Healthy lunch ideas ?

Healthy lunch ideas ? Topic: Healthy lunch ideas ?
May 25, 2019 / By Arthur
Question: Does anyone have any ideas for a healthy lunch that's under 300 calories? If not then 400 max. Thanks
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Uriella Uriella | 2 days ago
Fresh soup - easy to make - > Tomato pasata ( 200 ml ) - 55 calories Veg of your choice of the following - Cabbage, Red onion, Spring onion, Brocoli, Carrot, Chick pea, - Or - as many as you want of the above just limit each portion of veg to a small handful :) This should come to around 300 caloriess . Here are some other healthy low cal foodss - Green Apple - 80 calories Dairelea cheese triangle light - 20 calories per triangle Quorn also supply nutricous products with all the reqiured protein and incredibly low in calorie ! :) Also - Try this for a healthy meal under 300 calories - Inside out Pizza ! (My own recipe by the way) One fajhite wrap , (whole grain or low cal option ) Spread tomato puree onto the wrap base and place in a frying pan ( non-stick) with NO oil. Leave to warm on low heat for a few minutes, check every minute or so, When the bottem of the wrap begins to brown and puree is warm, add up to two of following toppings - Low calorie cheese - grated Lettuce leaves Water cress Spring onion Red onion Red peppers 30g of stripped white chicken ( already cooked ) Tomato Bare in mind that onions will need to be cooked in another pan before adding, unless you like them raw.. lol Once you have added your ingrediants fold wrap in half so it is in semi-circle shape and allow to cook for another 2-3 minutes on medium - low . Then serve on plate with unlimited salad ! :) enjoy .
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Uriella Originally Answered: Ideas for Quick, Healthy Lunch Ideas for my kids?
1. Make homemade mac n cheese and freeze it. 2. Make Taco soup- a big crockpot full and freeze the leftovers- 3 cans Italian stewed tomatoes 1 can dark kidney beans 1 can light kidney beans Chopped onion Chopped pepper 2 lbs browned Hamburg Put above in crock-pot and cook all day. Serve over corn chips and top with sour cream and cheese. 3. Make bagel/english muffin pizzas, let them help out. 4. Egg salad sandwiches, can cut the sandwich pieces to minis to make it more fun. 5. Waffle pizzas- jam on waffles w/ bananas/fruit on top 6. Make your own tacos- can fry up the hamburg the night before or another time when your already frying some up then stick it in the freezer, it's ready to be warmed up and throw some taco seasoning on it. 7. The typcial grilled cheese, but you can make it healthier by adding tomatoes, avocadoes, etc to it. 8. BLT sandwiches 9. Make your own salad- put out a few bowls of cut up veggies and let them make their own. 10. Make your own sub- the 2 yr old will probably need help w/ this but would love to do it! 11. Quesdillas- can put just cheese on it or add meat and veggies- yum!

Scarlet Scarlet
I have been having chicken breast with brown rice. It is really good as long as you don't have it ever day. Also . . make some homeade soups and bring a bowl with you. they are great for you.
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Norma Norma
Pita and hummus, pita with tabbouleh, salad with grilled chicken, veggie patties on whole wheat buns, turkey burgers, fruit salad. The possibilities are endless :)
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Macie Macie
spinich salad with fresh mushrooms, brocolli (steamed or fresh) tomato, handfull of sunflower seeds and a piece of broiled salmon. yummy and really low cal. get some red wine vinegar and olive oil for dressing.
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Kelsey Kelsey
Bite, chew, swallow, insert finger, repeat. It has twice the taste and half the calories coming back up. or just try eating fresh foods and to those of you who give me a thumbs down, you have no sense of humor.
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Kelsey Originally Answered: What are some healthy, filling lunch ideas?
Well good for you on making your own lunches, although to be honest I feel sorry for you making the tuna-corn-mayo sandwiches, ugh! lol! But in all honesty if you're okay with actually cooking some stuff, there's a few recipes that come in mind try taking any leftover chicken (chunks not deli slices and no skin just meat) and mixing it with a peanut sauce. it's: 1Tb of Peanut Butter 1 Tb of soy sauce 1/4 cup of water 1-2 cloves of garlic (minced) lemon juice to taste or not at all mix the sauce into the chicken, maybe add some pine nuts for crunch, cilantro for some brightness. Put everything together in a microwave safe bowl, nuke it and mix it until it's smooth, if the sauce is too thick you can always add water. If you wanna keep this warm I suggest you keep the sauce separate from the chicken, warm the sauce up then mix it together, put it between two slices and enjoy!!! An egg salad is good to, just boil a few eggs (in the shell) when done crack them open, chop them up and add some mayo to it. while it will retain it's shape, I suggest using as little mayo as possible, otherwise I think it'll get soggy. Well.. That's my two recipes for you. As for keeping food warm, I doubt anything you make will be warm for that long (unless it's soup in a thermo) if you want food warm, make it and then use a microwave if your cafeteria has one.

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