What EXACTLY is fast metabolism?

What EXACTLY is fast metabolism? Topic: What EXACTLY is fast metabolism?
June 19, 2019 / By Arik
Question: How do I know if I have fast or slow metabolism? Also, can you increase it and what causes it to decrease it? If I get full from a dinner I'm most likely to get hungry about 3 hours later, I hardly gain any weight and I eat a lot, and all of it isn't that healthy either. I suppose I am skinny, I'm in the healthy weight range. I'm 5'2 and 112 pounds. and I only exercise occasionally
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Trudie Trudie | 9 days ago
it sounds like you have a fast metabolism. if you have a slow metabolism your body will take longer to digest and process the foods your eating so it will leave fat behind and you will most likely be fat if you don't exercise. If you have a fast metabolism you will be skinny no matter what or how much you eat your digestive system is just naturally faster.
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Trudie Originally Answered: Do I have fast metabolism?
IM THE SAME WAY. you need to drink more milk and you need more protean like meats. chicken steak nuts turkey etc. you also need to eat a lot before you go to bed because that's when your doing the least amount of movement. protean shakes or ensure is good right after workouts go gain muscle in the arms and all over the body. im 5'12 and im 170 and im very skinny so you are way under weight for that height but i do know lots of guys in your situation. it not how much you eat but what you eat and what is in what you are eating like calories and protean. make shure those numbers are high. the higher they are the more weight you will gain !!
Trudie Originally Answered: Do I have fast metabolism?
wow, that one above me is a LONG answer. I'll keep it simpler. Yes. You have a very fast metabolism. You should eat a lot more protein. You'll still have a fast metabolism, but you'll beef up a little bit. And what your eating doesn't effect your height (not directly...the energy from your food is used to make you grow, but eating more doesn't mean you grow taller). Your just having one hell of a growth spurt. And yes, it is also in your genetics. Fast metabolism is something that can be passed down. That means you gotta watch yourself and don't think "just because i'm skinny means i won't ever get fat" because, like you said, your dad is 200lbs. Fast metabolism, even the genetic type, is usually only when you are young. When you get older it goes away.

Sammy Sammy
There are cases like that but eating healthy food is really the best way of gaining or losing weight. In your case it obvious that you have fast metabolism so you eat faster and as many as possible so that you can gain weight. Try to see my site and check it out for more information.
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Noelene Noelene
if you're skinny no matter how much you eat, you got a fast metabolism. if you're fat, you gotta slow one.
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Noelene Originally Answered: how do i get a fast metabolism?
Personally, I see what you're doing as really healthy and a good tool to building a fast metabolism. You're already doing what is considered to most doctors a key step to metabolism - you're eating breakfast, and you're not skipping meals. Skipping meals causes your body to burn through its fat supply, but the next time you eat, your metabolism will convert MORE of that food to fat to make up for what you lost, and then some. So, by skipping meals, you gain weight. Also, watch the liquids you drink. Water is legitimately the best thing to drink. It keeps your system healthy, it doesn't mess with your metabolism, and it makes your skin healthier. The only advice I have left is don't drink pop, it will slow your metabolism down and really messes everything up.

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