is this a healthy diet routine?

is this a healthy diet routine? Topic: is this a healthy diet routine?
June 19, 2019 / By Artur
Question: i'm on a diet, and for breakfast in the morning i have a dannon light and fit smoothie, then for lunch i have a 100 calorie pack (either chips ahoy, cheetos, etc) and a water. when i come home i usually have another 100 calorie pack, and then for dinner i have a lean cusine meal. do u think this is too much/ not enough?
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Ursula Ursula | 4 days ago
I would definitely suggest eating more. To be healthy you need a sufficient amount of calories. Also, breakfast should be the highest calorie meal of the day. Try eating a whole grain cereal and add several sliced up fruits such as bananas, peaches, strawberries. This way you'll be getting the nutrients you need. A healthy diet should consist of 4-6 small meals throughout the day. As a midmorning snack grab an apple or some baby carrots. For lunch try a spinach salad with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar as a dressing. If you're still hungry try a whole grain pasta with broccoli and snap peas or something of the sort. If you continue to eat only these snack food packs you won't get any of the essential nutrients your body needs to function. Also, remember to get enough protein in your diet which will increase your metabolism and energy. Make sure to drink approximately 8 glasses of water a day. I drink water as soon as I wake up then a glass before each meal. Good luck!
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Ursula Originally Answered: Healthy Diets and work out routine?
lliana, First off, good for you. It's refreshing to see your spirit and drive to make a better feeling you. I have no doubt that not only will you feel better but look better! And when you're looking better.. that feeling is going to be overwhelming for you. This is my advise and in the end totally up to you how you proceed. First I'd find a community of like minded people like yourself wanting to get healthier, lose weight and just look and feel better. Maybe find a workout partner or someone to keep each other accountable to lose weight Incorporate exercise along with diet into your weight loss. You will find all of this within the 7 Minute Workout system. Like minded people all wanting to feel better and helping each other do just that. The workouts are very short, 7 minutes, 3 days a week. Diet program you can set for yourself. I've provided a link below where you can find out more. You can do it! Make it happen. Mike
Ursula Originally Answered: Healthy Diets and work out routine?
Find the right diet for your individual body because there are many ways are there to lose weight just find what works for you

Scheherazade Scheherazade
That sounds pleasant! two hours of undertaking--wow! you cross lady :) Nice that you've the experience to make some thing intelligent while your loved ones has quick meals. Great that you're having three foods plus one snack an afternoon (afternoon sandwich). I'd pressure being definite to comprise end result two-three in line with day (possibly one with breakfast and one with lunch) and a different dairy product (milk along with your sandwich within the afternoon, or string cheese as a snack). well good fortune :)
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Nubia Nubia
Your eating too "commerical" foods - Try eating natural, healthy things like vegis, fruits, lean meats (if you like meat), cereals etc. the calorie packs could be for SNACKS not MEALS. and excersise! Good Luck :)
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Nubia Originally Answered: help with my diet and exercise routine?
1 Diet.Diet.Diet. You have to resist the temptation of eating greasy foods. Don't eat a lot of Sugars, Carbohydrates, or Cheeses. Eat lots of protein, fruits, and veggies. #2 Do some cardiovascular exercise to lose weight. Running is the best cardio exercise out there. Everyday go out and run 1-2 miles. Fat doesn't burn off in just one area at a time. It is spread equally through the body, so any exercise that rally gets you heart rate up is good. #3 Set some goals. Make a weight-loss competition with a friend or just set a specific date that you wish to meet your goal at. Keep working hard and harder till you reach your goal. Good Luck!

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