Why does my kitten scratch the floor around her food bowl?

Why does my kitten scratch the floor around her food bowl? Topic: Why does my kitten scratch the floor around her food bowl?
June 19, 2019 / By Asaf
Question: She'll eat half of the wet food and then scratch all around it. She'll come back later and eat it all, so I don't think it's because she doesn't like it. Does anyone know why she is doing this? She's only 10 weeks old and has never been outside - I know people say that they might do this to "cover" or "protect" the food from other animals, but she has never known other animals? Is it because she was the runt and perhaps wasn't able to feed as much as the rest of her litter? So now she's saying, "This is MY food! Don't touch it!" Your thoughts?
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Valarie Valarie | 6 days ago
Don't you just find it absolutely weird when your first saw her doing that. And then, she will do it again and again. Really makes you wonder doesn't it? The answer is not really simple because with cats, a lot of time, we are baffled by their actions. How we wish they come with a manual, but the closest manual we have on raising a cat is generally based on observations. A cat talk translator would be good too, but all the books I've read on How To Speak Cat, Felinese, How To Talk to Your Cat, Communicate with your Cat Today!, Understand What Your Cat is Trying To Tell You and oh so many others just points to us learning their body language and expressions. I felt cheated because I still can't talk to my cat mano-o-mano (so to speak, coz I am a lady and she's a cat). I've seen someone trying to decipher cat's vocalizations before and it got me rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Anyway, back to your question, why did your little 10 week old kitten scracth the floor around her food bowl. You made a really sharp observation. You see that she attempted to cover her food but will come back to finish it later. So, what does it tell you? Well, she most likely love her food, absolutely savory but she can't finish it all yet. Her tummy is still too small and kitten comes with a on/off switch when it comes to hunger. Don't we wish we also comes pre-programmed with that? So, what is a kitten to do? She wants the food, she will be hungry later when she's done playing, jumping and creating havoc in her human's habitat. ! Bury the food, hide it nicely so she can come back later to eat it. BRILLIANT kitty!! With the kitty brain, the act of covering the food itself via thin air is just as good as digging up a 5 feet hole and burying her prey. Now you think, how did she know that some other fury competitors will get to her food if she's never been outside and not seen another single fury being before. Well, what about the two legged, less furry and tailless giant(s) in the house. Shouldn't kitty be worried about them too? Not only do they have the ability to steal the food, they are so huge, what if they like this food and keep it to themselves later and leave her with none? Not a chance to gamble with. Anyway, I hope this explanation satisfy your curiosity. And oh yeah, when you see kitty doing that again, just remember that she is the direct descendant of a magnificent kitty who still has some wildness in her. Love her more and she in turn, will provide you with many many years of wonderful companionship.
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Valarie Originally Answered: My cat gets his water all over the floor whenever I put it in a bowl for him.?
Put the bowl in the bath tub. Your cat is used to going there and the tub is enclosed. Simpler then wasting towels.

Schuyler Schuyler
Even if your kitten has never been outside or seen other cats they can still try to bury the food - it's just a natural instinct. My cat was exactly the same, no contact with other cats and never let outside but still scratches round his toys sometimes. If she's not doing any damage then leave her to it but if she's damaging a carpet or vinyl the put a mat under her bowl so she can scratch the mat instead :)
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Nyree Nyree
In the wild, cats bury their food (to hide from other cats or animals that would steal it) So when they're full, they scratch at the floor to simulate burying food for later.
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Mädchen Mädchen
Sometimes after eating, or simply when you put down a bowl of wet food, your cat may try to let you know that the food is not to his liking by trying to "bury" the entire bowl! This behavior can also occur when the cat is displeased with the location of her food bowl, the food itself, or possibly when she is not very hungry, and is trying to "bury" her food (which she is then thinking of as "prey") for her to have later on, when she is perhaps more ready to eat. btw-I have a cat who does this with her dry food too. The other two don't do it. I always found it rather amusing.
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Kendal Kendal
She is doing this Hon because she is trying to hide it. Cats in the wild do this so that no other animal gets their kill and they will come back and eat more when they get hungry again, she does not want anyone else to get her food. My AJ does this and I think he thinks Binky won't find it and eat his food, Binky is another of my cats, I have 5. So your baby is just trying to hide his food as he likes it and does not want anyone else to get it.
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Kendal Originally Answered: i left my window open and put some milk in a bowl on the floor in my room for a stray cat.?
No the milk didn't evaporate. Some animal must have come in. Don't give the cat more milk though. Cats can get diarrhea from milk which can cause them to get dehydrated and weak, especially if the cat is not well to begin with. I would suggest that you start a feeding schedule with the cat if you want to help him. Put out cat food and water every day at the same time. Since he comes about the same time every day put it out around that time. Pretty soon he will learn that food is there at that time every day and will come. You could try to stick around but not too close to see if you can get him to trust you. If you want to help him please look into doing TNR with him or trap him and bring him to a no-kill shelter or find a home for him yourself if he's a friendly cat. Since he comes near your house he probably is a friendly cat. Please read the info in this link. it has great info on how to help stray cats by doing TNR (and other tips): http://www.alleycat.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=285

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