Can I lose weight with a bad knee?

Can I lose weight with a bad knee? Topic: Can I lose weight with a bad knee?
June 17, 2019 / By Ashur
Question: I fell down some stairs a year ago and ruptured my patella. I did have surgery that same day and have gone thru some phys therapy. I paid out of pocket and did not have enough to finish 4 months of therapy. I've done the rest myself working really hard on it. I do not have full range of motion and I can not jog. Im 39 weigh 244 and I want to lose weight. I don't know much about nutrution or what excercises I can do so that I don't re injure myself.
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Velma Velma | 3 days ago
I think you first need to lose weight. It can only be good for your knees and your other joints! Cut out sugary stuff - chocolate, biscuits, sweets, sugar, jams sodas. Cut down on alcohol - an occasional glass of wine with a meal, but no beer etc. Cut down on fried foods - grill or bake instead. Reduce the amount of butter/margarine/ - don't put any on your vegetables! Increase the amount of fruit and veg you eat and have plenty salads - they don't have to be boring. Sliced tomatoes with basil or coriander sprinkled on top, left to "mingle" the flavours and a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar is sheer heaven! As you lose weight you will find your energy levels rise and you become more active. There are plenty of sites about nutrition - just google "good nutrition" and see what it gives you. http://www.capitalhealth.ca/EspeciallyFo... http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/healthy...
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Velma Originally Answered: Knee pain because of my weight, or something else?
Weight contributes a huge factor to joint pain. Arthritis is the other major contributor. If the docs have given you the all clear I would try to cut back your weight. Non-weight bearing exercise that strengthens the muscles above and below the knees will help. cycling is about the best, as it works these muscles efficiently. Glucosamine tablets have now been medically proven to benefit joint pain (my fiancee does a lot of hill walking and when he knows he'll be driving anywhere, he takes some as a preventative). I really hope this is only weight and that you manage to shed a few pounds to benefit your knees. Hope the pain eases soon.

Selma Selma
My knees used to hurt when I ran a lot. Sometimes things would come up and I would not run for a week or so and when I started again it, my knees would hurt. It was just muscles under the knees hurting and it would go away when I got back into the habit of running again. You didn't really tell us how long your knee has been hurting or how long you've been exercising. It's possible this is just a weak muscle you're not used to using and the pain will go away. You could try using an elliptical machine but it seems unlikely to me that you have some kind of medical problem which is going to prevent you from exercising. It's probably just because you're new to exercise. Don't give up so easily.
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Ohndria Ohndria
It's harder to lose weight when you have that sort of injury. My advice, step one at least, is start drinking vegetable juice (V-8 or equivalent) first thing in the morning. Once you get used to the taste, it satisfies most of your basic nutritional needs and should cut down on some of the more unhealthy cravings. Safe exercise - if you're able to bicycle, that is great. Any time you can spend in a swimming pool is good too.
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Madisyn Madisyn
Eat whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, and a diet low in saturated and trans fat. Look for lean meats as they are more filling and will have you eating. You could probably swim for exercise since that relies on the arms, but I'd talk to your doctor first. eat right and exercise are the two keys to healthy living and doing even one of them will improve your current quality of life.
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Kenzie Kenzie
strap a parachute to your back and spend 30 minutes skydiving over the volcanoes in tongariro national park new zealand
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Kenzie Originally Answered: Glucosamine for the knee?
I used those glucosamine pills for a for a joint pull or tear in my shoulder when I was lifting weights but it was still painful even after two weeks of taking them. It did nothing and I had to get a glucosamine injection from my doctor and he told me the same thing the orthopedic told you, a waste of money. They may be good for maintenance but it won't resolve your current joint problems.

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