how can lose 25- 30 pounds by thanksgiving? Also what is a good cleanse?

how can lose 25- 30 pounds by thanksgiving? Also what is a good cleanse? Topic: how can lose 25- 30 pounds by thanksgiving? Also what is a good cleanse?
June 19, 2019 / By Arn
Question: I'm a 20 year old female college student that is 5'8 194 lbs and i would like to lose about 25 - 30 lbs by thanksgiving . I've started working toward my goal about 3 weeks ago . I've been hitting the gym about 3 times a week for 1 hour. My workout consists of either the bike for 30 minutes and treadmill for 30. After all this i burn about 735 cals. I've also been switching it up the bike for 15 , the ski machine 15, and the treadmill for 15. I want to increase goin to the gym to about 4 days. I eat someWhat decent i always have 1 bowl of raisen bran for breakfast . I'm been eating more salads instead of fries although i still catch myself eating fries atleast twice a week. I've been eating more steam vetagtables and drinking at least 2 bottles of water. I've lost about 2 pounds. What else can i do ? how many Calories should i have? i eat alot of fast food, what should i order? what body cleanse would be good for me before i start this diet? i need help ...
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Ula Ula | 3 days ago
Two pounds in three weeks is a great start! You have progressed even more than those two pounds, because you are stronger and have better endurance than you did 3 weeks ago and this will help you lose weight in the future, too. I like that you are doing different machines at the gym. Its easy to get stuck on the bike or on a stepping machine and not get the total workout you are getting. You are on a good track with the body cleansing things. Be sure to aviod some silly ones that advertise them selves as hollywood diets or something. You could do this cleansing by switching to a vegetarian diet for a couple days and drinking a lot of water. Usually the result of the body cleansing is weight loss because the body retains less excess water weight. This effect is temporary but will probably feel good. Sometimes too many artificial foods, dairy products or things people are mildly allergic to cause them to retain a lot of water weight. Youre right to see fast foods as a problem. They are very salty and that causes bloating. The fat, sugar and artificial products in them cause bloating and make dieting a little harder, but honestly everyone eats a little bit of fast food. At least you're burning it off. I would not trust the calorie counters at the gym. Even if they were correct for your particular body, they do not tell the whole story. During your recovery time you will burn more calories than you did before you started working out, and as you get in better shape you will have a greater ability to acess stored fat in your body and will be slower to add fat when you overeat carbohydrates. You will also have a greater aerobic capacity and have more muscle to burn calories with as you continue to get in shape. The calorie counters dont take into account that if you werent working out you might still burn off 150 or so calories per hour. You are turning yourself into a better calorie burner and you are going to need good food to support your exercise. Good job on the salads instead of fries. Make sure you are getting plenty of protein if you are eating less than before. lean chicken, fish and milk will help. Athletes are sentenced to a lifetime of reading labels on food. The good news is eventually you get to the point where you know how much of what nutrient is in about any food. I have found that the hoodia pills really work to control appetite. i am not a doctor though, so i cant say they are absolutely safe or beneficial. The aerobic work you are doing is a good approach and will burn calories. You might want to look into lifting weights also. Being stronger will help you burn off fat, especially over the long term because after a point all the aerobic work you are doing will make it harder to build muscle. Weight lifting is confusing for a beginner so i would read up and try out some machines and lifts in a limited way at first and then increase it as you feel comfortable. It seems so many people advise women to do a lot of repetitions with low weight. This is silly. Lifting the heaviest weights you can makes you stronger, whereas feeling the burn of high repetitions does not lead to muscle growth. Eventually, look at free weighs instead of machines. Lifting the way that athletes lift is going to give you the strength to burn off calories and get svelte. Many girls avoid lifting weights because they feel it will make them bulk up. I know girls, especially teenagers and girls your age, who say they bulk up even after distance running. This is mostly temporary swelling and muscles finally getting some blood and opening up. It goes away. You will probably not get huge and unladylike muscles. If you do, then good for you! When you are thin and they show then ease off a bit or adjust your look. Being consistent is going to get you the results you want. it is easy to have a bad week or an unexpected life change and quit. Thinking ahead about how you will handle it in stride and continue to succeed in working out will help. Good luck!
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Ula Originally Answered: is this a good way to lose 30 pounds? how fast can i lose the 30 pounds?
this tips is long but it help me a lot i hope it help u too! cardio exercise and eating breakfast fruits, whole grain cereals and egg-white are great options help boost metabolism which help lose weight faster & burn more calories so eat egg in every morning omelet or boiled etc..to get protein which important for your body for losing weight stay way from junk food, fries Do 30 minutes of cardio training [dancing, jogging, aerobics, yoga , running, bicycle, swimming, kick boxing ... ] and 30 minutes of strength train [weights, arms, setup, crunches for abs, legs workout and stretches] workout 3-6 times on week. 30min or 1-2 hours # Walk 30 minutes a day – no excuses # dont set watch TV or computer more than 2 hours stay active. # Be aware when you eating dont eat front TV, Eat when you are hungry & eat slowly # Restock your kitchen with healthy food # dont skip meals eat every 4 hours & eat 3 healthy small meals & 2 healthy snacks instead 3 big meals # Eat when you are hungry & eat slowly, chew more! # Reduce portions by using smaller plates & bowls (9 inch diameter instead of 11+ inch) # Eat 9 handfuls of vegetables more than fruits each day also eat 1 small handful nuts # you have to learn about calories you should take, look & learn label on sodium,sugar,fat,carb,calorie and read ingredients # Avoid trans fat in label (Avoid partially hydrogenated oils,Shortening, palm kernel oil and coconut oil) and saturated fats at all cost # Avoid white food such as enriched wheat flour/white flour (white bread and rice, potatoes,white starches - white pasta, crackers, cakes,donuts,pizza ,and simple sugar, including high fructose corn syrup. Sugar, sugar, sugar. The #1 killer for trying to lose belly fat, get a 6 pack, or achieving that flat, tight, sexy stomach. Avoid high fat foods (butter,margarine, cheese, milk ) go for low fat try to avoid processed or refined carbohydrates # Drink one or two glasses of water before a meal to help fill you stomach with fewer food calories # Eat less fat ,sugar and your sodium (salt) recommends less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily—that's about 1 teaspoon of salt. our bodies' needs (about 1,500 milligrams) . #Fifteen percent of your calories should come from protein, 25 to 35 percent from fat and the rest from carbohydrates. # Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat and nonfat dairy, legumes, fish and lean meat should all be incorporated into your diet. # Soybean, canola, olive, safflower, sunflower and corn oil are all healthy oils you should use when cooking and preparing foods. Also, cooking medium heat is ideal but oil alone is not recommended. # All fresh vegetables and fruits, such as green leafy vegetables and greens, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, etc. Eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables (dark leafy greens—good; corn--not so good), beans (all of them), and fruit (apples, pears, peaches, and berries have a lower GI than tropical fruits, like papaya and mangoes). # Complex Carbohydrates * Whole grains, pastas and cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, millet, barley, kasha, cornmeal, polenta, etc. # Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed time & dont eat carbs on dinner and sleep night 8 hours, # Fill up 25-30 grams of fiber. #Drink plenty of water before, during & after workout it increase your muscle tone is also important to lose weight keep hydrated, drink 8 glasses of water # dont eat under than 1,200 calories # if you take in more calories than you burn through daily activity and exercise you'll gain weight__regardless of whether those calories come from "good" natural foods or "bad" processed meals. it's that simple: Eat less exercise more, Best Fats; Monounsaturated Fat Foods * Avocado * Oil (canola, olive, peanut, sesame) * Olives (all) * Nuts * Peanut butter, old-fashioned * Sesame seeds Good Fats: Polyunsaturated Fat Foods * Margarine (first ingredient is polyunsaturated oil) * Mayonnaise (regular or reduced-fat) * Nuts (walnuts) * Poultry * Oil (corn, safflower, soybean, cottonseed) * Salad dressing (regular & reduced-fat) * Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) * Liquid Vegetable Oil * Eggs * Meat Bad Fats:Saturated Fats ( no more than 7% saturated fats) * Bacon & bacon grease * Cheese * Milk * Butter (stick, whipped, reduced-fat) * Eggs * Coconut Oil * Cream * Cream cheese * Ice cream * Lard & salt pork * Palm kernel oil * Cocoa Butter Bad Fats: Trans Fats (no more than 1% trans fats) look in ingredients Partially Hydrogenated Fats or Shortening * Margarine (stick) * Nondairy creamers * Baked Goods * Fired Foods * Also Found in Naturally In Meat & Dairy Products In Small Amount

Sapphire Sapphire
a mediterranean diet not only comes with heart benefits studies show it leads to more weight loss than low fat diets
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Nolene Nolene
if you find yourself at a weight loss plateau up the duration of your exercise routine by five minutes
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Lysette Lysette
[email protected] Email me and i'll send some weightloss ebooks that i have. They are well known but cant remember the name!!
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Lysette Originally Answered: i need to lose a few pounds wats a good way to do this?
1. dont bank on the words 'fast','easy','simple' & 'quick'....to stay safe,you shoudnt lose beyond 4 pounds of fat per week 2. start brisk walking 40-60mins a day...get a dog or 2 if you find your walking routine boring..or if you are at a gym,experiment all forms of cardio available and stick to all that you like 3. drink only water,100% natural/fresh fruit/veggie juices,lowfat milk and lots of green tea 4. severely limit carbs n fat but eat lean proteins and veggies very well..make sure you eat a good breakfast!foods generally that aid fat loss- fruits,oatmeal,milk,raw nuts,fish,beans,veggies, small chunks of dark chocolate and herbal teas. 5. do lots of pilates/yoga/strength training to get the best from your cardio 6. be smart when eating out or at events/functions(such as preparing your own meal & eating in advance) 7. dont trust myths like "no food after 7pm"...you have to stay nourished to lose fat,..the best you can do if you are scared to eat is perhaps drink a glass of ice chocolate lowfat milk mixed with a tsp of instant softened oatmeal... 8. Always push yourself n never give up!but get enough rest too...Stay focused on your goal and God bless you...

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