaking of the last, I tried to breast feed for 2 weeks and produced nothing and ended up with mastitis. So, that one was probably related somehow. The only treatment is to treat each disease s separately. With thyroiditis, the gland is usually swollen and depression/fatigue is more common.
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Ondrea Ondrea
Are there specialist that specialized in Thyroid autoimmune diseases like Graves Disease verses just specializing in a Thyroid condition?
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Maev Maev
Making dietary changes is your first line of defense in treating hypothyroidism. Learn here https://tr.im/iKiVT Many people with hypothyroidism experience crippling fatigue and brain fog, which prompts reaching for non-nutritional forms of energy like sugar and caffeine. I’ve dubbed these rascals the terrible twosome, as they can burn out your thyroid (and destabilize blood sugar). 1. Just say no to the dietary bungee cord. Greatly reduce or eliminate caffeine and sugar, including refined carbohydrates like flour, which the body treats like sugar. Make grain-based carbohydrates lesser of a focus, eating non-starchy vegetables to your heart’s content. 2. Up the protein. Protein transports thyroid hormone to all your tissues and enjoying it at each meal can help normalize thyroid function. Proteins include nuts and nut butters; quinoa; hormone- and antibiotic-free animal products (organic, grass-fed meats, eggs, and sustainably-farmed fish); and legumes.
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Kerensa Kerensa
It means that at some point in your life, your body produced antibodies that attacked your thyroid, causing it to slow down. It's usually called Hashimotos. Anyway, your body will never produce enough hormone again, and you'll be on replacements (synthroid) for the rest of your life.
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Jacklyn Jacklyn
in case you verify the internet website on the Thyroid Gland it does enable you be responsive to that folk stricken by an under energetic thyroid gland can enhance diabetes - i substitute into recent technique diabetic assessments and clinically determined form 2 diabetic weight loss plan controlled yet on the comparable time they diagnoses an under energetic thyroid gland, my six month-to-month sugar blood try consistently come back suitable and that i'm informed to adhere to the load loss plan i'm on and it won't get any worse, I consume the comparable because of the fact something of my family contributors, chocolate, carbs and in spite of I fancy, it additionally tells you on the internet that folk with an under energetic thyroid gland could have their blood try for sugar stages giving a diabetic reading whilst they don't look to be diabetics, the Endocrine structures explains maximum of it.
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Em Em
what tests did the doc do to determine this,... what is he doing for ya.........hashimoto is often seen along w/diabetes or lupus...did he check for this also.... thyroxine drugs should get ya right
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Em Originally Answered: What exactly is an autoimmune disease ?
Everyone has white blood cells in their blood stream. These are made in bone marrow, mature in the spleen and then enter the blood. They have many different types, but from your point of view that doesn't matter. White blood cells are the immune cells in our body. When a virus, bacteria, fungus etc. colonises a part of us, the white blood cells will leave the circulation and attack the foreign organism. It knows it is foreign because of identifiers called antigens on the foreign cell surface. However, in some people, the cells will become 'confused', and will identify normal body cells as foreign. It will then attack them. This causes all the same symptoms as when they attack infected tissue, such as swelling, redness, soreness, pain and heat in the area. This is an autoimmune disease. Each disease has a different set of symptoms, but this is the basic explanation of what happens. Good luck, hope you're better soon.

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