11 month old have BM issues.help!?

11 month old have BM issues.help!? Topic: 11 month old have BM issues.help!?
June 19, 2019 / By Arne
Question: My son is 11 months old. He has been transitioning to finger foods but it has been hard because he had a texture adversion and gagging issues.. But he is still on 3...8 oz bottles a day of formula..and some finger foods and some baby food to supplement his food. In the past couple of weeks his bm's have small firm round balls. For a couple of days they were very big hard and he would cry while he was trying to poop..I have been giving him baby food prunes, bran, juice..all types of foods suggested for constipation and keeping him away from bananas, cheese etc..but it doesn't seem to make him poop more. He also just got his 1st molar on bottom left so I don't know if this is causing some issue...I am so lost and confused because he seems like the poop is painful and when it is small turds it is not much like the size of a couple peas...I don't know what else I can do I before had given him prunes and got huge poops but this time even though I have given him prunes a few days ina row I am seeing no change...what can I do? I spoke to dr before about his bm's and he said give prunes. Is this normal I know their bm's change with more solids but for him not to poop much at all is very different and may be causing him pain. Help please
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Ulla Ulla | 4 days ago
Hello :) I know this is frustrating....my daughter went through some similar constipation issues, and it was right around the transition from formula/baby food into solid finger foods (she is 14 months now). It didn't make any sense either because she seemed like she was getting the same amount of fiber/fluid that she had been all along. I realized a few things while I was trying to figure out the problem. When she was around your son's age, she didn't drink as much fluid because it simply wasn't habit. She was still on her formula so she was less apt to actually drink juice or water. Also, if you look at the fiber content of most of those baby foods, it isn't really significant unless he is eating pears, prunes, etc. Many of the jarred baby food veggies are diluted with water and they don't have as much fiber as you'd assume. With all of this in consideration, I started to give my daughter more fluids/juice and made sure I read the fiber content on all of her baby food. Prunes have excellent fiber, yet if they are that constipated, all of their food needs to have a good amount of fiber. Once I did all of this, she slowly started to have better bowel movements in addition to all of the prunes. One thing I do know is that constipation often is from a lack of hydration; the waste can't pass because it's too dry (which is why they are pooping out those little 'rabbit pellots' as I call them). I give my daughter half juice-half water every day, as much as she wants, and she has had really good bowel movements ever since. You could even do 1/3 juice and the rest water. This way it still tastes sweet, babies love it, and they are eager to drink it...which makes it so much easier when constipation issues arise. I hope that helps a little, hope your little one feels better...and I hope you get a break/relaxation time in between all the stress.
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Ulla Originally Answered: 4-month-old with ongoing constipation issues.?
My daughter went through the same thing. Our Doctor had us massage her belly: Lay her on your knees, tummy up, head at your knees feet at your belly. Then take her legs and rotate them up into her abdomen and around in circles (just make sure the knees get way up into her body, Place your hand across her abdomen one and below her belly button and squeeze lightly hold for 3 then release, do it again for a total of 10 times or so. Press lightly on the area under her belly button starting on the right and making light circles around to the left and back to the right. Supposedly that helps the digestive tract move faster, which makes the bowel movement more watery. Our doctor also had us buy 100% prune juice and cut it in 1/2 with warm breast milk, formula, or water. She didn't want to drink it at first, but after a few feedings gave in. It was a Miracle! She became known as our little pooper trooper! Good Luck!
Ulla Originally Answered: 4-month-old with ongoing constipation issues.?
"She has been constipated from day one... even while I was breastfeeding." Well, you must not have been exclusively breastfeeding, breastfed babies do not get constipated. Try the prunes, the infant cereal won't help, will only make it worse. So just give her fresh fruit and vegetables if you MUST start solids so early.... Breastfed babies have several helpful types of bacteria in their large intestine that are capable of breaking down some of the otherwise indigestible proteins in milk. As a result, their stools are softer, making bowel movements easier. Breastfed babies also have higher levels of a hormone called motiline that increases the movement of the bowels. The composition of breast milk also changes as your baby grows older, so it will supply the needs of your baby at all times. Other causes Food is usually the cause of baby constipation. But in some cases, it can be a symptom of a more serious underlying disease. If your baby isn't gaining weight or shows any other unusual symptoms, seek the advice of a doctor. The bottlefed baby Bottlefed babies frequently suffer from constipation because formula milk is harder for a baby to digest. A baby who receives only formula milk will typically have fewer bowel movements than a breastfed child. Their stools will be thicker and have a different, more greenish colour

Sara Sara
Sometimes formula makes them constipated. Give him the baby prunes food daily don't stop even if you don't seen changes. Give him water when possible. Pear juice is also good, my child's doctor recommend it for constipation. Don't give him any orange juices. What is good too is cranberry juice. It'll take a while but don't get frustrated. Also look for sings of bloating. Good luck.
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Nona Nona
take castro corn syrup ONE teaspoon its clear and sweet mix it in the milk and give it to him...and every other bottle not everysingel one. and you'll see he'll start poo pin right away i know bc it happen to my son only at 3 month old
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Nona Originally Answered: constipation issues?
You probably need to eat more fiber and drink more water. If it becomes an on going problem try taking dulcolax. It is a stool softener, not a stimulant laxative so it does not give you cramps. We tell our pregnant patients to use it. Because a lot of women have constipation issue when they are pregnant. Yogurt also helps, especially activia. Good luck! Kali :-) Nurse Practitioner

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