Body cleansing plans (Weight loss NOT being the main goal)?

Body cleansing plans (Weight loss NOT being the main goal)? Topic: Body cleansing plans (Weight loss NOT being the main goal)?
October 19, 2019 / By Ash
Question: First things first, my goal is not to lose weight! If that happens in the process then I am fine with it but I am not trying to do this just to shed pounds. My goal is to have a healthier, more engertic self, while also trying to greatly cut down on the craving for dairy and other unhealthy addicting foods. So with that being said does anyone have any good websites, links, or info on diet plans to help with a body cleanse of this style? I am focusing on an all fruits and veggie diet plan right now (Mainly Raw) but need some help with meal plan ideas, to help make sure I take in the needed nutrients. Thanks
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Valerie Valerie | 9 days ago
I don't understand what you think you will be cleansing out. Your body has organs which remove toxins, they work very well, and can handle everything we take in daily. If you want to be healthier, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and exercise regularly. There are many dairy products which are healthy, and I am not aware of any addictive substances in dairy. Your energy levels are tied to your diet and sleep. Most people don't sleep enough. If you want more energy, try to get in bed 30 minutes sooner. For such a specialized diet, you need to consult some specialty resources - a doctor would be a good start. It is possible to get pretty much everything you need with just fruits and veggies, but you will need to be very meticulous with your eating habits, and will need to learn all you can about the subject so you don't always have to rely on doctors and nutritionist.
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Sedona Sedona
the rub on ground turkey is that its dry add some olive oil and finely blended onions to a turkey burger or turkey meatball to enhance its juiciness
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Octavia Octavia
add red pepper flakes to your pantry when eaten early in the day red pepper lowers the amount of food youll eat later
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Madeline Madeline
eating liquid based foods such as natural smoothies and low sodium soup can help you cut back on calories yet feel full
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Kenina Kenina
walk your lunch outside or to another location in the office instead of sitting and eating at your desk
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Ivory Ivory
Never diet because it doesn’t work just keep your self active and your body will loose weight. you see our body’s know how to preserve the foods we eat and store the body fat. When you here the gurgling sound coming from your body that is your body getting read of some body fat. People always think it because there hungry when in fact your body is getting read of some body fat. For my self I love to here my body do that because then I know that I am loosing some weight body fat. Believe this or not but it is very true, I fast 23 and a half hours a day seven days a week. And have been doing this ever since December 13, 1012 . I lost the first 20 pound or more quickly and my weight stop loosing at 180 pounds. My weight before starting my fasting to loose weight was well over 210 or 215 around there . Now if I want to keep loosing weight I have to exercise I am down to 171 pounds and remember that I have been doing this ever since Dec 13 that’s well over Two months and a half. The body learn to preserve the foods we eat and stores that fat and for me to keep loosing weight I must keep doing thins keeping active or believe or not I will gain weight. I am 5 foot 8 I weight over 200 pounds and thought that I NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY SELF BECAUSE I gain so much weight ever year. I loose the weight and when winter come back for 6 months I GAIN ALL THE WEIGHT BACK PLUS MUCH MORE, And this is so frustrating to me. For I have a eating disorder and for this reason I stopped eating all together and drinking water . Except when it is my Half hour time for me to eat then I will have my glass of water and my meal . you see no matter what we do to try to loose weight our body’s learn to diagnose the body’s situation and reacts to it, in preserving it life in any way it can. So you understand that dieting does not work exercise and keeping one self motivated doing thins all the time is the key to ones loosing weight and keeping it off. Watching what we eat well like I say the body will react to what it needs do to survive in preserving body fat. For my self I am at 171 and trying to keep that weight there still fasting 23 and a half hours a day . I hope this will give people a better understanding on how our bods work. We today are a lazy people ,this is why we have so may over weight people in the world . And That is not all, the food we eat thinking that is health for us actually make us fatter as well. Chemical in our foods tricks our body’s and the body reacts by storing more fat and this is the truth spread the word to people that are trying to Diet let them also know the truth about how our body’s work.
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Ellenor Ellenor
If your diet is based on thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein and whole grains, your body should be able to eliminate toxins itself. Read how do you go about it - http://bit.ly/JLWfWG but keep in mind, however, that body cleanse are not backed up with scientific evidence, and you should never make drastic dietary changes without consulting a health care professional first.
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Christa Christa
There is a lot of misinformation on the web. Work with Registered Dietitian. They will explain to you how "cleanses" are bogus, and they will tell you what is truly healthy.
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Christa Originally Answered: will body cleansing help with weight loss?
Yes, it will help you lose vital fluids and electrolytes and maybe even our life. These claims are bogus scams. The only cleansing the body needs a daily shower.

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