why am i gaining weight?

why am i gaining weight? Topic: why am i gaining weight?
June 27, 2019 / By Ardal
Question: im been on a diet for a while now and i have been doing really good! i lost about 18 pounds since november. (im a 17 year old girl, 5''3, i used to weight 138 then i weighed 120) but for the past week and a half i have gained over 5 pounds! (thats right! im up to 125 now) and i was wondering why the heck this is happening!? lol but seriously WHY!? could this be because i may be getting my period soon? (tmi, lol) but idk i should be starting soon but is that a reason for me to have gained 5 pounds in a week and a half (and i havent even started yet!) or is it something totally different? ALSO i have still been watching what i eat, not working out so much though but i have been eating around 1,200-1,500 calories a day. (SORRY THIS WAS KINDA LONG)
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Trinity Trinity | 2 days ago
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Trinity Originally Answered: gaining weight?
Your weight is perfectly healthy! Yes, you are thin, but as long as you feel good, eat healthy and exercise, I would not worry about your weight. If you want to gain weight, build muscle through exercise, not by eating a lot of food! People aren't supposed to have "chunks" or "pudge" in the stomach area - that is the least healthy place for men AND women to carry weight - it has a negative affect on heart health.
Trinity Originally Answered: gaining weight?
in case you wan't to benefit weight, and build muscle. you do no longer wan't to easily over consume with junk meals. this might surely makeyou fatter, and undesirable. yet once you wan't to benefit muscle you will could drink some extreme protein drink's, shakes, meals. Peanut Butter & Jelly i think of may be a stable start up. The Peanut Butter will provide you Protein, mutually as the Jelly has lot's of extreme Fructose, and Sugars, to assist placed of the burden. you may wan't to ascertain out some much less costly CVS Pharmacy over-the-counter styles of organic herb pills to assist help the muscle groups. i'm no longer able to think of of any names of those varieties, yet i be responsive to they exist, i've got heard of human beings taking them, and had stable outcomes while taken many times.

Sally Sally
lift and lower a soy sauce bottle 170 times with your right hand and a wok 170 times with your left
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Nigelia Nigelia
try to have a little lean protein with each meal as protein tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fats
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Nigelia Originally Answered: gaining weight.need help!?
A lot of people resort to the kitchen out of boredom. You need to start changing your habits. Put a note on the refrigerator that reminds you that you don't need to eat unless you truly are hungry. That step will help a lot. Instead of solving boredom with food, you can read a book, or do a crossword, or something. You say you always stay inside? That's kind of the opposite of me, I go biking every day. Maybe you could go buy a treadmill or something... Put it facing your TV, and always work out while watching TV instead of just sitting there. You don't even need a treadmill for that... You could jog in place, do squats, do crunches... There are various excercises that you can do simply while watching TV.

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