If i want to GAIN WEIGHT, what exercises should I do?

If i want to GAIN WEIGHT, what exercises should I do? Topic: If i want to GAIN WEIGHT, what exercises should I do?
October 20, 2019 / By Archie
Question: Im a girl and 15 years old. I don't hate my body but to be honest I look like a stick. I weigh 80 pounds and I am 5'0. (yes see that's underweight by 5%!) I know I should eat more than 1500 calories a day. But what exercises should I do? Jogging??? Lifting weights?? I have no clue? and for how long?? Advice? Tips? Help? Thank you guys! **I need to gain some weight this summer..at least 10 pounds! by 2 months.! Is that even possible?***
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Trina Trina | 1 day ago
for weight gain best to double or even triple caloric intake while using protein mixes like the ones found at your local vitamin shop and be sure to balance that out with excessive or you will put on bad weight.
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Trina Originally Answered: In need of weight loss help for exercises?
The key to fat loss is not exercise, it's diet. Any exercise will burn calories but no exercise will burn fat unless your diet allows it. You can burn fat in your sleep or you can run all day and never burn any fat. It all depends on your diet. Fat loss is determined by calorie control, not by exercise. Good exercises for burning calories are speed walking, biking, swimming, dancing, etc. and ANY other physical activity which makes you move a lot of weight for a long time. But NO exercise is good for burning fat if you eat too many calories because you can always eat more calories than you can burn but you can't always burn as many as you take in. Too many people waste energy and time because they do not understand this one simple point. The result is too often giving up in frustration, abandoning gym memberships they continue to pay for, and many other unnecessary problems not the least of which is a lack of success. An average person must walk about five miles every day for a week to burn the calories equivalent to a pound of body fat. So, unless you think walking about five miles a day (or doing an equivalent amount of exercise) with no guarantee of fat loss makes sense, focus your fat loss program on diet. Diet for fat loss. Exercise for fitness. When you are in a fat loss mode and burning body fat, it is your body (based on your genetics) and only your body that determines where that fat loss will happen. You have absolutely no control over where your body loses fat first, last, and in between no matter what you do. It is not possible to lose fat only from a specific part of your body of your choosing. Where your body stores and removes fat is determined by your genetics and there is nothing you can do to change that short of radical procedures such as liposuction. And, in general, where it stores fat first is where it will lose it last and visa versa. The world of health and fitness has an unfortunate abundance of myths and spot reduction is one of them. There is no exercise, no pill, no supplements, no spa treatment, and no natural way to spot reduce. Your only choice is to create a caloric deficit with diet and preferably some exercise, burn fat, and wait for it to leave the desired body parts. Some women may be disappointed to learn that they can't remove their unwanted belly fat without losing a cup size or two. And, some men may be disappointed to find out they can't get a ripped abdomen without cutting into their essential body fat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spot_reduct... http://www.exrx.net/WeightTraining/Myths... http://www.fitnesstipsforlife.com/the-sp... Read my answer about how to lose fat --> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=As615QJM4X_3ID9_05qmmlXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111028185603AAVcP4D Good luck and good health!! ♠ PS: Here are some good websites you may find useful. • A MUST FOR DIETERS http://www.freedieting.com/ • BEST DIET TOOL ON THE WEB http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ • BEST FOODS FOR YOU http://www.choosemyplate.gov/index.html • NUTRITION DOT GOV http://www.nal.usda.gov/food-and-nutrition

Sallie Sallie
you have a same problem as me. what you need to do is start with consuming 3000 calories per day. and maintain 3 times at the gym per week. you will gain weight within 3 weeks.
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Nicolette Nicolette
At your age, You might wait before you worry too much about it....you can work on your legs, you can put on some muscle in the quads, and the butt and it will add weight and look good...do leg press leg extension squats and stair stepper....it will give you a booty.
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Lynette Lynette
eat more solid foods. lift some weights yes any thing is possible. if you program yourself to do it. good luck.
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Keavy Keavy
eat alot of carbs and out side food like whataburger mcdonalds and bread potatoes lots of junk and carbs no excercise thats how u lose wieght
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Keavy Originally Answered: what are some exercises to put on some muscle(weight)?
weight train...you're a female and the myth is that if you weight train you'll bulk up. That's not true because it's all about your genetics and hormones. We don't have that much testosterone to get big muscles...women wt humongous muscles prbly have a needle(steroids) sticking out of their bodies somewhere. Weight training has many health benefits. If you want to start it: 1) do it 2-3 times a week 2) do 8-12 repetitions of each exercise 3) do at least one set (8-12 reps) for each muscle group: abs, biceps, quads, hamstrings, triceps, shoulders, chest, and shoulders 4) do a weight that's not too difficult, but not too easy. Look up this book "Weight Training for Life" (8th Edition) by James Hesson. It should help you understand weight training better and it'll give you ideas--the type of exercises you may want to do, and go much more into detail than I just did.

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