healthy body and weight?

healthy body and weight? Topic: healthy body and weight?
June 19, 2019 / By Antwan
Question: i am 16 years old and i am about 147 and i and 5"2' is that a healthy weight range? i want to get to atleast 125...whats the best way to get there without going to a gym? i lift 5lb weights to work my arms everyday and i do lunges and squats too...i do them 3 reps of 25-30.. and i def. feel it in my legs whenever i walk..lol..especially down the steps.
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Tresha Tresha | 8 days ago
Your weight now categorszes you as overweight according to body mass index charts. Your goal weight is a good one, it is a normal weight for someone of your height. Please note that body mass index charts do not take body build into consideration. All of the weights you're lifting and the squats and lunges will give you definition, and helping you build muscle which is actually heavier than fat! If you keep doing this, you'll probably get heavier, but you'll be healthier. Try some light cardio. I like working on elliptical machines or on the treadmill, but since you don't want to go to the gym, try speed walking in your neighborhood or running in a park. That will help you take off fat instead of build muscle. You can continue to keep up with your weights and stuff too, just to get the full efffect. Cut back on the sugar and fat, eat lots of veggies and some protein and drink lots of water. Good luck!
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Tresha Originally Answered: I have recently just lost a lot of weight and I need to know how to stay eating healthy and also tone my body.
Well, eat what you want just in moderation. I suggest you pick up the book YOU:The Owner's Manual as it can show you what are the best foods and how to look good and feel great.

Salena Salena
You can cross on WebMD and notice what you are common weight is meant to be. Do your exceptional to stick in that variety or you will have the knowledge to have long term well being issues. I've additionally spotted that a minimum of on the health care professional's places of work that I've been to, they are a couple of kilos over what you quite are. So certainly you are a hundred and ten kilos and that's definately someplace you must no longer be for anybody your peak.
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Nicky Nicky
One thing that will help you lose weight: diet pills. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few. The best product I found on the market is made with pure hoodia and it works great! You can go to http://www.onesguide.info and order you free trial, also you only pay 6.95$ shipping and handling. Good luck!
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Lyndsea Lyndsea
change your fdiet babes get rid of the junk and stuff make sure you have 5 a day, and try and have healthy meals, you can haves snacks but not things like chocolte and crisps but make sure you let yourself have 1 treat a week,then youll soon find the weight dropping off before youve even noticed
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Lyndsea Originally Answered: "Moisturizing" Body mist? Or body lotion/cream? Which is better?
To whom it may concern: lotions will always clog the pores of the skin, eventually leading to the endless task of detoxifying the skin & I do mean endless. The skin is actually an organ that needs to breath, clean healthy skin is almost next to impossiable to acheive considering all the polution that exists today. Using sprays can be good if you know what to use try Burts Bees Pink Grapefruit body spray it's sold at most health stores. Burts Bees makes a good organic non toxic night cream, using night creams is better than lotion because most people wash in the A.M. and the skin cream is removed allowing the skin to breath all day. Fresh vegitable juice will feed the skin. Try this out, it takes getting used to; however, it feeds the skin. 1/2 a red beet 2 stocks of cellery 4 carrots 1 red apple and if you can find it 1 Belgin Endive & a small peice of ginger root. Send all this through the juice machine and drink up. Within two to three weeks you will notice a difference in your skin. Drink this twice a week. Caution about this drink if it's new to you it can react as a laxitive, not to worry clean digestion is what helps create healthy skin. (use organic vegitables if available.) Joe Buddy Joe says good luck.

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