I have anxiety and haven’t been able to eat. what to do?

I have anxiety and haven’t been able to eat. what to do? Topic: I have anxiety and haven’t been able to eat. what to do?
October 20, 2019 / By Apollyon
Question: I have been suffering from anxiety/ panic attacks and ive seen a doc and they put me on trial meds but i hated it. It made me worse. I've seen a counselor too and that worked for a while but it wasn’t permanent. The panic attacks went away for a few months but now have come back and when i try to eat i feel like im going to be sick. The simplest things will stress me out like hanging out with friends. im already underweight and its stressing me out. what should i do?
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Tria Tria | 9 days ago
Anxiety is often caused by hormones as well as a chemical imbalance. When there is a disruption, your body goes into high gear--it sets of signals to increase epinephrine and this gives you that jittery, frightening feeling. You have to find ways to combat this. One way--beleive it or not, is to increase your physical activity---this would include aerobic exercise as well as light weights. Stay away from all forms of caffeine. Since you are having trouble with eating---don't eat huge meals---eat small meals throughout the day. This could be an apple, yogurt, etc.. YOU WILL feel worse if you do not eat anything. Your symptoms will be more pronounced. Carnation Breakfast Drink has a huge amount of vitamins and protein--if you could drink this a couple of times a day. You can go to a health food store and look for Calms Forte'. There are loads of alternatives to prescription meds---St. John's Wort, Valerian Root. These have a calming effect without the side effects of the strong medications. Lastly, improve your breathing. Take slow breaths in from your nose and out through your mouth. This often is key is slowing everything down. I had panic attacks/anxiety for years and years. My doctor said he thought it was hormonal. I went through all the medications and then found exercise helped a lot. Good luck.
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Tria Originally Answered: i haven't been able to poop for almost a week?
YOUR SECOND QUESTION ANSWER :Sorry for the late answer. If some gas are still passing then suppositories and laxative in pharmacy should work. Do it really fast because the more you wait, the less water stays in your poop and the more constipated you will be. Ok. I am the poop expert ! Lol sounds weird but anyways. It doesn't go out at all ? You may have a blockage. Try mineral oil (1 spoon, 3x a day, drink it), it will slide easier. If this does not work, you might need a suppository or laxative. If those pharmacy products don't work, I am sorry, but you need to go to hospital so they can give you a....anal laxative. Two kinds. The small one, and the big one. Don't get scared but the longer you wait the more you will suffer afterwards believe me...Go right away to the pharmacy, laxative AND suppository. If you feel bloated and no gas is coming out, probably you have a blockage. Good luck
Tria Originally Answered: i haven't been able to poop for almost a week?
I know you say it's not your diet, but that's the main cause of constipation. You should also be drinking plenty of water (8 or so glasses a day) because that helps with constipation as well. Make sure you're eating TONS of fruits and veggies like apples, celery, broccoli, pears and anything with a lot of roughage all day. A cup of coffee in the morning also helps as well. To clean yourself out, I would advise drinking a bottle (or as much as as the directions say) of the liquid laxative you can find at the store. Only do this when you have a few hours with nothing to do because it'll clean you out like crazy. Good luck!

Salina Salina
Go to a psychiatrist, and have him try you on different medications. These meds are trial and error. What may work on you, may not work on the next person, and vice versa. Try to eat a high protein diet. That should help you gain weight.
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Nicola Nicola
if you can drink get some liquid supplements like they use for sports training so your still getting nutrients and you should see a mental heaith doctor to see if he can help you
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RAW diets are great-- for dogs that can handle it. Some dogs are very particular about their food, I have one dog that will *not* touch raw meat, he just will not touch it. He'll give it a sniff, open his mouth, and the minute it touches his tongue he spits it back out and walks off. The rest of my dogs are more than happy to get a giant slab of beef. I make my own RAW food with the help of my father in law. He works as a butcher and we've created our own little feeding plan. He takes the femur of a cow, hollows it out, and stuffs it with raw beef, carrots, peas, and potatoes, then he takes what parts of the bone that he hollowed out, makes it into a paste with beef blood and uses it to close up the hole in the bone. Then we freeze it and serve it to the dogs. Other times we'll just put 1/2 cup of Canidae ALS kibble mixed in with venison or beef. Depends on what we have at the time. Talk to your vet before switching over to a RAW diet- not many of them like it, but they do have to tell you if your dog can handle the switch.

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