My family is eating a very unhealthy meal?

My family is eating a very unhealthy meal? Topic: My family is eating a very unhealthy meal?
October 23, 2019 / By Athelstan
Question: Hi, I've been making healthy lifestyle changes for about a month, and feeling great. Tonight my mom is making huge burgers, sweet potato fries in the deep fryer, and caesar salad. I love all of these foods, but they're very unhealthy. What do I do? Should I still eat them with everyone, but maybe small portions? Or should I eat something totally different? I don't want my mom to be offended or think I have an eating disorder because I won't eat with them. I'm working very hard to lose weight... What do I do?
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Verthandi Verthandi | 9 days ago
Just to clarify....the caesar salad is not as healthy as one person said. Most caesar salad dressings are very fattening. I think eating smaller amounts of the meal your mom has planned is the best idea. Sweet potatoes are extremely healthy, even if made into fries. The problem is the deep frying. If your mom, instead, tried to bake the fries in the oven it would be a lot better. It's great that you are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices, but it's too bad your family is not on the same path. Try talking to your mom about making the same changes that you are trying to make. It would help if she could find ways of making healthier dinners. It would benefit you all.
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Verthandi Originally Answered: Whats a good healthy meal for the family?
something light, grilled chicken, soft mash, or a hearty home made soup? creamy leek and potato (or take out leek add chicken etc) take pots and cook cook leeks till soft in a little butter put together in a blender blend till soft and well mixed get a little veg stock put blended leek mix in to pan and add stock bit by bit till it is half thickness of mix add salt and pepper to taste cook slowly and keep tasting it! if you add chicken cook chicken and blend it till mush, then add to leek mix then follow as above. just before you serve, add a little creme fresh, (not cream as it can curdle) taste and re season if needed. you can keep the soup if you have not add the creme fresh for two days in fridge, (not if you put chicken in) i hope this helps, when my kids are ill they always ask for it!

Serenity Serenity
You should still eat the food she prepares just to be polite. Just be smart about the way you eat the food. To save calories with the burger don't eat it on a roll. Just cut it up on your plate and eat it that way. You will save a couple hundred calories from the roll alone. And only eat a few fries because obviously if they are deep fried then they aren't healthy. Eat a nice large portion of salad because it is a good source for your vegetable serving.
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Ona Ona
Good for you! Your mom needs to know that you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, she will not only respect that, but applaud it - AND, support it. Maybe she wants to live a healthier lifestyle too but feels that the family will be upset if she serves different things to eat? Maybe she needs some encouragement and support too. Bottom line though, nothing in that meal is very healthy, including the cesar salad. But, so as not to offend and come out of left field, eat a little. Then you can try this approach with your mom - talk to her and offer to help with cooking, but make sure to start off with telling her how much you like her food and that you appreciate what she does. Try not to use the word "but". Say "I love your cooking and appreciate the time you spend on it. I am trying to be healthy so my skin looks better and so I can feel better. Maybe a few times a night we can make dinner together?" It really all depends on what your relationship is like but she may really appreciate it. If the guys in your family make fun of you at first, try not to pay too much attention. They are probably just wanting to tease. Eventuatlly, maybe they'll even come around. Good luck.
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Maegan Maegan
Oh God, yeah that is extremely unhealthy, and the sad thing is that you can have all those things just prepared in a different way. I went through this too when I was living with my family and when we went to the grocery store I just asked my mom to buy me ground turkey instead of burger and have turkey burgers. Ask your mom to prepare the food differently, you could have baked the fries, that saves tons of calories. The salad could've been made with low fat dressing. Good for you being healthy, people need to stop feeding their kids stuff like this.
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Kerenhapuch Kerenhapuch
Try to just eat a little bit of the burger and potato to be polite. Then have a bigger serving of the salad, because it's the most healthy thing there. Or simply tell her that you are trying to be healthy, maybe she can change too.
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Kerenhapuch Originally Answered: eating meal plans?
my friend is 4'11 and went from 155 to 117 in 6-7 months drink only water and a lot of it eat 3 healthy meals a day, each about 500 calories eat a LOT of veggies and fruits and meats get some carbs in there, dont cut them out completely but make sure they are whole grain when having a snack, you can have fruits or veggies with a LITTLE bit of peanut butter or hummus, or a handful of almonds, or something like that exercise as much as you can but dont wear yourself out, stay healthy and dont kill yourself with exercise!!! you have to really stick to this if you want to lose the weight in a healthy way

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