What is the BEST shampoo/hair cleanser?

What is the BEST shampoo/hair cleanser? Topic: What is the BEST shampoo/hair cleanser?
June 27, 2019 / By Aric
Question: I am looking for the best hair cleanser that I can possibly use. Preferably one that is good for your hair, makes it look good, is made of natural or organic ingredients, etc. What is the best brand? I don't mind how much it would cost.
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Trix Trix | 6 days ago
If you dont mind cost, go for Aveda products. They tend to be able $50 per bottle, but they work miracles on your hair, are completely organic, and smell so amazing. On the cheaper side, regis has surprisingly good olive shampoo. You can also check out Paul Mitchells Bioflauge, im not sure if it is all natural though.
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Trix Originally Answered: Is this African-American hair myth true? Also, what type of shampoo/conditioner?
What you use on your hair will depend on your hair type. If your hair is not naturally curly then you might want to find something other than mixed chicks, because that's for people with curly hair. Curly hair tends to be dryer than other hair types. The curlier it is then the dryer it is. If you're hair is not naturally curly then you wouldn't use the same products as someone with curly hair. Your true hair type is what your hair looks like when it's dry, not damp or wet. Your grandma is wrong. There are a lot of myths floating in the black community regarding proper hair care. Unfortunately, hair abuse is probably the number one cause of why you don't see many blacks with mid-back or waist-length hair. People with relaxers need to grease/oil their scalp because relaxers dries out the hair. Others also oil/grease their scalp because they just have a very dry scalp. I haven't had to put anything on my scalp since I was relaxed, and I've been natural for about 11 months, and I only need to put moisturizer on my hair, not scalp. And, on top of that, how often your grease your scalp depends on how quickly it dries. My sister can go a long while without putting anything on her scalp, although she might want to do it more often since she suffers from flaky dry scalp, haha, but she could go much longer than 2-3 days without greasing. Organic and natural shampoos are usually the best for your hair because they don't contain harsh ingredients. I use Wen cleansing conditioner, which is not a shampoo, and this cleans my hair and leaves it very moisturized. Regular shampoos dry out the hair because they contain sulfates. Organic/natural shampoos do not contain this harsh ingredients and your hair will retain some moisture, which means you can wash more often without completely stripping your hair of oil. These types of shampoos can be found at health foods stores, Walgreens, online, and other brick-and-mortar stores. Most that you find on the shelves are not 100% certified organic, but Dr. Bonners is an example of a bar shampoo that is 100% certified organic. Some have a high percentage of organic ingredients like Yes to Carrots and Giovanni. They're both certified organic and are completely natural, but they are not 100% organic (confusing? lol). They don't need to be 100% organic to be certified organic (just a high percentage of organic ingredients). There are many on the market and you will have to experiment to find the right one(s) for your own hair, which is why I don't have any recommendations. Yes, most blacks tend to have extremely dry hair because our natural hair is the curliest, you'd be hard pressed to find another race with hair that's as curly as our, and the curlier your hair is then the drier it will be. And, the drying relaxers that most blacks use is another reason. Also, what the other person said about oil glands - it's difficult for the natural oil to travel down an extremely curly hair strand, so it doesn't reach the ends of the hair and leaves the hair very dry, whereas those with straight or wavy hair won't really have this problem and can suffer from hair that's too oily. Technically, those who don't use shampoo will still have to clarify their hair to get rid of the build-up and ingredients that conditioner alone cannot get out. Clarifying can be with a clarifying shampoo or conditioner, or homemade ingredients like adding baking soda to their conditioner and this strips their hair to get rid of all the dirt and grim that conditioner alone cannot get out. Also, there's low-poo, people who condition most of the time and will use shampoo like once a week to once a month in order to completely clean their hair.

Samantha Samantha
Therefore my personal locks is actually fairly broken because of bleaching as well as this kind of, as well as I've discovered the actual devacurl hair shampoo as well as conditioner to become truly good, costly however beautiful during my locks, despite the fact that my personal locks is not ugly. Truly you'll need a hair shampoo that does not include sulfates as well as parabens because they tend to be very harmful to hair, after that you'll need a good conditioner as well as your nicely aside. Such as We state, to date through exactly what I've attempted, devacurl is the greatest for me, I will truly observe as well as really feel a positive change during my locks.
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Noa Noa
There is no "best brand". All shampoos are basically the same as washing up liquid with a few extra ingredients that make them smell nice and/or "justify" the massive cost.
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Lynsay Lynsay
Dr. Bronners is a very good shampoo. It comes in a variety of different types like peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, hemp, almond, and baby.
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Keely Keely
I absolutely love garner frutics they have tons of shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair weather it be normal hair to frizzy hair to curly or textured hair ANY TYPE of hair
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Keely Originally Answered: best organic shampoo?
I used suggest to try naked naturals for a very dry hair it helps to achieve beautiful hair in no time.you can buy it on rite aid stores for a better price also desert essence it a good shampoo it leaves my hair soft & shiny it leaves my hair very clean & lightweight great for normal to oily ,dry hair. now I am using this shampoo & think it the best organic brand I ever try I am using the raspberry shampoo & sometimes I used the grape one with conditioner my hair is grows faster & looks very healthy I buy it on vitaminshoppe.com stores or you can buy it directly to them desertessence.com

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